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Chaos Theatre is a New York club owned by Gideon. It was first mentioned mentioned by Envy Adams in Volumen 3, and again in Volume 5, after defeating Kyle & Ken Katayanagi, and rescuing Kim Pine, where we can see a poster for the construction site which is building a second Chaos Theatre in Toronto. It is the location of the final showdown between Gideon and Scott Pilgrim in the final volume of the series.

Tying in with the nature of Video Games References throughout the series, Chaos Theatre can be thought of as the last level where the final boss awaits with the princess. The name "The Chaos Theatre" is also a reference to the 1995 SNES game EarthBound in which the main character, Ness, visits a similar club of the same name. In that club, Ness helps a band named "The Runaway Five" out of a tough financial spot.


Chaos Theatre has a number of unique features including being deep underground as one takes an elevator to enter, Greek coloumns, cage dancers, two full bars, and a large platform pyramid for live performances. The large open floor structure allows access to arcade games everywhere and a plethora of seating for patrons, and a massive dance floor.

The depth underground is debatable, however it is believed to be quite deep down as the ceiling is able to hide a large cryogenic 7-person freezer (for his Exes) without anyone noticing. Upper levels appear to also work as a kind of backstage area as this is where Envy Adams descends from before her performance.The club also has skate ramp if you look in the very back behind the pyramid in the overview of the underground level in the book, although nobody seems to be skating it.

Portrayal in adaptions[]

In vs. the World[]

Scott approaching the chaos theatre

In the Movie, Chaos Theatre is once again Gideon's lair, where Scott goes to save Ramona. Sex Bob-omb is seen performing there due to their contract with Gideon. They don't appear to be very comfortable with their new setup, as Kim states: "We are Sex Bob-Omb, and we're here to sell out and make money and stuff". There appears to be huge stages with flickering lights for bands to perform on, art deco designed bars, and a huge pyramid structure in the center that Gideon surveys the club from upon his ornate throne. Earlier in the movie, the Theatre is briefly mentioned by Stephen Stills, during his neurotic breakdown during Crash and the Boys' performance.

Scott fighting in the Chaos Theatre

In the Game[]

The Chaos Theatre also appears in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game fittingly, as part of World 7. The Player(s) starts off on the elevator that must reach the bottom within 4 minutes whilst the player(s) fights various enemies that get in the way. Once at the bottom, the Player(s) will be in the main section of the club, where the player(s) has to face Gideon in his super form. Once defeated he'll rip off his shirt, revealing a Subspace portal in his chest that drags the player(s) into Gideon's mind where he must be fought in a god-like form. Once this from is defeated, the player(s) ends up back in the Chaos Theatre, where they pursue Gideon into his Techno Base. Due to the Chaos Theatre's interior being largely underground, it can be assumed that the Techno Base is a part of the club, or at least connected to it. Once the Gideon is finally defeated, the player(s) watches from the CN Tower as the Chaos Theatre is destroyed in a style similar to the castles in Super Mario World.

More of the Chaos Theatre was planned to be playable in the game, but was cut due to time restraints.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Originally, O'Malley planned to add a skate ramp in the venue.[2]

Gideon's lair concept. The skate ramp did not make it for the final version.

The Chaos Theater takes the reference from EarthBound, an RPG that had a theater with the same name. Gideon's pyramid structure resembles and may reference the The Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past's Dark World Pyramid, where Ganon awaits Link for the final battle, much like Gideon awaiting Scott.

The Chaos Theatre's design in Volume 6 was a merging of the film's design and the Shredder's undercover club from the first Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie.[3]

Notes and references[]