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Quote1 I guess that's my problem - I'm always trying to beat the clock, outrun the universe... Like nothing can change me, as long as I change first. I feel like I'm in this river, just getting swept along... and if I hold to anyone, if I'm holding on for dear life, I'm not getting anywhere. I'm stuck. ...I never wanted to get stuck. Quote2
Ramona Flowers

Scott Pilgrim's Finest Hour

Ramona Victoria "Rammy" Flowers (b. January 1st, 1980)[1] is an American expatriate who lived in New York and now works as a "Ninja delivery girl" for in Canada. She is 24 years old[2] and Scott's main love interest and is one of the seven main characters of the Scott Pilgrim franchise.

She reveals very little about herself and is very guarded about her past in New York before she moved to Toronto. She is capable of traveling through Subspace and has seven evil exes who challenge Scott for her affection. She is also a tea enthusiast, as discovered when Scott is bombarded with a list of teas in one of Ramona's cupboards of her home[3].

When fighting, she typically uses an over sized mallet as her weapon[4], which she can retrieve from her purse through the use of subspace. She changes her hairstyle frequently and becomes anxious when Gideon is mentioned or brought up. Due to her power over Subspace travel thanks to the Glow, her head begins to glow when she is upset or jealous, though she herself is unaware of this until Kim Pine brings attention to it in Volume 5. Ramona now owns Scott's old sword, the "Power of Love".

Ramona is played by Mary Elizabeth Winstead in the film adaptation and in Scott Pilgrim Takes Off. Shortly before filming began, Winstead received a list of ten secret facts about Ramona's past.[1] When asked what those facts are, she responded, "I honestly don't know if they are things that Bryan would want out there, so I'll keep them quiet. But things about her family she's kind of a tragic figure in a way. She's been through a lot, and that's why she's so guarded and mysterious." Winstead has since revealed at least one of the secrets, one that she considered very insightful for her character: Ramona’s younger brother died when she was younger, and she wears one of his shoelaces around her neck in memory of him. However, Bryan Lee O'Malley has since denied this being canon, saying "I did not write ten things. I just sent a bunch of notes to Edgar Wright and Michael Bacall. Bacall created the ten things based on the notes. Lots of the things were jokes. It was just for fun... that particular "secret" isn't "canon" because I never used it in the book." Winstead later reprised the role in the Netflix anime adaptation, with Ramona given a much bigger role as the main protagonist.


Early life[]

Ramona was born on January 1st, 1980. She spent her childhood growing up in the mountains. At age four, she took figure-skating lessons[5].

Junior high[]

Little is known about Ramona's life before seventh grade, where she met Matthew Patel. She and Patel dated for only a week and a half, during which Ramona pretty much used Matthew and his mystical powers to ward off flocks of jocks interested in her. She dated Matthew, according to her own story, because he was the only non-white and non-jock kid at her school. The two only kissed once, and it ended shortly after due to Matthew's pre-adolescent capriciousness. Afterward, Patel moved far away.

High school[]

It is unknown what she was doing in eighth grade, but in her freshman year she was stalked by Lucas Lee, who had a crush on her and continually asked her out. Flowers eventually relented and the two dated for a long period of time. According to her, all they did was sit on a curb and smoke. At some point in the relationship, Flowers cheated on and left him for the "first cocky pretty boy" that came by, Todd Ingram.

Ramona dated Todd for the remainder of high school, saying that they were the "bad kids" together. He vanished for two weeks while they dated, during which he went vegan and gained his telekinetic powers (having apparently been studied by scientists). Todd returned and took Ramona out of class to prove his love for her by blasting one of the two craters in the moon, causing what Ramona described as "about thirty pages of explosions and tidal waves". She placed her hand over her mouth in utter shock.

University of Carolina in the Sky[]

Todd ended up going to a vegan college, though Ramona went to the The University of Carolina in the Sky, so the two decided to let each other go.

During her time in college, Ramona's roommate was Roxie Richter, who is a lesbian. Ramona was bi-curious and Richter was presumably already attracted to her, so the two began dating. During the fight between Scott and Roxie, it is implied that they had sex, which embarrasses Ramona. After post-secondary, they broke up and had not seen or heard much from one another. Ramona would later claim the relationship was "just a phase".


At some point after breaking up with Roxie, Ramona dated the Katayanagi Twins, Kyle and Ken, but without each knowing about the other (basically cheating on both of them). When the truth was revealed, they dumped her, but the three of them developed no sense of hostility between each other.

Eventually, Ramona went to a party and met Gideon Graves there and quickly developed tender feelings for him. Despite Ramona's feelings for him, Gideon saw his relationship with Ramona purely as an experiment, during which he inflicted Ramona with The Glow. Fed up with him constantly pushing her away, Ramona decided to leave Gideon, leaving nothing except a letter. Unfortunately for Ramona, Gideon walked in on her just as she finished the letter. Filled with intense emotions, Ramona became overwhelmed by The Glow and vanished into Subspace, taking the letter with her.

