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Mrs. Chau

Mrs. Chau is the mother of Knives Chau and wife of Mr. Chau. She is a minor character in the series because she only appeared twice in the Books. Mrs. Chau's full name is currently unknown.


Mrs. Chau appears in a flashback near the beginning of Scott Pilgrim's Precious Little Life along with Knives just before she met Scott Pilgrim on the bus, berating her about not having a boyfriend. She appears once again in Scott Pilgrim Gets it Together, during a flashback where Knives' Auntie reveals that Knives is dating a white boy.

In vs. the World[]

Mrs. Chau as she would've appeared in the film.

Mrs. Chau was planned to appear in the Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (film) in a scene where Scott meets Knives, but it was cut from the film. It can still be viewed in the Extras on the DVD instead Mrs. Chau appeared sitting next to her daughter, Knives Chau, on the bus while Scott was sitting on the other side of the bus.  She was played in this scene by Jean Yoon.

In the Game[]

Mrs. Chau as she appears in the game

Mrs. Chau as a striker

Mrs. Chau appears in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game as a background character. She also appears as Knives' striker, when she is summoned, she will shout profanity in Chinese at the enemies, causing one of them to flee the battle. She can also be randomly summoned by any character after they have defeated and unlocked Mr. Chau.


  • Both of Mrs. Chau's appearances in the books are in flashbacks.
  • The curse words Mrs. Chau says in the game are "cao ni ma". The characters actually mean "grass mud horse", hence the llama, and is a homophone of the same phrase meaning "Fuck your mother!"