The Fourth Wall is the imaginary boundary between the real world (where we live) and the fictional world (where characters live). Breaking the Fourth Wall is the act of character(s) talking directly to or about the audience, mentioning the fact that they're in a comic, game, etc., or many other things.


Volume 1Edit

  • When Ramona asks Scott about his job, he says that he might explain in a later volume.
  • Ramona also states that she doesn't want to talk about her last job, which Scott says that it may be revealed in Volume 3.
  • When Scott and Ramona kiss, a text appears over Ramona's head, saying "Nice one, Scott. Now turn the page."
  • When Sex Bob-Omb is practicing, the text gives the chords and tells the reader they can play along.

Volume 2Edit

  • Stephen Stills talks directly to the readers, giving them instructions on how to make vegan shepherd's pie
  • When Kim asks Scott how he and Ramona met, Scott tells her to read the book.
  • When Stephen Stills gets a haircut, Scott asks why Stephen gets a haircut and he still doesn't.

Volume 3Edit

  • When Ramona dyes her hair, Scott asks if it's her natural hair color, Ramona is uncertain if it is as the book is in black and white.
  • Envy Adams stops Scott and Todd Ingram's fight, saying they've been at it for a quarter of the book.
  • When Scott asks Ramona what happened after Todd punched a hole in the moon, Ramona responds with "about thirty pages of explosions and tidal waves."
  • After Ramona sees The Boys!! and Crash! Performing without any instruments, she wonder if they'll play an important role later on in the evening. Later on, they do indeed help Scott fight Todd Ingram
  • After hitting Todd with his bass, Scott says that "it's time to end this Volume."
  • During the final battle against Todd, Scott wishes for a last minute, poorley set-up Deus Ex Machina. The Vegan Police show up immediately afterwards.
  • In Josh Lesnick's strip, When Scott is confused as to why he's fighting King Hippo, Ramona tells him that it's a guest comic and non-canon.

Volume 4Edit

  • When Scott finds out that Ramona dated Twins, he says "Am I gonna have to fight two at once in Volume 5?" he then ask if this can be the last book.
  • After Roxie's relationship with Ramona is revealed, there is a headline that reads "Roxanne Ritcher The 4th Evil Ex-boyfriend", to which she yells "I'm not a boy!"
  • At the Korean Delight, Scott mentions that Wallace has been dating Mobile in secret since Volume 3.
  • At the end of the book, Wallace says that this is the end of the book and to go back to page 1 to read the book properly. He also says that "Your mother and I are disappointed in you."
  • At the end of Comeau's "Bonus Comic", he looks at the reader and says "Kick out the jams, Mother@#!$%&!"
  • Roxie has an Oni Press tattoo on her arm, which is the publisher of the comics' series.
  • When Stephen Stills discovers that Joseph has a recording studio, he says that the Sex Bob-ombs need to make an album and mentions the time they performed in Volume 3.

Volume 5Edit

Volume 6Edit

  • After Gideon Graves steals Scott's Power of Love, Scott says that he didn't want to fight Gideon and that the Secondary Characters made him do it.
  • After Scott and Knives kiss, the text says it was awful for everyone, including the reader.
  • After Scott uses his Extra Life, Stacey calls her mother, telling her that Scott's death was a false alarm. Mrs. Pilgrim then reminds Stacey that Scott got an extra life in Volume 3.
  • When Ramona gets stabbed by Gideon, a random bystander asks his friend if she's dead to which he replies "I'm updating her Wikipedia page as we speak."
  • When Scott finds out that Stephen and Joseph are in a relationship, Stephen says that he told everyone in Volume 5, but didn't tell Scott because he was busy with his own issues.

Free Scott PilgrimEdit

  • Scott thought he wouldn't have to pay for a drink because he thought that "today was all about free stuff." The comic was released on Free Comic Book Day.


  • When Julie Powers' swearing is censored with a black strip, Scott asks "How are you doing that with your mouth?" Julie quickly responds with "Never mind how I'm f@%#king doing it!"
  • When Scott returns to the Chaos Theatre on his second life, Comeau mentions that the comic books are better than the film, referencing the Scott Pilgrim series.

The GameEdit

  • Kim's second victory animation (after the Chaos Theatre falls) has Kim shrugging toward the player.
  • Scott's main victory animation has him looking at the player while giving his victory animation.
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