1 49

Scott and Ramona's first meeting.

Toronto, Canada[]

Arrival in Toronto & Meeting Scott Pilgrim[]

Traveling through Subspace, Ramona arrived in Toronto, Canada, where she found a job as a "Ninja delivery girl" for She also got a cat, which she named Gideon as a way of working out her affairs. Sometime later, Ramona was travelling through a desert in Subspace, where she heard Scott Pilgrim moaning about how alone he feels. As she passes by, she tells that he is not alone and is just having a dream. As she leaves, Scott asks if they could make out, but she gave no reply. One day, Ramona was tasked with delivering a package to the public library, where Scott spotted her, before she left. Ramona later invaded another dream where Scott was playing in a band with Stephen on vocals and guitar, Knives on the saxophone and Envy on the keyboard. Scott noticed Ramona in the crowd and immediately realized he was dreaming, to which she responded "Good call".

Shortly after, Ramona attended a party at Julie Powers' house. She was standing up against the wall with a drink in her hand, minding her own business, when Scott, who had been notified of her presence by Comeau, walked up to her. Scott immediately noticed her "haunting shoes" and complimented them. She accepted his compliment and told him they were from England. Scott asked her if he was dreaming; she immediately turned her head to him before they looked away in embarrassment. Scott then left, but secretly stalked her until she left the party. Later the next day, Scott placed an order on Amazon for some CDs. The company sent the package to Ramona, who was tasked to delivering them to Scott and Wallace's shared apartment. Ramona traveled through another lame dream (in a school hallway), and arrived at the apartment. Scott opened the door just as she rang the doorbell.


Ramona arrives at Scott's front door with his CDs.

Scott immediately asked her out, but she turned him down, telling him he just has to sign for his package. Scott, desperate to keep the conversation going, told her he just saw her in his dreams, so she explained that the Subspace highway she uses goes through his head. Scott's confusion leads Ramona to see that Subspace isn't a subject taught at Canadian schools, nor do they know about them, explaining why Canada's highways are empty. Hearing this, Scott sees that she must be American, which she confirms, asking if she was giving off a rude vibe. Scott realizes that she does not remember him, so he tells her they met at Julie's party. Ramona suddenly remembers him, recalling his compliment about her shoes. She reminds him he still has a package to sign for, but Scott refuses to sign for it because she will leave if he does. Scott attempts to ask her out since she's new in Toronto. After Scott says he is obsessed her with her, Ramona makes a note to find a new delivery route. Scott tells her that either she can do that or she can hang out with him. Ramona agrees and they set a date. Scott signs for the package.

At 8:00 PM, the two meet at Hillcrest Park. Ramona notices an X-shaped patch on Scott's parka and inquires about it: Scott tells her that the patch means that "obviously one of us went to Professor Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters, and one of us didn't". Ramona saw this was an X-Men reference, calling Scott a nerd and asking if he sewed it himself, which he refused to answer. Scott asked her what made her move to Toronto, so she told him that she got her job at Amazon and she went to work for their Toronto branch, because Gideon kept saying how it was one of the great cities. Scott asked who "Gideon" was, so she told him he was just "a friend". She asked Scott about his last job, to which he said he was unemployed and between jobs. Playing on the swingset, Ramona apologized for getting Scott obsessed with her. Scott called his obsession weird, noting it had been a long time since he was obsessed. Whilst swinging on a swing, Ramona correctly guessed that Scott sleeps with a guy, prompting Scott to point out their poor living situation and lack of money for two beds or a bigger place. He also pointed out that they weren't gay, but then quickly remembered that Wallace was "pretty gay". Ramona, laughing, believed this.

Soon it started snowing. Scott confessed that he felt so stupid, which got Ramona to encourage that he probably wasn't. When he replied by saying he was "mostly stupid", she mused to herself that he was stupid if he wanted to go out with her. Scott asked if the weather was like this where she came from, to which she said it was. Ramona asked Scott where he was from. He told her he came from up north and was used to this weather. She replied that she was too, owing to growing up in the mountains. Scott asked Ramona if she was good on ice-skates, and she told him she took figure skating lessons when she was four years old. The snow got heavier and turned into a blizzard, so Ramona took him back to her house using a Subspace door.


Scott and Ramona share their first kiss.

