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Julie Powers

Julie Powers is the social glue binding most of the characters in the series together, though she herself is a comparatively unimportant character. She frequently hosts parties, introduces characters to each other, and is known to be a full-time bitch and a half.


Julie has dated Stephen Stills on and off (ending with a permanent off, fortunately for Stephen). She attended the University of Toronto with Stephen and Scott and was roommates with Envy during their first year; despite hating her in college, she refers to Envy as "my best friend" in Volume 2 and tries (unsuccessfully) to get back in Envy's good graces once she has become famous. She was also friends with Ramona before she and Scott began dating; something she told him not to do, believing him to be a loser. Her character is described as "bitchy and obnoxious" and she frequently fights/argues with other characters, even befriending Kyle & Ken Katayanagi as they attempt to fight Scott. At one point, she suspects that Stephen and Knives may have a mutual attraction, causing her to react toward Knives with hostility, and eventually to break up with Stephen.

During Volume 5 she begins holding regular themed parties at her new loft apartment, with themes ranging from Halloween, "Underwater Pimp and Ho Party," and "Canadian Politics Circa 1972 but You're Secretly Batman Party", and a Mexican Day of the Dead party. In the final volume, it is revealed that Stephen was in a homosexual relationship with Joseph, to which Scott replied, "So Julie turned you gay??", believing that due to Julie's constant bitchiness, Stephen Stills was turned gay.

Personality and traits[]

Julie is known to be snarky and mean, particularly to Scott.The only person she is likely to show any kindness to is Envy Adams, though she doesn't care much for Julie and tends to ignore her. The reason she wanted to be her friend was because she was now famous, and in college she didn't think much of Natalie. Julie is also known by many people as she works "everywhere" and makes friends with "everyone".

Portrayal in adaptions[]

In vs. the World[]

Aubrey Plaza as Julie Powers in the film adaptation

Julie Powers is played by Aubrey Plaza, whose previous works include roles in Parks and Recreation, 30 Rock, Mystery Team, and Funny People.

In the film, Julie is everything like her comic book version. A main difference was when she starts cussing Scott out after he ignored her warning of hooking up with Ramona. She was first seen in the record store where Knives and Scott were. A black bar and ZX Spectrum-like censor beep stops her swear words. It is revealed that she is doing it herself when Scott asks "How are you doing that with your mouth?", to which she responds "Never ████ing mind how I'm doing it!". After The Clash at Demonhead show, Julie tells Scott and the band that Envy has invited them all backstage. She constantly tries to strike up a friendly conversation with Envy, who coldly rebuffs her to confront Ramona. After Scott headbutts Todd Ingram and defeats him, Julie says to Envy: "For the record, I am so pissed off for you right now", to which Envy responds "Shut the ████ up, Julie".

In an deleted scene at the end, Julie is heard gossiping over the phone with Stacey about how Scott kicked Gideon's head off.

In the Game[]

Julie Powers in the Game

Julie appears as one of the many background characters in the video game adaptation. She is seen as a store clerk in World 1 and later in front of the stairs at the Halloween party.

In other media[]


Julie Powers makes a cameo appearance in another Bryan Lee O'Malley comic, "Seconds". Julie can be seen along Stephen Stills having a meal as Katie imagines what her new restaurant will look like once it's finished.


  • In Volume 3, Julie started wearing glasses, Artist Bryan Lee O'Malley has openly admitted that this was because he briefly mistook Julie for Monique and decided to keep them.[1]
    • However, Julie has glasses in the film and colour re-print of Volume 1.
  • Julie is one of the main characters in the series, even though she hates Scott and plays a kind of antagonistic role in some of the books, befriending Envy and the twins.
  • According to Aubrey Plaza, who portrayed Julie in the movie, she had a crush on Scott in college, which went unrequited as he went after her friends (particularly Envy). Bryan Lee O'Malley has however frustratedly denied this claim, saying "that [comment] was bullshit, Plaza was making shit up". This may partially explain her temperament in the movie however.[2]
    • Ironically, Aubrey Plaza has briefly dated Michael Cera (Scott's actor) shortly after the movie's production
  • Her birthday is in the summer.
  • Bryan Lee O'Malley explained that Julie was loosely based on a girl he knew in Toronto, but that he liked her and she "was not a superbitch".
  • Julie's name was chosen because Powers rhymes with Flowers, and because O'Malley wanted to allude to Julie Power from the Marvel Comics' Power Pack.[3]
  • It was originally planned that Julie would be the only character in the movie with the ability to censor her swear words, however, Envy is able to do it too as having her actually say the F word would mean moving up the movie's age rating.


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