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Quote1.png I think I understand you, man. And now I have to kill you. Quote2.png

The Power of Understanding is the final weapon Scott unlocks in Book 6. Its design is a large, single edged sword, closely resembling Ichigo Kurosaki's Zangetsu (from the anime/manga Bleach) or Cloud Strife's Buster Sword (from Final Fantasy VII). Along with the sword, Scott unlocks a new shirt with it that is adorned with Ramona's trademark star.

It gets unlocked when Scott realizes how he and Gideon are more alike than he earlier believed in terms of relationships and that he can still change for better. Scott uses this sword in conjunction with Ramona wielding the Power of Love to defeat Gideon with an X-Strike.

In vs. The World[]

Unlike its graphic novel counterpart, the Power of Understanding is replaced by the Power of Self-Respect (which he receives for stating he is fighting for himself instead of Ramona) and takes the form of another katana for Scott Pilgrim to use. Like the Power of Love, it breaks during the fight with Gideon.