As they took off their jackets and shook off the snow, Scott declared the date to be an "unmitigated disaster", but Ramona told him that "act of God" was better excuse for a lousy date. Upon saying "date", she told Scott that the word just slipped off her tongue. She climbed up the stairs, smiling to Scott, telling him that their date wasn't over yet. When they went into the kitchen, Ramona asked Scott what tea he wanted, before scrolling through her long list of teas. The two eventually settled on "Sleepytime tea". After pouring the tea, Ramona saw how cold he was and went to get him a blanket. After she didn't come back, Scott went to find her and found her room, accidentally stumbling upon her in the midst of changing. Ramona told him off, but Scott told her he was just cold. Ramona hugged him, telling him that she was also feeling very cold. As they looked deeply into each others eyes, they shared their first official kiss as a couple. Scott learned that Ramona was just going to bring the blanket from her bed and offered that they both get under it because they were both so cold. As Scott took off his shirt, Ramona stripped right down to her bra and underwear and they immediately jumped into each others arms. Just as they began to have sex, Ramona changed her mind, saying she didn't want to have sex right away. Scott respected her decision, but Ramona let him stay the night because of the snowstorm outside.

Club Rockit & the League of Evil Exes[]

The next morning, Ramona is in the bathroom brushing her teeth. After telling Scott that the time is "not quite 8:00 AM", she gets dressed before ordering Scott out of bed so she can set blankets right. Scott reveals that he actually ordered his CDs so that he would see Ramona again, a move which he calls weird. Ramona tells him it's not weird, the reason being that she is so good at her job that Amazon decided that having one girl in the downtown Toronto area is enough. As they leave the front gate, Scott asks that this not be a one-night stand, as for one thing, they didn't have sex. When Ramona asks what he has in mind, he remembers that his band, Sex Bob-omb, is playing a show at 9:00 PM the next day at Club Rockit. She agrees to attend the event.


Scott asks Ramona out on another date.

The next day, Ramona arrives at the Rockit, just as Scott introduces everyone to Knives Chau. Later in the bathroom, as Crash and the Boys are playing, Ramona meets Stacey Pilgrim, who tells her that she is Scott's younger sister. When she asks on her relationship with Scott, she tells her he is a friend. The two return to the main room, only to find that the audience has been knocked out after Crash and the Boys played "Last Song Kills Audience". To her horror, Stacey sees her boyfriend, Jimmy, cheating on her with Wallace. She and Ramona go upstairs where Stacey yells at Wallace, before introducing him to Ramona.

Just as Sex Bob-omb begins playing, Matthew Patel, having arrived to fight Scott, bursts through the ceiling. After a short bout, Matthew tells Scott that he is Ramona's first evil ex-boyfriend; this shocks Stacey and Wallace, who stare at Ramona. Ramona just smiles innocently back at them. As they are fighting, Ramona reveals her history with Patel. After Patel is defeated, he leaves behind $2.10 in cash. Ramona apologizes for their fight and agrees to lend Scott the extra fifteen cents for the subway back home.

On the subway back home, the two make out. Ramona takes their fight to mean that if he wants to keep dating her, Scott must defeat her remaining six exes. Scott decides he will do this. When he asks if "Gideon" is one of them, Ramona's head begins glowing. When he asks if she is feeling okay, she replies yes before telling him that she wants them to keep dating.

Dating Scott[]


Scott tries to impress Ramona on their third date.

Ramona later invaded another dream where Scott was playing videogames. She called it pathetic, but he said that the game he was playing was awesome. She then kissed him on the cheek and told him to wake up and get out of bed.

Weeks later, Ramona was invited to Scott and Wallace's apartment for dinner. When she arrived, Wallace greeted her, before Scott invited her in. Ramona sat down to take her boots off, and Scott noticed her new haircut. Ramona asked for their opinions; Wallace called it "lovely" and "thoroughly hip", which Scott repeated back, to her annoyance. Scott kicked Wallace out for the night. Ramona got a very quick tour of the apartment: Scott showed her everything in the living room including the bed and rug. Ramona quickly saw there was only one room besides the bathroom. Scott had already prepared dinner, which was a baked pasta dish with asparagus, that tasted a little lemony and had a little too much cheese. There was also a loaf of garlic bread. The two sat on the rug and ate together: Ramona praised Scott's cooking and the garlic bread. When he boasted about his love for garlic bread and how he could eat it over and over again, she told him he would get fat. He denied this, asking why, which famously prompts her to respond with "Bread makes you fat. Butter makes you fat.", much to his shock. They spent the rest of the night making out; when she said his hair was getting long, Scott panicked, claiming that making his hair shorter would make him look more cute.


Ramona at the Second Cup.

The next day, Ramona went to the Second Cup, where she bumped into Stacey. The day after, she and Scott took a bus ride, where she listened to him sing "Ramona". Earlier the previous day, Scott rented some movies starring Ramona's second Evil Ex, Lucas Lee. That night, Scott invited her over to watch one, with her telling him that they can turn it off it's really bad. The movie ended up being really bad. Ramona was sad that Scott did not have a couch, claiming they were easy to get and could even be found on the streets. Ramona's head started glowing. Scott complimented Lucas' hotness, but Ramona told him that the Lucas she dated was a whiny little greasy-headed skater. Ramona's head stopped glowing and she humorously told him to keep convincing that he wasn't gay as he was doing a great job. Scott told Ramona that she was cool and he liked her. Ramona lovingly leaned over from the chair and put her arms around Scott, telling him that he was lame but she liked him anyways. She then told him to put the movie off.


