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Kimberly "Kim" Pine is the drummer for Sex Bob-omb, Stephen Stills' and Scott's band. During gigs (or even just when practicing at home) Kim counts in the band, usually by screaming some variation of: "We are Sex Bob-omb!!" She is 23 years old (24 in book 5 and onwards) and was Scott's first girlfriend, whom he "saved" from Simon Lee back in high school.

The two broke up when Scott's family moved away to Toronto, and when Kim moved to Toronto herself, they formed Sex Bob-omb with Scott's former bandmate, Stephen Stills. Kim is employed at No-Account Video throughout the series.



Kim is a fair skinned young girl of average height with freckles on each one of her cheeks. She has red hair, styled in a bob shoulder-length haircut. In Scott's flashback, however, we see that her hair was long and tied back into a ponytail during her high school years.

Although much like the other characters, Kim changes her outfit frequently. She’s mostly seen sporting various kinds of tracksuit jackets with varying colors. In the game, she wears a black and white tracksuit with a skirt.


Kim pretending to shoot herself

Kim has a sarcastic personality and is known to be a misanthrope. You might say that she has somewhat of an inferiority complex, as she looks down at her knees, sullen, and laments Envy's beauty.


Scott Pilgrim[]

Kim first met Scott in Northern Ontario, when he transferred to St. Joel's High School and into her geography class. At the time, Scott and Lisa Miller had already met and the two had already decided to start a band. Both members thought Kim would be a great drummer for their group, "Sonic & Knuckles", having seen her perform in the school band. Unfortunately, on the day of their geography presentation, Kim was kidnapped by the boys of Benvie Tech High School, and Scott had to fight through them all and defeat their leader Simon Lee (a reference to the NES game River City Ransom). After rescuing her, Scott invited her to be his girlfriend and join the band, which she accepted. Scott and Kim became very close, to the point of even having sex in her car (as in the flashback in Vol. 2 when the panel shows Scott and Kim in a car and she tells him, "Listen to the song. This is a good song."). However, the relationship ended when Scott's family moved to Toronto. It was revealed later on that the whole incident with Simon was false as Gideon had tampered with Scott's memories by "spicing them up." In reality, Simon was just a "Chinese kid" who hugged Kim once and that Scott had beaten up in order to date Kim. He also never informed Kim that he was moving to Toronto. He instead told Lisa who then told Kim. This caused a strain between both Kim and Scott, and also Kim and Lisa. Due to that, she becomes even more bitter than she already was, almost to the point of pessimism.

After high school, Kim attended Nipissing University. Eventually, she moved to Toronto, about a year before the series begins. There she reunited with Scott. Together with Stephen Stills, they formed the band Sex Bob-omb.

Kim kisses Scott one last time.

In the modern story, Kim expresses annoyance at Scott's many faults and generally tries to forget that she dated him, but she still feels some repressed affection for him and puts up with a lot of his crap. She helps Scott score a job, is the drummer of their current band "Sex Bob-omb" and is recognized as important by Ken and Kyle Katayanagi, who kidnap her in order to lure Scott. He later comes to her rescue again, though this time, Scott runs back to see Ramona. At the end of volume 5, Kim decides to move back home to Northern Ontario and accepts Scott's apology for everything that's happened between them. In volume 6, Scott takes Wallace's advice (forcefully) and goes on a wilderness sabbatical up north while also visiting Kim. He stays with Kim and while going out in the woods, Scott kisses Kim, admitting that everything with Ramona had been complicated and that Kim was the one constant in his life. However, Kim rejects Scott, revealing to him not everything in high school was perfect and that he had hurt her. He gets the glow while fighting NegaScott in order to forget the whole ordeal. Kim pleads with Scott that he can't keep forgetting his mistakes without them following him, telling him to live with it and to hold on, so he won't repeat them again. Scott suddenly remembers everything, including Ramona and accepts NegaScott as a part of him. As Scott leaves to fight Gideon back in Toronto, Kim gives him one last kiss for luck, but states "it'll never happen again."

Kim appears during the final battle between Scott and Gideon, somehow aware of the battle even though she is still in Northern Ontario. When Kim comes back to Toronto, she and Scott form a new band, "Shatter Band". They do a live performance in front of Knives Chau and Neil (who's no longer called "Young"), neither of whom are very impressed. Having lost their only two potential fans, Scott and Kim decide they don't really care and continue playing for Ramona's cat.

Kim teases Stephen Stills

Stephen Stills[]

As her other bandmate, Kim also is good friends with Stephen, although she always seems to pick on him and make him the target of her sarcastic comments. By the end of volume 6, Stephen leaves the band, but it's most likely they're still friends. It's also unknown if she heard of his coming out as she was at her parents' hometown during the final battle at Chaos Theatre.

Kim and Ramona's drunk conversation

Ramona Flowers[]

As Scott's closest female friends, Kim and Ramona have slowly forged a friendship despite their initial hesitance (and Kim's lingering feelings for Scott). While Ramona shows interest in getting to know Kim during the first 4 books, the two really click in the fifth. Ramona decides to get some alone time from Scott while he deals with the twin's robots and Kim joins her.

While hanging out, Kim snaps a shot of Ramona's head while it's glowing and asks what it's all about. Ramona tells her she'd rather not go into it. The night ends with all three of them drunk, semi-conscious on a bed, and contemplating what to major in if they want to go back to school: dating, rugby, zoological anthropology, shopping, and tequila. Kim admires Ramona and drunkenly tells Scott & Ramona "You guys... I seriously love you."

Knives Chau[]

Kim's reaction to hearing about Scott dating a High Schooler.

