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Free Scott Pilgrim is a special 17 page side-story written by Bryan Lee O'Malley for Free Comic Book Day 2006. The comic book is set between Volumes 3 and 4, and features Scott Pilgrim, Ramona Flowers and Wallace Wells.


Scott, Ramona and Wallace are going to watch a film that Wallace managed to get free tickets for. However, the group is held up by Scott, who wants to buy a drink with the best nutritional value (or stat points in Scott Pilgrim's world). After fifteen minutes of trying to decide what drink to get, Scott realizes he doesn't have his wallet and therefore cannot buy a drink.

Hurrying on their way to the candy store to get some free sweets, the group walk past a series of creepy posters of teenage actress Winifred Hailey, when suddenly, several Winifred Hailey clones emerge from said posters and surround the trio and attack Scott, who's apprehensive to fight the clones because he is afraid of hitting girls. Whilst Scott is getting his ass handed to him by the Wininfred Hailey clones, Wallace and Ramona discuss who is behind the attack, Wallace suggest that it might be the work of a ninja, and asks if it might be one of Ramona's Evil Exes, but Ramona neither confirms nor denies this.

Meanwhile, Scott tries to run away from the clones and falls, accidentally kicking one of the clones and destroying it, leaving behind a small piece of paper. Scott tries to pick up the piece of paper, but gets surrounded by the Winifred clones who he still refuses to hit. Ramona, fed up by Scott's cowardliness, comes to Scott's aid, grabbing his arms to control Scott and attack the Winifred clones, defeating them quite easily.

Once they are all defeated, the clones leave small pieces of paper behind. Scott picks one up and discovers that each piece of paper is a free drinks coupon that expires today. He turns to Ramona and sheepishly says that the fighting made him thirsty; forty-five minutes later, Scott is once again trying decide what drinks he should get, seemingly unaware or uncaring that they're all missing the movie. The book then ends with a "Scott Pilgrim says" section, with Scott Pilgrim addressing the audience telling people not to hit girls, unless it's a serious emergency.



  • The fact that Free Scott Pilgrim was made in conjunction with Free Comic Book Day is referenced several times:
    • Wallace got the group free tickets to a movie.
    • Scott mentions that he thought today was "all about free stuff."
    • Wallace plans to get some free candy from a friend who works at a store.
    • When a Winifred Hailey clone is defeated, they leave behind a coupon for one free beverage.
  • Ramona states that Wallace got them tickets to a "gay cowboy movie". This is most likely a reference to Brokeback Mountain.
  • It is speculated that the Winifred Hailey clones were the work of Ramona's fourth Evil Ex, Roxie Richter, especially due to Ramona's jittery actions.
  • Ramona controlling Scott's arms to fight the Winifred Hailey clones was used in the battle against Roxy in the film.
  • On the iPod App, the title screen used is that of Scott Pilgrim: Full Colour Odds & Ends 2008
  • The ending "Scott Pilgrim says" is a parody of the episodes endings of Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog "Sonic Says".

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