Ramona is introduced to Scott's friends.

The next morning, Scott's parents phoned him from Italy, Rome. They asked Scott how he was doing and if he had a new girlfriend. He told them he did and that his new girlfriend was cute; Ramona, who was in bed next to him, smiled at this. She then got out of bed and changed out of the shirt that she was wearing. Soon after, Scott and Ramona were in the bathroom flossing their teeth and cleaning their ears. Scott told her about his phone call and how his parents were having fun in Rome. When Ramona questioned whether or not he actually knew anything about Rome, he gave some ideas about the city of Rome. Later that morning, Scott took her to Stephen's place, where they would make a vegan shepherd's pie. Once there, she met Young Neil, Stephen Stills and Kim Pine, and she and Kim immediately hit it off right away.

At Ramona's apartment, Scott was introduced to Gideon the cat. Scott told her that Wallace said they couldn't have a cat at their place, which Ramona said was good, considering the state of their apartment. When he asked what was wrong with it, she made a list:


Things that are not cool about Scott's apartment

Things that are not cool about Scott's apartment:[]

  • only one room
  • only one bed and it's shared with a gay man
  • no light
    • no NATURAL light
  • tiny bathroom
  • tiny kitchen
  • all items in the apartment belong to the gay man

When he asked her what that last statement meant, she said it meant the apartment was a "sucky little hole in the ground". When she learns that Scott will be fighting Lucas Lee tomorrow, she fills him in on the details of their relationship. When he successfully asked her out, she revealed that they did not do much on their dates aside from sitting on curbs and smoking. Scott was shocked to hear that Ramona had a smoking addiction, and she told him that she "quit" in college, shocking Scott even more that she smoked for years after that. Ramona threatens him that if he keeps talking about her smoking addiction, she will hit him so hard. Finally she told him that they broke up after a month, despite not stringing him along or cheating on him behind his back. Ramona arrived at the Casa Loma the next day just after Scott defeated Lucas, earning fourteen dollars in cash. He also got a mithril skateboard as a prize, but he turned it down because he did not pick skateboard proficiency in grade five.


Ramona and Stacey at the Toronto Reference Library.

Later that day, sent Ramona to the Toronto Reference Library to deliver a package. Stacey came along with, probably because Ramona had never been there before. The package was handed in at the information desk and Ramona decided to stay a while to look around the library. Just then, Knives Chau, dressed in ninja-wear, sporting a red highlight in her hair and brandishing two sais, jumped down from the top of the elevator. Ramona destroyed a piece of corporate art and used it defend herself against Knives. Ramona asked if she was sent by Gideon, but Knives lunged at her. Ramona blocked her attack. Knives, after getting a good look at her, recognized her after seeing her delivering her package at the public library. Knives and Ramona continued fighting until Knives escaped, leaving behind a note for Ramona: "You're ugly and I hate you."

Knives vs ramona

Knives attacks Ramona at the library.

The next night, Sex Bob-omb has to go to Lee's Palace to talk with fellow band, The Clash at Demonhead (the band headed by Scott's ex, Envy Adams), to talk about opening for them on Sunday that week. Scott brings Ramona along. Whilst on the walk to Lee's Palace, Ramona tells him it is officially the first t-shirt day of the year, yet neither one of them is wearing a t-shirt. Ramona gets Scott to open up about his past relationship with Envy Adams. He explained that Envy's nickname is a mix of the first letters of her first name, Natalie, and her middle name, which starts with the letter "V". Ramona jokingly suggested that since her middle name starts a "V" as well, her nickname could be "Trailer Girl", before telling Scott that he middle name is "Victoria". Ramona then asked how the two of them broke up. Scott told her that Envy missed her best friend, Todd, and moved back to Montreal to see him. A few weeks later, Scott heard that they were back together. Ramona replied that she once dated a guy named Todd, and then asked Scott what he did after the break-up. Scott doesn't whether or not he graduated and his first real memory was getting a job at the Guilded Palace of Flying Burritos, but he got fired after a week due to criminal charges being pressed against some staff workers. Ramona refuses to believe this story.


Ramona introduces Scott to her third Evil ex boyfriend, Vegan rockstar, Todd Ingram

At Lee's Palace, they meet up with Stephen, Kim and Sandra & Monique. Knives adapts to her breakup with Scott by dating Young Neil. When Ramona asked about their relationship, Scott replies that they were dating very briefly. When Sandra and Monique asked if they were "an item", they were left stumped. The Clash at Demonhead started performing. Scott asked Ramona that they leave, but she told him to be quiet. As the band started playing, Ramona recognized the bassist as Todd Ingram, the same Todd she dated and her third evil ex-boyfriend.

