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Crash on the left.

Lucas "Crash" Wilson is the lead guitarist/singer of Crash and the Boys (later The Boys!! and Crash!), the rivals of Sex Bob-Omb in Vol. 1.


Stephen Stills' notes on Crash.

Crash Wilson is lead guitarist/singer of Crash and the Boys. He has wrote songs such as We Hate You, Please Die, Zog, Last Song Kills Audience, and I Am So Sad, I Am So Very, Very Sad. His preferred instrument, also his only guitar used in the series, is a Gibson SG. His band competed against Sex Bob-omb at Club Rockit, but lost.

When Crash and the Boys becomes "The Boys!! And Crash!" Joel apparently takes over his position as the leader. They later help Scott in his fight against Todd Ingram in  Volume 3. He (along with the other members) also became able to manipulate pure sound through hard work and will power alone.

In vs. the World[]

In Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, Crash Wilson is played by Erik Knudsen. Unlike in the book, Crash (along with the other members of Crash and the Boys) is killed by one of Matthew Patel's fireballs during the latter's fight with Scott


  • In the movie, even though it says he uses a Gibson SG, he in fact uses an Epiphone.
  • In the movie, he and the rest of his band are incinerated by a stray fireball during the battle between Scott and Matthew Patel. As a result, Sex Bob-omb wins the contest by default.
  • Scott often confuses him with Lucas Lee and the real-life actor Luke Wilson, with whom he shares a name.