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Quote1.png WALLACE, AGAIN?! Quote2.png
Stacey reacts to Jimmy making out with Wallace

Jimmy was Stacey Pilgrim's boyfriend whom she brought to Club Rockit to see Sex Bob-omb play. He was later seduced by a drunken Wallace Wells after Crash and the Boys played "Last Song Kills Audience", causing a furious Pilgrim to break up with him. He is not seen after Volume 1.


As evidenced by his relationships both with Stacey and Wallace, Jimmy is possibly bisexual. It is also likely that he was gay all along and that Wallace only helped him come out of the closet.

Portrayal in adaptions[]

In vs. the World[]

"They... have not started playing yet."

Jimmy is played by Kjartan Hewitt. Just like in the book, he is seduced by Wallace at The Rockit, except he makes out with him after Scott defeats Matthew Patel, instead of after Crash and the Boys perform. When Stacey witnesses this, she yells, "WALLACE! Again?", implying that Wallace has done this kind of thing to her before (yet in the book, she screams "WALLACE! HOW DARE YOU!!"). Though Wallace being prone to stealing Stacey's boyfriends is canon in the book as well, since she tells Wallace "You're not stealing another guy from me!" in volume 1. Jimmy later appears as one of Wallace's many boyfriends.

In the Game[]

Jimmy in the game.

Jimmy makes many appearances in different stages as a background character, and can even be seen making out with Wallace (much to the annoyance of Stacey) during the boss fight against Matthew Patel at the end of World 1.