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The deveganizing ray as it appears in the comic.

The Deveganizing Ray was only seen and used once in the series. The Ray is a tool used by the Vegan Police to strip Vegan offenders of their vegan powers. Todd Ingram is the victim of the Ray after being caught eating gelato and a plate of chicken parmesan, and while he believes he can dodge the Ray, he fails, as - rather than being a focused beam of energy - it sprays over a wide area not unlike light from a widemouth flashlight.

In vs. the World[]

Todd getting his powers removed in the movie.

In the Movie, the Deveganizing Ray is more closed in and possesses a bright green colour like Kryptonite from Superman, starring Brandon Routh. Todd makes no attempt to dodge it. After being hit by the Ray, his hair sags.

In the Game[]

The Deveganizing Ray is used by the Vegan Police during the battle with Todd to weaken him which allows the player(s) to attack him. Unlike in the comics and the film, Todd still keeps his powers after being hit by the Deveganizing Ray.