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Crash and the Boys (later known as The Boys!! and Crash!) is a Brampton-based band that appears twice in the series, once as a rival band to Sex Bob-omb, and then later to help Scott. Their name is a reference to the NES game Crash 'n' The Boys: Street Challenge.


Lucas "Crash" Wilson is the group's singer/guitarist, Joel MacMillan plays bass, and their drummer is Trisha "Trasha" Ha, an 8-year-old girl the other two discovered playing DrumMania at the Pacific Mall Arcade. According to Stephen Stills, she has an extreme case of ADD. Kim Pine is jealous and angry about this rival girl drummer. Their previous drummer's name is unknown, but rumor is he went insane and relapsed into a coma.

Crash and the Boys[]

The first time the group appears (in Book 1), they're rivals of Sex Bob-omb, opening for SB's gig at Club Rockit. Their opening number, "I Am So Sad. I Am So Very Very Sad," only lasts 0.4 seconds. Their second song is dedicated to Wallace Wells who keeps taunting them from the balcony and is called "We Hate You, Please Die." Their next song is called "Zog." Their last song is "Last Song Kills Audience" which puts the entire crowd (minus the people in the balcony) into a 20-30 minute black-out session.

The Boys!! and Crash![]

In Book 3, Crash and The Boys "had a hostile takeover" and return as The Boys!! and Crash! With the bassist Joel appearing to have taken the role as the band's leader, they play without instruments, but still making music up on stage while wearing goggles and large gloves. They are the opening act for The Clash at Demonhead's gig at Lee's Palace, along with Sex Bob-omb and do a good job. When the fight between Scott and Todd Ingram breaks out, The Boys and Crash side with Scott, explaining that through constant training they are now able to manipulate pure sound "through hard work and willpower alone." They are able to neutralize Todd's vegan-powered bass blasts with these new abilities and boost Scott when he goes on the offensive. Even with their help, however, Scott is unable to break through Todd's defenses. Fortunately, the Vegan Police show up at the last moment and strip Todd of his powers, allowing Scott to easily defeat him.

In vs. the World[]

Crash and the Boys in the film

Crash and the Boys' music is performed by Broken Social Scene. Luke Wilson is played by Erik Knudsen with Maurie W. Kaufmann and Abigail Chu as Joel and Trasha, respectively. They play "I Am So Sad, So Very, Very Sad" (That starts and ends with "So sad!") and "We Hate You, Please Die," (A "tribute" song for Wallace, who keeps insulting them) but not "Zog" or "Last Song Kills Audience" (although, "We Hate You, Please Die" is referred to as "Last Song Kills Audience" in an alternate scene – found on the DVD). After Matthew Patel summons his demon hipster chicks, he proceeds to throw rampant fireballs, one of which incinerates Crash and the Boys, leaving Sex Bob-omb the winners by default. Because they died in the first battle, Crash and the Boys never play at Lee's Palace with The Clash at Demonhead and never assist Scott in his battle with Todd Ingram.

In the original cut of the film, "We Hate You, Please Die" is actually a separate song from what we hear in the final cut, and that song is called "Last Song Kills Audience," although it does not knock out the audience.

In the film Crash and the Boys are introduced as hailing from Brampton, a city near Toronto and the real life hometown of Michael Cera, the actor who plays Scott Pilgrim.

Stephen Stills' notes on Crash and the Boys[]

In the Game[]

Crash and the Boys in-game

Crash and the Boys make a brief appearance in the video game, but they don't play any music. Rather, they are shown just after playing "Last Song Kills Audience," KO'd audience members and all. They were originally planned to be Sub-bosses of World 1,[1] but the fight was scrapped due to time issues.

As in the comic, their kick drum appears to say "The Archies", a reference to another fictional band. (The drum in the movie merely says "Drum".)

The Boys!! and Crash! in the game

The band also appears during the end credits, as The Boys!! And Crash! Oddly enough, the caption still calls them Crash and the Boys.