Kim first learns about Knives after Scott tells her, Young Neil and Stephen Stills that he is dating her, Kim's reaction is one of disappointment, as she finds the concept of a 23 year old dating a 17 year old somewhat creepy. Earlier in the series, Kim wasn't a big fan of Knives hanging out with the band claiming she "cramped her style" by dressing like her.

Knives Chau. Kim Pine. Drunk & Making Out.

Kim and Knives made out briefly while drunk at the start of Volume 4. This comes after Kim rants on about men, then Knives says "I've kissed the lips that kissed you," referring to Scott. This does not reflect how they feel towards each other, as Knives still liked Scott at the time and Kim was dating Jason Kim, she also showed disgust towards Scott's poster of girls kissing. The kiss between the two of them became a recurring gag thought the series, being referenced multiple times in the game, both in her ending and when summoning Knives, Scott later mentions the kissing scene with Lisa Miller in Volume 4. When Lisa asks about Kim, Scott says "Kim? She's a laugh a minute! Making out with girls... and, uh, stuff...". Finally, towards the end of the same book, Scott refers to the incident by suggesting that Kim keep the poster of two girls kissing as he moves in with Ramona, which makes her feel disgusted and proceeds to rip the poster in half.

Portrayal in adaptions[]

In vs. the World[]

Alison Pill as Kim Pine in the film adaptation.


Kim is played by Alison Pill whose previous works include roles in Milk, Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen, and Dan in Real Life. Pill also provides the voice of Kim in the animated short Scott Pilgrim vs. The Animation which details her first meeting with Scott, his rescuing her from Simon Lee, and their brief relationship in high school. In the film, Kim's wounded feelings concerning Scott are more emphasized and her sarcastic comments are largely directed at him. Unlike the comic or game, Kim is never really seen in a relationship with Knives Chau, and only talks to her a few times.

Kim pretending to shoot herself.

The depth of her ire against Scott is evidenced by the fact that she does not offer a sincere smile and maintains a fierce stare throughout most of the film, blinking only a few times and almost never breaking eye contact. Despite her resentment she does offer Scott some advice regarding Ramona just before they face off against the Katayanagi twins. Although she signs on with Gideon, she is less than enthusiastic about taking orders from him, and she surreptitiously flips him off after he calls her "Kimberly". She then goes on to announce the band by dryly stating "We are Sex Bob-Omb and we are here to make money and sell out and stuff".


When Scott uses his extra life to replay the confrontation with Gideon, he takes a moment to apologize to Kim for his behavior and himself, earning him some extra points and causing her to crack a genuine smile for the first time in the film. When Scott cues her to play she turns against Gideon by shouting "WE ARE SEX BOB-OMB AND WE'RE HERE TO WATCH SCOTT PILGRIM KICK YOUR TEETH IN!!!"and motivates the band to play a more enthusiastic version of their fight music.

After Gideon is defeated, Kim states that Sex Bob-omb's business deal has just ended, prompting Stephen Stills to frantically grab as much of the reward money as he can. Neil, thinking they're are made out of chocolate, sticks one of the coins in his mouth. An annoyed Kim pretends to shoot herself for the second time in the movie.

In the Game[]

Kim's main art in the game.

Kim is one of the four initial characters that can be picked in the game. Her Striker is Knives kissing her (as is what happened in Book 4) and recovering 15 HP at the cost of around 7 GP. It also has the secondary effect of "Freaking out" all enemies on screen (with the exception for robot enemies, dogs and bosses, who receive small damage plus a minor hit-stun).

After completing a level, Kim exits the field via a smiling star that flies off screen. This is a reference to the Kirby game series.


  • Her ending in the game takes off the scene from in Book 4, where she and Knives become a couple together much to the shock of Scott and Stephen.
  • In Scott's ending, she along with Knives and Envy all date Scott at the same time after Ramona leaves him.
  • In Stephen Stills' ending, she along with her band-mates, Scott and Stephen, become very popular and rich with their band (though it's hinted it may just be a dream).
  • In NegaScott's ending, Kim, along with her friends, and Scott, are the slaves of Scott's negative side.
  • In Knives' ending, Kim appears as one of the spectators to Knives and Scott's wedding, while Scott himself is completely confused.


  • Kim's early design in the comic Style

    She has been the drummer for 3 of Scott's bands, Sonic and Knuckles, Sex Bob-Omb and Shatter Band. She also played as the drummer in her school band prior to this.
  • Kim always shouts: "WE ARE [BAND NAME]!" before every song, regardless of whether they are playing at a live gig or just practicing.
  • Her most recent boyfriend, Jason Kim, cheated on her with her roommate Hollie Hawkes.
  • Kim dated Scott in high school, but broke up with him when Lisa told her that Scott was moving to Toronto.
  • Technically speaking, Kim Pine was the first Scott Pilgrim character ever created. Bryan Lee O'Malley originally came up with her all the way back in the late 90s. She was originally conceived as part of a mutant super-team. Over the next few years, the character drifted from one story idea to another, changing quite a bit over time, until she made her published debut as a Scott Pilgrim character. (For more info, see here, here and here.)
  • Scott is one month older than her. If meant literally, that means her birthday is October 27, which is dangerously close to Halloween, and might explain why she is so grim. Bryan Lee O'Malley also planned for her birthday to be in "late October".[1]
  • An early version of Kim and Lisa appear in a mini-comic by Bryan Lee O'Malley called "Style", about three ridiculous girls in high school. In this comic, Kim is a brunette with blonde highlights while Lisa frequently changes her hair color, similar to Ramona. (For more info, see here.)
  • Kim is of medium height (about 5'5'').[2]


Game Sprites[]