The Memory Cam appears several times in Scott Pilgrim's Finest Hour, and is used to show Scott's distorted memories of his past relationships, including with Knives Chau and Envy Adams. In these "memories" the characters are depicted as chibi-like figures who speak to each other in Internet slang. There is also always a smiling sun wearing shades, as well as a smiling flower in the background.

The Memory Cam is used to demonstrate Scott's constant denial (or forgetting) of his past mistakes. After he merges with NegaScott, however, he regains his real memories.

It is later revealed that Gideon Graves also has a Memory Cam, which shows a warped view of his relationship with Ramona Flowers. This further draws parallels between Gideon and Scott in terms of their relationships with women.


  • Scott has a Memory Cam-like flashback moment in Scott Pilgrim Gets it Together regarding the time he met Lisa Miller in high school. The "memory" indicates that he got into an "awesome fight" with some bullies, but neglects to mention that he lost.
  • In Scott's Memory Cam of his relationship with Envy, Scott can be seen wearing the Tanooki Suit from Super Mario Bros 3.
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