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the ground floor of Hollie's Apartment

Hollie's Apartment is the residence of Kim Pine's coworker, Hollie Hawkes and Joseph. The apartment is first seen in Scott Pilgrim Gets it Together, when Kim moves in with the help of and Scott Pilgrim, Stephen Stills and Jason Kim, who help her with moving her boxes.

Whilst bringing boxes to Kim's room, Stephen notices that Joseph has a mini recording studio in his room, ecstatic, Stephen pleads with Joseph to help him record an album for his band, Sex Bob-omb, and Joseph agrees purley because he thinks Stephen is hot. The apartment is then seen several times throughout the book whilst Sex-Bob-omb is recording their album.

The apartment is seen again at the start of Scott Pilgrim vs. the Universe where Scott and his friends are there for Scott's twenty fourth birthday. The apartment appears later on in the book, after Scott is kicked out of his and Ramona's apartment by Ramona Flowers for a couple of days for forgetting his keys, Kim allows Scott to sleep on the couch. Later on, when Ramona disappears and Scott locks himself out, Scott once again goes to the apartment to spend the night, however, Hollie had sold the couch forcing Scott to have an awkward night's sleep with Kim in her bed.

During the course of Volume 5, it is revealed that Hollie had an affair with Kim's boyfriend, Jason, causing a rift between the two eventually leading to Kim moving out of the apartment to move back in with her parents.


Hollie's apartment appears to be a two-story building, the ground floor is a small, open plan, living room-kitchen. The second floor contains Joseph's room, which also acts as his recording studio, and another, undisclosed room. Where Kim and Hollie's rooms are in the building are never revealed though it is assumed they are on the upper floors.