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Gideon's Pixel Katana
Gideon pixel sword
Gideon after unleashing his Pixel Katana.




Hair x7
Blade x7
Cockiness x7
Style x7


After Gideon uses 7 jitsu hand techniques.

Gideon's Pixel Katana is the sword Gideon uses against Scott during their second fight in the movie after Scott shatters his first sword. He uses kuji-in to summon the katana. Scott's Power of Self-Respect sword stands up well against it, but is eventually shattered. After Gideon shatters Scott's sword, Ramona catches him off-guard and knees Gideon in the crotch. Knives then used her long scarf to grab Gideon's wrist and disarm him of his Pixel Katana.


Whereas Scott's katanas (Power of Love, Power of Self-Respect) have their blades wreathed in colored flames, the blade of Gideon's Pixel Katana is made entirely of blue and white video game pixels (hence its name). It bears some resemblance to a Star Wars lightsaber.

The Pixel Katana is much stronger than Gideon's first Katana and is powerful enough to shatter even Scott's Power of Self-Respect sword. Gideon is shown to be capable of expertly wielding it with one hand.

Portrayal in adaptionsEdit


Boss art of Gideon from the Game with the Pixel Katana

Gideon also uses the Katana in the final battle in World 7, in the Game. Gideon uses it for every one of his attacks, including the unblockable pixel-shockwave attack and a powerful X-slash attack.



  • Fruit Ninja, a game for iOS, Androind, Windows Phone, and XBOX 360 added a pixel sword to their list of unlockable swords for use in the game. A representative from Halfbrick stated that after watching Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, the development team loved the idea of the pixel katana and decided to add it as an unlockable sword in their next update. The sword can be unlocked when you achieve 50 different fruit combo's of 3 or higher.
  • It can be seen that after Gideon uses the hand seals to summon the sword he begins to lag or glitch up - a possible reference to the fact that many game developers put in fail safes such as this to punish hackers, pirates and cheaters.
  • When the katana's stats are shown in the movie, "Defence" is spelled in it's British form, with a C instead of an S, hinting that Gideon would be of English origin.
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