The Cryogenic Freezer hidden in the chandelier.

The Cryogenic Freezer is a large technological marvel built by Gideon and contains 6 out of 7 of Gideon's Ex-Girlfriends. The device is massive and hangs from the ceiling of Chaos Theatre, not unlike GLaDOS from Portal for all to marvel. It also shares similarities to the maidens trapped in the crystals from "A Link To The Past". The story of how it was contrived and constructed is that of a mystery.

The PlotEdit

When Ramona returns, Gideon reveals the Cryogenic Freezer along with his diabolical plan. Gideon claims to love all these girls, and his plan is to keep them all in frozen stasis until he decides he wants to date them. All of these girls were apparent experiments to Gideon, including his latest claim who escaped, Ramona.

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