One Bad Weekend[]

After the show, both parties were invited backstage to talk. After Knives has her highlights punched out of her hair, the tension between the two groups begins to build, mainly the tension between Scott & Ramona and Envy & Todd. After Envy makes fun of Ramona's time in New York, Scott hits his breaking point and attempts to attack Todd. Todd uses his vegan powers to eject Scott from the building. Envy reveals that she knows all about Scott's battle against the League of Evil Exes. Scott attempts to land another blow, but Todd counteracts, sending him flying into the sky and crashing back down. Ramona suggested he comes up with a strategy. Just before they can continue fighting, Envy suggests they all go home, sleep late and go to Honest Ed's tomorrow afternoon to continue fighting.


Scott and Ramona chat backstage with Todd and Envy.


Wallace and Ramona bonding.

It started raining. Kim and Stephen departed, leaving Scott and Ramona in the rain. They went to Pizza Pizza's where they found Wallace and Other Scott. Scott told them that they had gone to Lee's Palace; when Other Scott asked who was playing, Scott tried to lie, but Ramona told them the truth and what happened after. Wallace got angry, threatening to kick Envy's ass if she hurts Scott again. Ramona listened as Scott told Wallace about how Envy was dating Todd Ingram, and promised that he can train tomorrow. Wallace then informed them both that he picked up a guy named Mobile. Scott was forced to stay at Ramona's for the night. Ramona didn't want to at first, but Wallace insisted. Ramona tells him she is feeling cranky and tired, confused over how Scott could date someone like Envy Adams. She and Wallace agreed to be friends based on their shared hatred, before she and Scott left. Scott asked if she was mad at him, but she was unable to draw an answer, before they took Subspace back to her place.


Ramona watches Sex Bob-Omb at band practice.

The next morning, the pair woke up at 7:31am, before Scott left to go home. Later that day, at 1:00pm, everyone gathers outside Honest Ed's Envy challenged Scott and Todd to race through the store and kill each other, and requesting Todd to level the field by not using his psychic powers. Ramona listened in as Wallace gave Scott advice, before Envy started the challenge. As Todd began losing control of his powers, Ramona asked Envy how long they had been in there for. Envy announced they were almost two minutes in. Eventually, Todd's powers unraveled and he destroyed the store, thus the challenge was a tie. Later that evening, Ramona went to watch Sex Bob-omb at band practice. Stephen stopped in the middle of a song, to hear Ramona's opinion, but she didn't have one, causing him to freak out. Ramona asked Neil why Knives wasn't with them, with Neil telling her she was still upset over Friday night.


Scott and Ramona go for sushi.

Later that evening, after band practice, Scott took Ramona out for some sushi. Whilst on the walk there, they bet a dollar that it would stop raining before they arrived, which it did, resulting in Ramona owing Scott a single dollar. Scott tells that they rarely eat at the sushi place because Wallace orders too much and they can almost never afford to pay for it all. When she asks if she'll be paying, he reveals that Wallace lets him borrow his credit card. At the subway station soon after, Ramona convinces Scott not to go to Envy's next challenge, offering him to spend the night with her. He agreed.

At Ramona's place, they tried to make out, but neither one could stop thinking about Envy. Ramona flicked on the lights and explained her history with Todd, how she dumped Lucas for him, how he disappeared for two weeks and returned with vegan powers and how he used these newfound powers to punch a hole in the moon for her. Ramona also revealed some of her history, mainly attending the University of Carolina in the Sky. Scott attempted to tell her more about him and Envy and where Envy's weak spot was, but she turned this down. She instead asked for details on his history with Kim. After some persuasion, Scott tells her all about the Simon Lee incident. Ramona then goes to sleep.


Ramona sports a new haircut whilst giving her boyfriend a haircut.

The next day, Sunday, at 2PM, Ramona sports a new haircut. Ramona tells Scott and Wallace that she changes her hair every three weeks. When Scott asks if blue is her natural color, Ramona tells him it isn't but suggests that maybe it could be. Scott freaks out about his own hair, with Ramona telling him there are several hairdressers ten minutes away from their crummy apartment. She decides to cut it for him instead and he uses the time to tell her that Envy's real name is "Natalie".

