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Knives Chau

Knives with... well, knives.

Knives are Knives Chau's (unsurprising) choice of weapons. These daggers resemble Japanese Sais.

In Volume 2, Knives uses her knives to attack Ramona Flowers at the Toronto Reference Library in revenge for "stealing" Scott Pilgrim. She hurls two of them at Ramona from above. Ramona uses a metal pole (much to Stacey Pilgrim's shock) to block them. In the fight that follows, Ramona manages to fend off Knives, despite Knives grazing her on the cheek. Eventually Knives is forced to retreat, but not before hurling one last dagger at Ramona. Stuck to the blade is a message that reads: "You're ugly and I hate you."

In the movie[]

In the movie, Knives uses a pair of large knives to attack Ramona Flowers at Chaos Theatre. Ramona fights her using a metal stand in the first round. In the second round, Knives uses her daggers to assist Scott against Gideon. She loses both daggers in the battle, but still manages to give Scott a hand in defeating Gideon using her Ninja Ninja Revolution fighting skills.

Unlike the comics and game, the knives in the movie resemble Butterfly swords rather than Sais, though they lack the traditional D-shaped hand guards.

In the game[]

In the video game, when Stephen Stills calls in Knives to assist, she will hurl multiple knives at enemies from above, inflicting damage upon them. NegaScott's Striker, NegaKnives, will use her blades to hack and slash at nearby enemies.


  • Knives' knives probably belonged to her father.
  • The weapons Knives uses in the movie could actually be Nandao rather than Butterfly swords. The Nandao is similar to the Butterfly sword, without the D-shaped hand guard. However, the Nandao is meant to be wielded with two-hands, not in pairs, as it is both larger and heavier than the Butterfly sword.