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Kim Pine and Hollie Hawkes at No-Account Video.

No-Account Video is a (fictional) local video store in Toronto. It is based on the real world store Suspect Video, located under Honest Ed's.

In the books[]

The video store is first seen in volume 2. Kim Pine and Hollie Hawkes both work there as clerks part-time. Scott goes there to rent a list of movies in order to "train" and prepare for fighting Lucas Lee, but him and Stills have both been banned due to owing $1000 in late fees between them. Scott's fees total at $504.28 because he rented The Land Before Time IV, apparently as a joke, and returned it 36 weeks late, claiming that mice hid the video. According to the desk computer, 'he is scum'.

The video store appears in The Wonderful World of Kim Pine, when Hollie and Kim talk and drink coffee. It is shown, as before, as being completely empty. It also appears in volume 4 when Scott goes around looking for a job. Kim is alone at the desk but leaves the store to walk Scott over to the Happy Avocado. Obviously, the video store is extremely unpopular, as no patrons are ever seen inside other than Scott.

The store is seen briefly again in volume 5, from the street. It doesn't appear again in the books as Kim quits her job when she moves back in with her parents.

Movies, magazines and posters seen at No-Account Video[]

A large number of movies, real and fictional, have titles drawn in and most of them are quite humorous. Also a few posters and magazines are also seen, including a poster of Scott Pilgrim & the Infinite Sadness on the main desk when Scott goes to talk to Kim about a job in Volume 4.

Kim looking up Scott's membership status on the computer at No-Account Video.



  • Suck
  • Chew
  • Both
  • Wool
  • Adbusters (real magazine)
  • Chicky
  • Sauce
  • Kill
  • Now

In the game[]

The four main characters fighting just outside No-Account Video

No-Account Video appears in Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game as a shop in the Shopping District portion of World 1. Hollie is the clerk, but the only item that can be purchased at the start of the game is 'Scott's late fees' for $504.25 (three cents off from the book, because you can only ever have multiples of $0.05). This is disappointing as it takes a while to raise this much money. However, if the player is successful in paying off the fees, they will unlock 5 movies to rent:

  • The Mystical Head $4.95 (Grants a 1-up; the player(s) can purchase nine before it is sold out)
  • Seven Shaolin Masters $4.95 (Grants XP:+100 DEF:+10 SPD:+10 WP:+10 STR:+10)
  • Aliens Vs T-Rex $4.95 (Grants STR:+20 SPD:+20)
  • Alone and Disturbed $4.95 (Grants XP:+1500)
  • I Love Your Boyfriend $4.95 (Grants XP: +320 DEF:+15 WP:+15)