Later that night, at Lee's Palace, Ramona was chatting with Sandra and Monique, who were telling her about a tour that Envy and her band had been on once. Scott came to fetch her, which she thanked him for, before they headed off for some drinks. Scott ordered them two gin and tonics, which surprised Ramona as she had been told that he didn't drink. Scott tells her that this was a special occasion. Ramona sipped hers quietly and watched as Scott gulped his down quickly. The two then met up with Kim, Hollie, and Joseph. Scott left to check on Stephen, who was throwing up in the bathroom, leaving the four of them to talk amongst themselves. Ramona remembered that Kim had told them all that she had a date on Saturday. She asked Kim if she actually did, but she said no, spending the night scrapbooking and bathing.


Ramona bonds with Kim.

As Crash and the Boys play on stage, Kim reveals to Ramona the rest of her relationship with Scott and how she had been obsessed with Simon Lee. Kim admits that in retrospect, both of them were dicks. Ramona officially labels Canadians to be boring people. She told Ramona that she moved back to Toronto last year, but admitted that Scott felt a little different, most likely still devastated from his breakup with Envy. Soon, something grabs everyone's attention: when Ramona asks what they are looking at she sees Todd Ingram making out with Lynette Guycott. Kim and Ramona comment on this, with Kim calling it "grossss" and Ramona stating that one would think Todd's kissing would have improved as he got older. Stephen, feeling better, comes back, commenting how Crash and the Boys are actually playing music without the use of instruments. He tells Kim that they need to get ready, so Ramona asks where Scott is.

Ramona goes back to order another gin and tonic. She bumps into Envy, who apologizes for being such a bitch all weekend. She comments how they both have the same taste in men and that they both like to live dangerously, although Ramona states that Scott is kind of the opposite to that. Envy reveals that she played a show in New York last week at the Chaos Theatre, noting that Ramona is familiar with it. Envy begins making fun of Ramona, explaining how people in Toronto would believe her history as "Gideon's girl", and that she isn't just another floozy when it comes to choosing between a little attention or eternal love. Ramona nears her limit stating that, with Envy acting the way she is, she is ready to kick her ass right back into Montreal. After hearing Ramona use her real name, Envy gets defensive, but Ramona pulls her Large Hammer out of her Subspace Suitcase. She swings it at Envy, who blocks her attack, thus initiating a fight.


Ramona Flowers vs. Envy Adams.

The crowd starts rooting for Envy, confusing Ramona, as Envy is a huge bitch. Envy replies that they are rooting for her because she is famous, pointing out that Ramona is fighting her with a giant hammer. On Wallace's instruction, Ramona hits Envy hard enough to send her flying. After getting herself together, Envy attempts to kick Ramona, but she dodges her kick and hits her from behind, whilst Wallace heckles from the sidelines. Wallace leaves for the bathroom, distracting Ramona long enough for Envy to kick her into ceiling, falling back down and hitting the floor. Envy grabs the Large Hammer and almost kills Ramona, but Knives intervenes and knocks it out of her hands. When Ramona asks why she saved her, she replies that she only wants for Scott to be happy.

Sex Bob-omb arrives on stage. Envy prepares to kill both Knives and Ramona, but Scott dashes over and pokes Envy's weakness -the back of her knees- causing her to collapse in pleasure. Ramona thanks Scott and asks how Envy's weak point works He prepares to explain it had something to do with how they made out, but Ramona, disgusted, stops him before he can say anything else. Envy orders Todd to kill them. Scott and Ramona asks where Todd has been the whole time, and Ramona yells at Envy that Todd is cheating on her with Lynette Guycott, calling him a creep and her a bitch, telling them that they all deserve each other. Envy attempts to disprove this by telling her entire history with Todd, how they had been best friend since they were eleven, how he moved away, how he came back with vegan powers and punched a hole in the moon for her, and how he departed for Vegan Academy and promised Envy that he would never cheat on her. Upon hearing this, Ramona reveals that Todd punched a hole in the moon for her first, thus proving that Todd cheated on Envy with Ramona.


Ramona reveals the truth to Envy.

Todd comes back with Lynette in tow. After noticing a pair of panties on his head, Envy angrily demands to know who they belong to. Lynette, in embarrassment, takes them off his head. Envy attempts to kill Lynette as revenge for this, but as she swung Ramona Flowers' Large Hammer at her, Lynette teleported away, but Envy managed to break off her bionic arm. Kim asked Ramona if she wanted to keep the arm. Ramona promised to mount it on her bedroom wall, as long as she pasted Lynette's underwear in her scrapbook. Kim then revealed that she was lying about the scrapbook and had instead spent the whole weekend working on her "gothic lolita" dress. Ramona was relieved that they could keep being friends after all. Envy tries to fight Todd, and Ramona is just as shocked as the rest of the crowd when Todd throws Envy across the stage and flips off the shocked crowd, telling them that he is not scared of hitting a girl, before declaring himself to be a rock star. As Scott fights Todd, Ramona checks up on Envy, who refuses her help and confesses her hatred for Ramona. Ramona then proceeds to watch as the Vegan Police show up and strip Todd of his powers, allowing Scott to defeat him and receive an Extra Life. Scott asked if everyone was okay, and Ramona responded by saying that she was fine. After this, Ramona watches as Sex Bob-omb performs.


