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Michael Comeau is a character who knows everyone. Including you! He first appears at one of Julie's parties in Scott Pilgrim's Precious Little Life. His character is based on the Toronto artist of the same name, as revealed in the bonus material at the end of Book 4. [1]


Michael knows everyone and everything about them apparently, and is the first one to give Scott Pilgrim info on Ramona Flowers. Also, he claims to have obtained a ring from the future, and seeing how this is a universe where vegans have superpowers, a person's head can be used like warp pipes, and evil exes explode into coins, this may be true.

In vs. the World[]

Nelson Franklin as Comeau

Comeau is played by Nelson Franklin, whose previous works include roles in The Office, The Funeral, and I Love You, Man.

Michael attended Julie Powers' party, telling Scott about Ramona but only states that she is American.

He later appears at the Chaos Theatre talking to a bunch of people making an in-joke to the movie and books saying "I hear the comic books are better than the movie". That line was improvised and said by Franklin because author Bryan Lee O'Malley was visiting the set the day the scene was filmed.

The actual Michael Comeau auditioned for the part of himself yet failed to get the part.


  • In the books, he almost always has his mouth open and has a drink in his hand.
  • O'Malley based this character on his real life friend, when asked about this he says "It's complicated".
  • He has a tattoo of an anchor on his left arm.