Comics Festival 2007

Written and drawn by:

Bryan Lee O'Malley

Published by:

Oni Press

Publication date

May 2007




1: Scott Pilgrim's Precious Little Life
2: Scott Pilgrim vs. the World
3: Scott Pilgrim & the Infinite Sadness
4: Scott Pilgrim Gets It Together
5: Scott Pilgrim vs. the Universe
6: Scott Pilgrim's Finest Hour

Special comics

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Comics Festival 2007
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Comics Festival 2007 is a special event situated in Toronto to encourage people to read Comic books, similar to Free Comic Book Day. A special free comic book anthology from the Comics Festival was released for Free Comic Book Day, including two Scott Pilgrim stories by Bryan Lee O'Malley.

The Wonderful World of Kim PineEdit

The Wonderful World of Kim Pine is the first Scott Pilgrim story featured in the anthology. It is a 4-page side story written by Bryan Lee O'Malley and, as indicated by the title, it centers around Kim Pine and also features Hollie as well as Sara, Emily and Tracy. It is set between Volumes 3 and 4 like Free Scott Pilgrim and further sets up Kim's wish to move in with Hollie.


The story illustrates the monumentally dysfunctional relationship (or lack of relationship) between Kim and her three roommates. It opens with her listening to music on headphones when Sara comes into her room, asking her to turn it down and claiming that its 'tinkling' through the headphones is annoying. After Kim turns it down, Sara continues to claim she can hear it, although Kim turned it down to one. Kim's way of dealing with this outburst is by repeatedly stabbing a rag doll of Sara.

The next morning she awakes to find that Emily (her only appearance where she's actually named; in Volume 2 her infobox read 'I don't know this girl') is eating her bread, which is even labeled 'Kim's Bread'. Kim is then shown talking to Hollie about her problems at No-Account Video. Hollie assures Kim that she can move in with her soon.

When Kim gets back home after work, she finds the stairs covered in laundry, most of it presumably her own. After picking it all up, she finds Tracy (who doesn't actually appear in any other Scott Pilgrim comics) at the top of the stairs, in her underwear, smoking. She denies having thrown Kim's laundry down the stairs, claiming it was the other girls and quipping that "they're like little kids" and they "don't know about the real world." Kim then reaches the end of her short fuse and shouts at Tracy, accusing her of dressing like a homeless person.

The story then transitions to the next day, as Kim is recounting this to Hollie, ending the account with her stabbing Tracy with a knife and watching her bleed to death in the hallway and "[smiling] for the first time this year." Hollie is somewhat shocked by this initially, but doesn't seem to believe it, and then Kim denies that it really happened. Hollie comforts Kim and tells her "The part about you smiling gave it away."


Scott Pilgrim's Sushi DinnerEdit

Scott Pilgrim's Sushi Dinner is a short, 7 panel comic. It seems to be completely unrelated to either The Wonderful World of Kim Pine or the regular Scott Pilgrim series. It follows the format of a "funnies page"-style strip, wherein Wallace takes Scott, Ramona (sporting her Volume 4 hairstyle although it's preemptive to 4's release) and Stacey out to lunch at the local sushi place. The four of them outline their favourite sushi items: Scott's is salmon sushi, Ramona's is the "eel-tastic" unagi, and Wallace's is California rolls. The punchline is that Stacey only eats the wasabi.



  • The Comics Festival was founded by Christopher Butcher, former roommate of Bryan Lee O'Malley and the inspiration for Wallace Wells.
  • A Scott Pilgrim story had previously appeared in the 2005 edition of Comics Festival.
  • In The Wonderful World of Kim Pine short, apart from the diagram in Volume 2 showing whose underwear is on the floor in Kim's shared apartment, is the only Scott Pilgrim comic that identifies all three of Kim's roommates, as only two of them (Sara and Emily, unnamed) actually appear in the regular volumes, and only Sara is referred to by name.
  • Scott Pilgrim's Sushi Dinner serves as a reference point for the item descriptions at the sushi bar in the game.

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Read The Wonderful World of Kim Pine and Scott Pilgrim's Sushi Dinner at here.

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