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Matthew Patel is Ramona's first evil ex-boyfriend and the final boss of Scott Pilgrim's Precious Little Life. Matthew is the first evil ex whom Scott battles and despite his embarrassing defeat by Scott, he plays the important role of introducing the League of Ramona's Evil Exes to Scott, who promptly ignores his messages.


Matthew is an indian young man of average height who has black hair with an "emo" haircut that covers his left eye. His outfit consists of a khaki military jacket (black in the game) decorated with two chevrons on each shoulder over a red buttoned up shirt with black stripes and blue denim pants. According to Scott, his outfit resembles that of a pirate and the chevrons on his shoulders led fans to speculate that he might be from the military.


Relationship with Ramona[]

A former boyfriend from the seventh grade. He and Ramona Flowers dated for only a week and a half, during which Ramona pretty much used Matthew and his mystical powers to ward off flocks of jocks interested in her. She dated Matthew, according to her own story, because he was the only non-white and non-jock kid at her school. The two only kissed once, and it ended shortly after due to Matthew's pre-adolescent capriciousness. Afterward, Matthew turned evil during his high school years and by that time had moved far, far away. He also apparently took the break-up very badly, looking much more evil than most of the exes...

Encounter with Scott[]

Matthew Patel.jpg

No sooner than when Scott started to become close with Ramona after they met, Matthew started sending messages warning Scott that the Evil Exes were coming for him. All of these, however, were ignored. Eventually he comes calling just as Sex Bob-omb are about to play at a local club. Scott is initially confused about the whole encounter but, after Patel explains the situation for a third time, proceeds to fight him in hand-to-hand combat. Scott is able to hold his own long enough to ask Ramona how she ended up dating Matthew. When Ramona reveals how she briefly dated and dumped Matthew in seventh grade, Matthew becomes furious and summons his Demon Hipster Chicks and engages Scott, who is being aided by Wallace, Kim, Stephen, Stacey, Knives, and Young Neil, in a music/dance style battle to the tune of "Slick".


While the two sides sing back and forth, Matthew and his Demon Hipster Chicks hurl fireballs at Scott and his friends. Scott and the others conjure a protective Musical Shield around themselves by assuming video game style defensive poses, deflecting the fireballs. Scott then counters with his own song about friendship, courage, and whatever. When Matthew protests that the song doesn't even rhyme, Scott yells, "Shut up!" This somehow stuns Matthew long enough for Scott to defeat him with a single flying punch. Matthew explodes into coins, leaving behind $2.10 in Canadian currency.


Matthew with his Demon Hipster Chicks.

Matthew, along with levitation and pyrokinesis, is able to summon Demon Hipster Chicks which aid him in combat. He's a highly accomplished martial artist, capable of fighting on Scott's level and, along with Ramona, battling defeating several jocks. Despite Matthew's powers, he is arguably the weakest member of the League; Scott has little trouble defeating him compared to the other members of the League. This could be a video game reference on how the first boss in a video game is usually the easiest to defeat. Scott also gets $2.10 ($2.40 in the movie) for beating Matthew.


Matthew's attire, hair, and reason for retribution against Ramona and Scott stylizes him as some sort of goth/hipster hybrid (despite his claims that looking like a pirate is "in"). He was used by Ramona back in seventh grade because he was non-white and non-jock, and with his mystical powers, the pair used to destroy the annoying jocks interested in her, and then was promptly dumped after a week and a half. Nine years later, Matthew still hasn't gotten over it; now a brooding, angsty adult, Matthew clearly hasn't grown as an individual at all.

Matthew is both short-tempered and rather oversensitive. He becomes angry upon learning that Scott only "skimmed" the email Matthew sent him prior to their fight. Also when asked about his relationship with Ramona as well as his choice of outfit, Matthew reacts very defensively.

Portrayal in adaptions[]

In vs. the World[]

Matthew Patel in the film.

Matthew Patel VS Scott Pilgrim

Matthew Patel gets KO'd in the movie.

