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Lawrence West

Lawrence West Pilgrim is Scott Pilgrim's younger brother. He loans Scott his bass guitar (indefinitely) during Scott's college days and comes to get his bass (now destroyed, unbeknownst to Lawrence) back at the end of Book 5, whereupon Scott mistakes him for Gideon and knocks him down with an impressive railing butt slide and kick combo.

He is mentioned a few times while off-panel, twice while letting a new friend in to bother Scott while he is playing video games (Lisa and Wallace), and once being called to dinner by his mother.

In The Game[]

Lawrence as he appears in the game.

Lawrence also appears in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game as a background character.


  • Despite being Scott and Stacey's brother, Lawrence's last name is given as "West". According to artist and writer, Bryan Lee O'Malley, Lawrence West is his given name and his full name is Lawrence West Pilgrim[1]. The name Lawrence West is a reference to a subway stop in Toronto.
  • Lawrence was originally planned to have a much larger role in the comic, working with Gideon and the Twins. This was possibly because he owed them a debt, according to Bryan Lee O'Malley. Julie was eventually used instead for the Twin collaboration.[2]
  • His birthday is in December.[3]