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Mobile, as seen in Volume 5.

Mobile is Wallace Wells's boyfriend. They met while dancing at a club and the two are revealed to have been dating since Volume 3. Mobile and Wallace move in together at the end of Volume 4 and he makes his first appearance at the end of Volume 5, during which Scott mistakes him for Gideon and promptly freaks out. He is psychic, but not vegan (as Wallace states, "he is psychic for his own reasons."), and according to Wallace, he "attends business on the astral plane." Other Scott says that Mobile is "very intense."

Scott mistaking Mobile for Gideon

It's a running joke for a while that Mobile never appears on panel—early in volume 5 Scott calls him "your fancy psychic boyfriend I'm not allowed to meet." He finally appears at the end of the book. Scott thinks he is Gideon and freaks out. He also appears briefly near the end of volume 6, sitting with Wallace and the others. 

Just as the character of Wallace was inspired by the author's real-life former roommate Chris Butcher, Mobile was inspired by Butcher's real-life boyfriend and now husband, Andrew Woodrow Butcher.

In The Game[]

Mobile in the game

Mobile appears in the Game as a background character. In World 6, a secret path will take you to Mobile's home where you can get food or a special training manual that gives you a special (and final) move.