Is that the same shirt you wore to work yesterday?




The Happy Avocado


Day Manager



Dominique is the day manager at the Happy Avocado and Stephen Stills's and Scott's boss. Her personality could be accurately described as apathetic.


Dominique is first introduced in volume four when Scott is looking for a job and Kim suggests the restaurant where Stephen Stills works. Not caring about whether or not Scott comes to work or not, she decides to give him the job.

At the beginning of Ramona's fight with Roxie Richter, she comments to Stephen Stills saying, "Your friend is so fired, man." Scott is no longer employed at that point.

After Scott has his epiphany at Lisa Miller's house, he runs to the happy avocado to beg for his job back. After an intense STARE, she asks if he was still wearing the shirt he had on the day prior. She gives him his job back, seeing as she didn't hire anyone to replace him.

Dominique appears again near the end of Volume 5, where she sees Scott crying and tries to cheer him up (in reality, Scott was crying because he chopped up some onions).

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