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Joel MacMillan is the bass player for Crash and the Boys, the rivals of Sex Bob-omb in Vol. 1. Later he took over as leader when Crash and the Boys became "The Boys!! And Crash!".


Stephen Stills' notes on Joel MacMillan.

Joel plays a Gibson Gothic Thunderbird for Crash and the Boys. Scott claims that he hates Joel because he, too, is a bass player. 

When Crash and the Boys is renamed "The Boys!! And Crash!" in Volume 3, Joel apparently replaces Crash as leader of the band and helps Scott in his fight against Todd Ingram. He, along with the other members, also become able to manipulate pure sound through hard work and willpower alone.

In vs. the World[]

In Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, Joel is played by Maurie W. Kaufmann. Unlike in the book, Joel and the rest of the members of Crash and the Boys are killed by one of Matthew Patel's fireballs during the latter's fight with Scott Pilgrim.