Matthew Patel is played by Satya Bhabha, a graduate of Yale '06. In the movie, he first sends an email to Scott, telling him about the League of 7 Evil Exes, which Scott ignores. He then shows up in person at the Club Rockit, crashing through the roof and landing in front of Scott, upon which he announces that their fight has begun. After Scott says he has no idea why Matthew wants to fight him, Matthew asks if he got the email, and Scott says he skimmed it. This makes Matthew very angry, Matthew continues his attack stating to Scott that he will pay for his insolence. He becomes even more upset when Wallace and another audience member make fun of his outfit. After some more fighting, Scott pauses to ask Ramona how she ended up dating Matthew. Ramona tells her story (through some unintended rhyming), which provokes Matthew into summoning his hipster demon chicks and singing an almost Bollywood style (with a song called Slick) while attacking with his fireballs. Patel's fireball attacks end up killing Crash and the Boys. Scott was able to counter by throwing a cymbal at him from the club's drum set before delivering the final blow. He receives $2.40 for defeating Patel. He then complains that it isn't even enough for the bus ride home, to which Ramona replies that she will loan him the rest.

In the Game[]

Matthew Patel (Age Unknown)
Ramona's FIRST evil ex-boyfriend!
Powers: Mystical

The Demon Hipster Chicks in The Game.

Matthew in the game

As in the book, Matthew is the first Ex the player fights at the end of World 1. In the game, Matthew wears a black jacket instead of his usual tan one and has a total of about 180 HP. A lot of his attacks are usually weak melee or fireballs. Since he's a early level boss, it's not necessary to be at any high level to face him (in fact, higher leveled characters can deal with him in no time at all). His boss battle goes in three patterns, he starts off with simple melee attacks. After he takes enough damage, he summons a energy pillar around him and his demon hipster chicks will fly around it. The player must defeat all four of the demon hipster chicks before they may continue the fight. After the player beats them, the fight continues as normal, though near the end, he'll summon two of them again, where they will pop in and out firing magic blasts on the player as they try to fight Matthew. The player can either take them out before finishing the battle or just focus on Matthew where his defeat will cause them to disappear. By this point in the battle, Matthew does get a tad more aggressive but is otherwise still manageable. Once beaten, Matthew will explode in a burst of light. Like in the book, the player gets $2.10 in coins once he is defeated.

Game Sprites[]


  • Matthew Patel is the only Evil Ex without a known occupation (though it's presumed to be the military due to the jacket he wears).
  • Matthew is also the only Evil Ex who attacks by singing.
  • Matthew's character incorporates several references to the number 1. Matthew appears to have one eye due to his hairstyle; he often poses by pointing up in the air with one finger; Ramona says he was "the one non-white and non-jock" in her school; he gets called "that one guy" by Wallace Wells; and he and Ramona only kissed once. The patch on his jacket is the rank for Private, the first rank in the military, and his Demon Hipster Chicks have one star on their shirts.
  • The song "Slick" that Patel sings in the movie has the same name as the final boss in the video game River City Ransom. Curiously Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game is a beat 'em up game just like River City Ransom.
  • In the game he is the only boss who does not appear at the beginning of the stage.
  • Matthew is a much more challenging opponent for Scott in the movie than in the book.
    • Matthew's defeat also makes a lot more sense. In the book, Scott somehow stuns Matthew with just his words (or perhaps his inability to rhyme). In the movie, Scott throws one of Kim's cymbals at Matthew, hitting him in the head.
    • Matthew is also the only ex that Scott manages to defeat entirely on his own in the movie; All the other ones were won by tricking his opponents (Lucas and Todd), Ramona fighting for him (Roxie), or with someone jointly fighting with him (Katayanagi twins and Gideon).
  • Matthew’s fighting moves are all based on Bollywood productions and musicals due to his Indian lineage. It also made apparent by his boss fight theme’s name being named “Bollywood”.
  • During the Scott Pilgrim X Dolby Twitter space, Satya Bhabha (Matthew's actor) stated that he believes Matthew would be friends with Roxie Richter.