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Quote1.png He is as hot as the flames of hell you bitches are going to. Quote2.png

Joseph (no last name has been revealed), is Hollie Hawkes' gay, soft-spoken roommate. He appears first in Volume 2 at the performance for The Clash at Demonhead and only came due to his attraction to Todd Ingram. Later he goes on to record Sex Bob-omb's first album. He's a bit of a technical whiz, and plays guitar for the Unnamed Band in Book 6. He is easily recognized throughout the series with his short hair and full beard.


Joseph is an extremely quiet individual as illustrated by the small text in his speech bubbles, but everything he says is piercing and to the point. While soft-spoken and almost disturbingly calm in situations such as a rock show crowd and witnessing Gideon violently killing Scott, he carries a huge level of seriousness whenever he talks to anyone. Because of this, he often appears intense and hostile. His first line demonstrates this when Hollie and Kim ask if he thinks The Clash at Demonhead's bass player, Todd, is hot, to which he replies, "He is as hot as the flames of hell you bitches are going to." In volume 3, he also states that Envy Adams is "a nasty little ho-bag."

However, he is not without his soft spots and is convinced by Stephen Stills to record their first album in volume 4, but only because he finds Stills attractive. He also dislikes Stephen Stills' friends, mostly Scott (much like everyone else in the series).

Joseph and Stephen[]

Stephen and Joseph's Big Reveal

Initially agreeing to record Sex Bob-omb's album because of his attraction to Stephen, over time during Books 4 and 5, Joseph and Stephen officially became a couple. Stephen came out about this to everyone (except Scott, since he seemed busy) off-panel during book 5, and the two remained an item and bandmates into the creation of their Unnamed Band. Joseph has retained his spicy attitude throughout all this, while still quiet as ever, though satisfied with the results.

In The Game[]

Joseph as he appears in the game.

In Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game Joseph's room can be unlocked as part of a sound check level. There, players can listen to all the audio tracks and songs in the game. Also he is seen as a background character.


  • He and Hollie were meant to be in the movie but Edgar Wright decidedly cut them out before production. Wright cited it as a hard choice as they were such great characters and they found an actor who could've played him.
  • According to Bryan Lee O'Malley, Joseph's last name starts with a Z, but only in his head because Joseph is not said to have a last name in the books.