Ramona departs for lunch with Scott and Wallace.

Later the next day, Ramona and Wallace watch as Scott bids Envy goodbye. Wallace calls this to be a "good riddance to bad rubbish", but she kindly asks him to let Scott have his "slightly tragic moment". She then puts her arm around Scott as they head off for some lunch together. Scott tells her she has three or four more exes left and then they will officially be girlfriend and boyfriend. Ramona confirms this, but back-treads, stating that she might have five exes left. Scott declares that it will be a piece of cake before they head off for the summer.



Scott and Ramona at the beach together.

It is the week before Julie's birthday party. Scott and Ramona spent the day with their friends at the beach. They tried to make out, but Julie hit Scott with a volleyball. She asked if he was okay and then asked Neil why he wasn't hanging out with Knives. Later, dinner approached; Ramona had a chicken shawarma and Scott had a burger. She commented that he is the nicest boy she has dated thus far, something he called sad. He then asked where her evil exes had been, reminding her that she said there were three left. After listening to Sex Bob-omb play at the beach around a campfire, Ramona and the rest of them all got drunk, save for Scott.


Ramona having lunch with Scott and talking about her hair.

August rolled around. Ramona and Scott had lunch at her place. Scott used this opportunity to get to learn more about her. Ramona asked him why he liked her, pointing out that she liked him because of his pleasantness and simple-minded nature. Scott, however, couldn't come up with anything aside from being "hot" and "alluring". Ramona was upset that they had been dating for four months and he still knew little about her. She asked him her age and when he gave up, she refused to answer. Later, she was invited to Sneaky Dee's, where she met Lisa Miller. Kim told her that Lisa was friends with them in high school and was also the town slut. Lisa told them that she just played one on TV. Whilst walking back, Scott asked if she had ever kissed a girl, which she said yes.

Later, Ramona invaded Scott's lamest dream yet. Scott was embarrassed, so Ramona told him to find a job so he would not fall asleep while she was working.

Ramona later went with Scott to Stephen's place, where they can't practice anymore because Kim moved in with Hollie and Joseph and took her drums with her. After watching them record their album at Kim's new place, they headed off to Sneaky Dee's again. Ramona joined Lisa for a smoke; Scott freaked out about this, reminding Ramona that she had quit, but she tells him she still smokes on special occasions or when she is drinking. Later, Scott asks her if they can leave.


Ramona asks Scott about Lisa.

As they walk back, Ramona asks about his relationship with Lisa, as she has started to like her. Scott explains that Lisa was one of "the guys" and how all of his friends were girls. She pokes fun at this telling him that being raised by teenaged girls explains why he is such a sensitive boy. They head back to Scott and Wallace's apartment. Scott had told Ramona that they could cuddle, but when they got there, they found Wallace, who had pre-drank too much and had fallen asleep before he could go dancing with his friends. He suggests they cuddle but pretend that he is not there; Ramona politely declines and bids Scott goodnight.

Scott later called Ramona, telling her about a mysterious lady that attacked him. One day while working at The Happy Avocado, he spotted Ramona and the same lady having lunch together. The lady calls her an expert on cheating, prompting her to say tell her that it had been a while since they last saw each other and she had not changed in that time. Scott interrupted them. The lady introduces herself as Roxie Richter. After Scott called, Ramona found out who he was talking about, telling him that he had done a lousy job describing her. When Scott asked if she was dating one of her evil ex-boyfriends, Roxie realized Scott didn't "know". Scott was confused, but after Ramona said that it was "obvious", Scott realized Roxie was the next Evil ex.

Scott Pilgrim Gets It Together -4 - Page 111

Ramona Flowers vs. Roxie Richter.

Scott immediately backed out of the fight, so Ramona fought in his stead, whilst he hid in her Subspace suitcase. Roxie and Ramona clashed for a while, until Roxie left. Ramona revealed that Roxie is an accomplished fine artist nowadays and has a gallery opening up soon. Scott was shocked that Ramona planned to attend, as Roxie was trying to kill him, but nonetheless encouraged her to go if she wanted to, but she tells him tat she wants to hang out with him. Scott told her that the lease on his apartment was up soon, so she decided, reluctantly, to let him move in with her for a while. Later, they went to Sneaky Dee's: whilst everyone else was talking, Ramona stared at Lisa in concern.


Ramona asks if Scott still has feelings for Lisa.

Whilst going back, she asked Scott if anything ever happened between him and Lisa. Scott kept telling the truth, nothing did, even when Ramona asked "no matter how bad you wanted it to?" Scott called this an unfair accusation, and that it was all in the past. But Ramona, head glowing, walks away.

