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Garbage Truck is a song performed by Sex Bob-omb in the Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (film). The song is first heard in the background when Scott Pilgrim sees Ramona Flowers in the library, and the following band practice where Scott only plays one note.

Sex Bob-omb use this song as their opening during the Toronto International Battle of the Bands at The Rockit after Crash and the Boys perform. After about halfway through, the song is interrupted by Matthew Patel, who smashes through the ceiling of the club and challenges Scott to a fight.


I'll take you for a ride
On my garbage truck
Oh, no

I'll take you to the dump
'Cause you're my queen
I'll take you uptown
I'll show you the sites
You know you wanna ride
On my garbage truck
Truck, truck, truck

We'll pass the mansions by
Drive right through the needle's eye
Oh, my
My, my, my, my

I've got a stereo
You've just got to turn the knob
And maybe we'll go
As far as we can
I'll be your garbage man
I'll take out your junk
And I'll crush it down

Jesus in the rear view
And the highway patrol is up ahead
In my garbage truck

I'll never throw you away
When you're old and grey
We'll just roll it away