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Casa Loma is a Gothic revival style house and popular filming location in Toronto. It is also the setting for Scott Pilgrim's battle with Ramona's second evil ex, Lucas Lee.


Lucas Lee stakes down the hand rail

Casa Loma appears in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World as the location for the new movie starring Lucas Lee, Scott (accompanied by Wallace Wells) goes here to challenge Lucas to a fight. However, when Scott meets Lucas he becomes starstruck and simply asks for his autograph instead. Lucas quickly defeats Scott by punching him to the floor and throwing him into the side of Casa Loma. When Scott wakes up, Lucas offers him a break and the two talk about Lucas' relationship with Ramona Flowers. After the short break, Lucas resumes his attack, but Scott quickly challenges Lucas to grind down the rail of the incredibly long staircase that leads up to Casa Loma. Lucas accepts, and grinds down the rail. Lucas almost clears the long grind, but Lucas' speed is too great and he disintegrates as soon as he touches the ground. As a reward, Scott receives roughly $14 in coins and a Mithril Skateboard, however Scott can't use it as he lacks skateboard proficiency and the item disappears before he can even touch it.

In vs. the World[]

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In Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (film), Scott takes Ramona to Casa Loma when he fears he's striking out. They arrive there during filming of Lucas Lee's latest film, and Ramona quickly reveals to Scott that she use to date him. Lucas spots Scott and challenges him to fight but, as in the books, Scott becomes starstruck and gets thrown into the side of Casa Loma by Lucas. Lucas then pits Scott against his stunt doubles. Although Scott is initially overwhelmed by the stunt doubles, he manages to defeat them and Scott challenges Lucas with a mid-air clash, unfortunately, Lucas wins the mid-air clash and proceeds to defeat Scott. Scott then quickly challenges Lucas to grind down the handrail of the stairs leading up to Casa Loma. Lucas accepts, similar to the books, and explodes (giving Scott 2000 points) upon reaching the ground due to the intense speed he's traveling at.

In the Game[]

Lucas Lee in-game

In Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game, World 2 is set entirely at Casa Loma. The player(s) have to follow Lucas through a bunch of movie sets before fighting him. After the long travel, the player(s) eventually arrive at Casa Loma to fight Lucas Lee. After defeating him, the skating dare is performed, except the rail is so short. Like in the second book, the Mithril Skateboard item appears as a reward for defeating Lucas, but is a joke as the item disappears before even the player(s) can even touch it.