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Matthew Patel and his Demon Hipster Chicks

The Demon Hipster Chicks are a group of female demons in Hipster form. They are either demons that work for Matthew Patel, or are illusions created by his powers. Like Matthew, the Demon Hipster Chicks can levitate and throw fireballs. They each wear a tank top with a star on them, a mini-skirt, and dark pantyhose. They have slit eyes, fanged teeth, bat wings and claw-like nails.

In the comics[]

In Volume 1, Matthew Patel summons these demons to assist him against Scott Pilgrim and his friends. They hurl fireballs at Scott and the others, but Scott and his friends manage to block their attacks by conjuring a Musical Shield around themselves. Scott then counterattacks with a song about "friendship, courage, and whatever" that stuns Matthew and his Demon Hipster Chicks. Scott then finishes Matthew off with a single flying punch, causing the Demons to vanish.

In the film[]

Demon Hipster Chicks in the film

The Demon Hipster Chicks appeared in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World the movie, all played by Christine Watson and with mainly the same role as in the novel, being summoned by Matthew Patel and vanishing when Matthew has a cymbal thrown at his head. There are two additions in that they accidentally vaporize Crash and the Boys with their fireball attack, and sing the song Slick with Matthew.

In the game[]

Demon Hipster Chicks in the game

The Demon Hipster Chicks also appear in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game as part of the boss battle with Matthew Patel. When Matthew loses a certain amount of health (around 50%), he'll envelope himself in a pillar of light whilst four Demon Hipster Chicks fly around him, knocking back characters who get too close. Each Hipster Chick has to be defeated before Patel can be fought again. When Matthew Patel loses even more health (around 75%), he will summon two more Demon Hipster Chicks who will shoot unblockable fireballs at the player character. These two can either be defeated by attacking them directly, or by just defeating Matthew Patel.


  • For the appearance of four separate Demon Hipster Chicks the film, Christine Watson did different takes for each Chick, rather than having the same performance replicated.[1]


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