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Knives' Auntie is either the sister of Mr. Chau or Mrs. Chau and also the auntie of Knives. She appears in a flashback in Volume 4 in which she is having dinner with the Chau family. During dinner, she mentions that she saw Knives with her boyfriend, causing Knives to panic. When Mrs. Chau asks if it was Stephen Chow, Knives' Auntie tells them it was a "cute, white boy". This infuriates Knives' parents - especially her father. Realizing her mistake, Knives' Auntie tries to retract her statement, but it's too late. Mr. Chau's brain cracks open and is replaced by a machine hellbent on revenge. He then takes up one of his antique samurai swords and goes off to hunt down Scott Pilgrim.


  • Given the fact that Volume 4 is set several months after Scott and Knives broke up, it's most likely that the "white boy" Knives' Auntie saw Knives with wasn't even Scott and Mr. Chau simply jumped to conclusions. Considering this, it's more likely that it was Young Neil who Knives' Auntie saw.