Quote1 Baby I was born to destroy you!!!! Quote2
The song's closing line.
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Crash and the Boys perform 'Last Song Kills Audience' in the credits and the song KO's the entire audience.

Last Song Kills Audience is a song performed by Crash and the Boys in Scott Pilgrim's Precious Little Life and was going to have an appearance in the movie, with We Hate You, Please Die different, and with this one just like the other, but the song was deleted for some reason. In the comic, the song is so perplexing and bad that it knocks the audience unconsicious for 20–30 minutes. But in the film, it doesn't knock out the audience at all. In the game, the player(s) arrive at the Rockit just after they finish the song and all the audience has already been knocked it out. The player(s) come in and the boss battle with Matthew Patel begins.

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