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Hollie Hawkes is a 26-year-old who works with Kim Pine at the local Video Store, No-Account Video. She first appears in Volume 2, working at the video store with Kim, and subsequently appears at both Clash at Demonhead shows through to Volume 3. She lives with Joseph, and Kim Pine moves in with them in Volume 4. Hollie becomes a regular member of the gang, hanging out with them at Sneaky Dee's on several occasions. In The Wonderful World of Kim Pine, Kim is venting to her about her roommates. In Book 5, she sleeps with Kim's boyfriend Jason, causing Kim to hate her and dump Jason. Hollie seems to be a foil to Kim, considering her sunny disposition.

In The Game[]

Hollie as she appears in the game, next to Tamara.

Hollie appears in the video game as a background character, and a vendor (works at the same video store as in the graphic novels).


  • Hollie doesn't have a last name in the books, but author Bryan Lee O'Malley says, "Hollie's last name is Hawkes, Joseph's starts with a Z, but that's just in my head, they don't have last names in the books."
  • Although playing a somewhat important part in Volume 5 when she and Kim stop being friends, she doesn't actually appear in the book (although we can assume that it's her who presents Scott with his birthday cake, since it's her apartment).
  • She makes a brief appearance in the Chaos Theatre at the end of Volume 6.
  • Oddly, her age is stated as "26 years old" in Volume 2, but in the character guide at the start of Volume 4 she is "25 years old".
  • Her name is a reference to the song "Holly Hox, Forget Me Nots" by Saves The Day.
  • Strangely, in the Movie, she is mentioned by Julie as one of Scott's exes along with Lisa. According to Edgar Wright, she and Joseph were the hardest to not have in the movie as they were such great characters.