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Ramona's Apartment is a location where Ramona Flowers lives. It was first introduced in Scott Pilgrim's Precious Little Life, after Ramona and Scott Pilgrim's date is halted by a suddern snowstorm. Whilst in the apartment, Ramona goes to change out of her wet clothes and Scott stumbles in on her half-dressed whilst searching for blanket, the two then embrace a kiss and the two go into Ramona's bed, however Ramona changes her mind about having sex with Scott and the two just sleep.

In Scott Pilgrim Gets it Together, Scott and Wallace's Apartment's lease runs out, and Scott, considering his options, asks Ramona if he can move in with her, and she reluctantly agrees. Near the end of the volume, fourth Evil Ex, Roxie Richter, clashes with Mr. Chau, destroying part of the balcony in the process, after this, Scott mans up and tell Ramona how he feels, causing him to level up, and earn the Power of Love, Scott then has one final showdown with Roxie on Ramona's back garden, of which he is the winner.

Near the end of Scott Pilgrim vs. the Universe, Ramona mysteriously disappears, and whilst trying to find her, Scott locks himself out of his and Ramona's apartment leaving him homeless, after this, the apartment is never seen again.


Ramona's apartment is set in a one story house, the apartment contains a spacious kitchen adjacent to a large back garden, the upper level of the apartment contains a bedroom with a bathroom and a spare room connected to a balcony terrace. Although it is never seen, it can assumed that the apartment has a living room.