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Two of Gideon's hipsters guard the elevator.

Gideon's Hipsters are nameless henchmen who serve Gideon Graves. They appear in the Scott Pilgrim movie, serving as guards and bouncers at Chaos Theatre. They dress in black leather hipster/goth clothing and are martial arts users. During both rounds at Chaos Theatre, Gideon has his hipsters attack Scott. However, Scott is able to vanquish them with ease on both occasions using his sword. Like many of Scott's enemies, they burst into coins upon defeat.

Notable HipstersEdit



  • Lollipop Hipster: This hipster, played by John Patrick Amedori, guards the entrance to Chaos Theatre. In the first round, he blocks Scott's way and asks for a password. Scott replies, "Whatever" - which turns out to be the right answer, so the Hipster lets him through. In the second round, Scott defeats the Lollipop Hipster by telling him: "Your hair looks stupid" causing the obstacle to burst into coins.
  • Elevator Hipsters: These two hipsters, played by Joe Dinicol and Craig Stickland, guard the elevator into Chaos Theatre. During the first round, they ask Scott for the "second password." Scott gives an exasperated sigh - which turns out to be the correct answer, so they let him in. In the second round, Scott defeats both guards with a few well-placed punches.

In the gameEdit

At least two enemies in the game - Ryan and David - are considered to be hipsters. Ryan wears a red jacket and baseball cap, while David wears a black jacket and grey beanie. They are first encountered in World 3 and World 4 respectively. Both are very tough and dangerous opponents and should not be underestimated.


  • The hipsters are most likely a reference to the many video games that require players to defeat a large number of minor enemies before confronting the final boss.
  • According to the movie's sound track, the music Sex Bob-omb plays during the second round at Chaos Theatre is named "Death To All Hipsters." It is a fitting title as Scott effortlessly wipes out the enemy hipsters while it plays.
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