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The Large Hammer is seen only once in the series in Volume 3 during Ramona Flowers' fight with Envy Adams. After pulling the hammer from her Subspace Suitcase, Ramona uses it (and Wallace Wells) as cover throughout the fight until she's knocked to the ground and Envy takes it up. Envy goes to smash Ramona into dust, but is countered by Knives Chau who takes a portion of the damage in a glancing blow and is sent flying across the club into a wall. Envy goes for another hit, and this time is countered by Scott who exploits her weakness (touching the back of her knees) and leaves her quivering on the floor. Soon afterward, Envy tries to use it against Todd and Lynette upon realizing they're having an affair behind her back. Lynette teleports away and Todd uses his Vegan powers to knock the hammer out of Envy's hands.

The Large Hammer makes a "cameo" of sorts near the end of Volume 6 after Ramona's Subspace Suitcase explodes. It can be seen on the floor at Wallace's feet.

The Large Hammer carries a +2 bonus when used against girls. Looking closely, you can see that it has a chibi-like face that changes its expression and a small bell tied to the handle.


The Large Hammer represents Ramona's will to fight; however, as a large two-handed heavy weapon, it is slow and inaccurate at points, perhaps a sign of Ramona's uncertainty. Reading deeper, its bonus is specific against girls only, suggesting Ramona's issues with Scott's exes, particularly Envy. It is also believed to be a reference to Amy Rose's Piko Piko Hammer from the Sonic the Hedgehog series.

In vs. the World[]

The Hammer in the Movie

Ramona Flowers uses the Hammer in the Movie when fighting Roxy Richter, using it to block her attacks with the whip. Roxy eventually knocks it out of her hands causing it to crash through the glass front of the club and land on the ground outside. She does not use it against Envy Adams.

In the Game[]

Ramona using the Hammer in the Game

Animation of her use of the Hammer

The Hammer appears in the Game as part of Ramona's attacks, mostly in her heavy attacks. The Hammer also appears in World 4 in Ramona's backyard and can be picked up and used as a weapon.