Quote1 What can I say? I'm nothing without my stunt team. Quote2
Lucas Lee

Looks like you're seeing double.

Lucas Lee's Stunt Doubles work with Lucas Lee in his Hollywood movies, presumably performing dangerous stunts in his place. They appear as enemies in the movie and the video game (in the game, they appear as helmeted skateboarders called "Raymond"). Scott is forced to fight them before he faces Lucas Lee himself.

The Stunt Doubles are all armed with skateboards and are martial arts experts, but are not as physically strong as Lucas Lee himself. Compared to Gideon's Hipsters or Matthew Patel's Demon Hipster Chicks, though, they are much harder for Scott to defeat. At one point, they have Scott on the ground and are pummeling him relentlessly. Lucas goes to get a coffee but when he turns around a few moments later, Scott is standing up again and all the Stunt Doubles have been knocked unconscious.

In The GameEdit


During the battle with Lucas Lee in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game, Lucas is assisted by skater henchmen known as "Raymond". In the battle, Raymond's skate across the screen in groups of two in an attempt to knock down they player, if hit, the skater's will fall off their boards leaving their skateboards as useable weapons for the player. However, if their boards are left on the floor, Lucas will pick up one of them and use it as weapon for several powerful attacks. Once Lucas is knocked down, he'll drop the board and break it. When a Raymond is knocked off his board, he'll act like a regular enemy and attack the player. Once both Raymond's have been defeated, two more will take their place until the battle is over.


  • The Stunt Doubles do not appear in the original comic series. Presumably, they were added to the movie to make Scott's battle with Lucas more action-packed.
  • All the Stunt Doubles in the movie are actually Chris Evans' real life stunt doubles.
  • Since the Stunt Doubles do not explode into coins upon defeat like most enemies, Scott may not have actually killed them, but rather just knocked them out.
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