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Lynette Guycott is the drummer for The Clash at Demonhead. She has a bionic arm which is a reference to Ladd Spencer's bionic arm in the video game Bionic Commando. Her name is a reference to both Lynette Gillis, the drummer of the band Plumtree, and Tom Guycott, a character from the obscure NES game Clash at Demonhead, the namesake of Lynette's band.


Not much is really known about Lynette's history. At some point in her life, she joined The Clash at Demonhead as the drummer. During her time with the band she seduced Todd Ingram and convinced him to cheat on Envy Adams.

Lynette, along with the rest of band, is first introduced the end of Scott Pilgrim vs. the World during the band's performance at Lee's Palace. She then appears again Scott Pilgrim & the Infinite Sadness when Envy takes Scott and his friends backstage for a little talk (mostly for the purpose of flaunting her fame). When Knives, upon finding out about Envy's history with Scott, freaks out, Lynette punches the highlight out of her hair with her recently obtained bionic arm, revealing it to everyone present. Lynette then continues to appear along with the rest of the throughout the volume, including Todd and Scott's battle at Honest Ed's.

Her affair with Todd is revealed while the band's having lunch, when she and Todd make out while Envy heads for the restroom. Envy doesn't find out until later until they're at a club the band was due to perform in, when she sees Todd walk out of the washroom with Lynette's Panties on his head like a moron. Envy quickly flies into a rage when she finds out and tries to kill Lynette using Ramona's hammer. Lynette teleports but loses her bionic arm in the process thanks to Envy, who smashes it off. What happens to her afterwards is unknown as she is not mentioned again.


Lynette's bionic arm

Bionic arm[]

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Lynette's right arm has been almost completely replaced with a bionic one. The exact reason for this is unknown, though a possible explanation might be to increase her drumming abilities. Her bionic arm is telescopic, allowing her to attack from a long distance. The arm is also quite powerful; one hit from it was enough knock the highlights out of Knives' hair.


Lynette has also shown the ability to teleport, using the ability to escape after Envy finds out about her and Todd's infidelity. Whether this ability is an innate power of Lynette's or a power granted to her from her bionic arm remains unclear.

Drumming skills[]

Apart from having a Bionic Arm, Lynette is shown to be an exceptional drummer, being able to use four drumsticks whilst drumming.


Lynette mostly hangs back and watches quietly as events unfold. Remaining quiet for most of her appearances and having an monotonous expression. She appears to be Envy's right hand (wo)man as she obeys Envy's order to punch Knives without hesitation. However, Lynette's loyalty is actually rather fictitious. When Envy's out of the picture, it's revealed she doesn't think much of her and she even seduces Todd into cheating on Envy.

In vs. the World[]

Tennessee Thomas as Lynette Guycott in the film adaptation

British-born American actress Tennessee Thomas portrays Lynette Guycott in Edgar Wright's Scott Pilgrim vs The World who also happens to be a drummer in her own band called The Like.

While she performs with her group in the movie, she is only a background character. In the movie, Todd punches the highlights out of Knives hair, thus Lynette's Bionic arm is never seen or used (although it's still concealed in a bandage). Humorously enough, she does indeed blend into the scenery (a reference to her subtitle box in the graphic novel, saying Lynette wants to blend into the wall like an awesome ninja) when Todd unleashes his Vegan powers for the first time. After that, she reappears in the background when Todd launches Scott into the sky. Todd's infidelity with Lynette is also removed, making Lynette a much less significant character.

In the Game[]

Envy and Lynette's unused boss art

Lynette is a sub-boss along with Envy in World 3, whom the players battles in a tag-team style match as the two switch in and out with one another. Lynette's attacks include a rapid punch, stretching her arms to hit the player, punching the ground to have her arm hit the player from underneath them and teleporting, making her hard to catch around the field. If the player waits long enough though, she'll dizzy herself from overuse allowing the player to get some hits in. This is also usually the time when Envy tags in. You can also attack her while she's waiting her turn. Of the two girls, she's the easiest of the pair to deal with and more than likely you'll be ending the battle with her. Defeating either of the girls ends the battle. Once beaten, the two brawl for a bit before Lynette teleports away leaving behind her bionic arm, which explodes into $2.50 while Envy collapses in despair with a rain cloud over her before dissolving to nothing. The player then faces Todd Ingram afterward.

Game Sprites[]


  • Lynette's rapid punch attack in the game seems to be a visual homage to the martial arts style of protagonist Kenshiro from the anime Fist of The North Star, as well as the trademark "Thousand stab" combo used by protagonist Dante of Devil May Cry.
  • When Sex Bob-omb and The Clash at Demon Head meet after their performances in the book it was stated that Lynette wanted to fade into the background. In the movie when Scott tries to punch Todd and the scene's background transistions she does in fact fade into the background.
  • Lynette Gillis, the drummer of Plumtree, was mentioned in the 'Thank You" notes in of the comics, meaning that Bryan Lee O' Malley must have spoke to Gillis before writing the character.
  • She bears a slight resemblance to Marcie from the Peanuts comic strips, though this is likely just a coincidence.