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Lauren Wood was Kim Pine's friend back in High School. She is a minor character in the series, only appearing in the flashback at the start of Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.


Lauren only appears in Scott Pilgrim's flashback of High School. She is first seen walking along a hallway with Kim, and shows up again later on with Lisa Miller after the Benvie Tech Boys kidnap Kim. She is last seen during a montage near the end of the flashback, along with Scott and the rest of his friends.

In vs. the AnimationEdit

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Lauren in the Animation.

Lauren also appears in Scott Pilgrim vs. the Animation, playing exactly the same role she did in the books. She is voiced by Georgette Perna.[1]


  • Lauren is the only one of Scott's friends in High School who wasn't part of Sonic & Knuckles. Instead she appeared to be the band's number one fan, taking a similar role to Young Neil with Sex Bob-omb.
  • She was the main character of Bryan Lee O'Malley's webcomic Style, co-starring with Kim and Lisa. Bryan Lee O'Malley stated that he wanted all of them to have wood-related surnames (Kim Pine, Lisa Miller and Lauren Wood). When the time came to write Scott Pilgrim, though, Lauren's part was significantly decreased for the benefit of Scott.[2]


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