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"Other" Scott (last name unknown) is a 26-year-old (27 in book 6) guy with sideburns and constant stubble. He sometimes appears with long eyelashes, possibly hinting that he wears makeup. He is "fairly gay" and Wallace Wells' best friend. He doesn't seem to mind being known as "Other Scott".


In Book 1 he eats at Nippon Sushi with Wallace and Scott Pilgrim.

In Book 3 he goes clubbing with Wallace the night Wallace meets Mobile.

In Book 6 he and Wallace are the first people to spot Scott as they sit and drink in Chaos Theatre.

Other Scott is based on Scott Robins, a Toronto-based friend of Christopher Butcher, the real "Wallace Wells."

In vs. the World[]

Left to right: Jimmy, Other Scott, Wallace and Scott in the movie.

Other Scott appears in the film, played by Ben Lewis, where he is constantly seen with Wallace and Jimmy in bed together, as well as a few other scenes with Wallace and Sex Bob-Omb. It is shown in his info box that he is Wallace's boyfriend since Mobile isn't in the Movie. He acts very rude and bitter in the movie.

It also states that he is 22 years old, not 26.

In the Game[]

Other Scott as he appears in the Game.

Other Scott also appears in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game as a background character is various locations. He is the vendor of the Fancy Chip Wagon in World 2.