The next day, Mr. Chau attacked Scott. Scott escaped through Subspace but accidentally entered Ramona's head, where he saw an enslaved Ramona, smiling happily, sitting at the foot of a dark figure atop a scaly throne. Slave Ramona came to her senses and yelled at Scott to stop looking at her and get out. Before he could move, she tackled him out of Subspace. An enraged Ramona quickly confronted him, but he explained the situation and apologized. In response, she apologized for how she was acting the previous night. Scott informed her that he stayed over at Lisa's that night as she was angry and Wallace had a guy over at the apartment. Ramona asked if he was in love with Lisa, which he quickly denied. Roxie then appears, complaining about trying to sleep. Scott's head started glowing, so Ramona told him to walk it off, promising to explain later, as Scott walked away.

Unfortunately Mr. Chau had followed Scott through Subspace, and attacked Ramona outside her front door. Scott arrived and diverted Chau's attention, pitting him against Roxie Richter. When she realizes he was not sent by Gideon, she calls Scott a "lazy ass" for refusing to fight his own battles. After the two fall off the balcony, Scott decides she is right: Ramona watched as Scott grabbed her by her shoulders. He told her that does not care about why she acts the way she does, before powerfully professing his love for her. Scott earns the Power of Love, a sword, which he uses to defeat Roxie: before she goes, she tells him he will never defeat the Twins.


Ramona watches as Scott reveals his true feelings for her.


Ramona tells Scott that she feels the same way about him.

After earning Mr. Chau's respect, Ramona also confessed her love for Scott, before planting a massive kiss on his lips, which he returned. Kim and Stephen helped Scott move in with Ramona, whilst also humorously telling them to get a room. Ramona goes to see Sex Bob-omb record their album and falls asleep with Kim. Ramona attended Lisa's farewell party at Korean Delite. Ramona asked Lisa if her papers to the US came through, which Lisa confirms. When Wallace asks if they will ever see her again, Lisa is left unsure, so Ramona tells her they might see her next on the big screen next, making Lisa happy. Ramona also forces Scott to have some beer, and he gets drunk after two sips.


Scott and Ramona look over the city skyline.

Later that night, Scott asks Ramona how old she really is. She tells him she is 24 and her birthday is on January 1st. Scott tells her that his birthday is on September 27th; Ramona excitedly tells him that they will be the same age. Scott asked if she wished this moment would last forever: she pointed out that he grabbed her breast, asking him if he is talking about this particular moment. Scott tells her it was an accident, before shamefully letting go of her breast. She tells him that she can live with this moment as they gaze out at the Toronto skyline, happily awaiting the future.

Darkness before the Dawn[]


Ramona attends Scott's 24th birthday.

It is September 27th, Scott's birthday. As his cake is brought in, Ramona wishes him a happy birthday. Scott announces that he will be the best 24-year old ever, before blowing out the candles and eating the cake.


Another Julie party.

Ramona, Scott and Kim attend another Julie party. It is a Mexican Day of the Dead party, but having attended too many Julie parties, they are already getting sick of them, though they commend her for at least trying. Ramona spies Evil Exes 5 and 6: the Twins, Kyle and Ken Katayanagi. Scott introduces himself, but instead of fighting him, they send Robot-01 to fight in their stead. Ramona and Kim go out to the balcony.

Kim tells she's dated some real jerks. Ramona lights a cigarette and offers one to Kim, which she refuses. When Julie informs them that the hired band will play once Robot-01 and Scott finish their fight, Ramona asked what happened to Sex Bob-omb, so Kim tells her they are still recording their album. Ramona tells Kim to fill her in. Once she does, Ramona suggests she take up kickboxing or caber toss. Kim instead suggests going out on a murderous rampage. Wallace texts Ramona, who explains that she is his secretary for his little mash-notes to Scott. After Scott defeats Robot-01, Ramona watches as he gorges himself on free snacks. She asks if they can go now.


Ramona bonding with Kim.


Ramona living with Scott

It is now November. Ramona gets ready to go to work and tells Scott that she has to go return her library books, work out at the gym, visit Canadian Tire to pick up some batteries and finally go to the kitchen store to get "a thing for under the thing". Before she leaves, she asks him to empty the dishwasher while she's gone. Soon after, she comes home, correctly guessing that Scott spent the whole day playing videogames on her cellphone. Scott goes to empty the dishwasher.

Ramona has a bubble bath and asks Scott to put her cellphone on the charger. While they are cooking dinner, Ramona asks Scott if she should cut her hair. Scott is unsure, telling her she's got great hair. She asks him she should grow it "Envy Adams" long. Scott tells her she'd still be very pretty. She asked Scott if he ever thought about her, asking him how he got over it so fast. Scott tells her that it took two years for him to get over her, but he doesn't have to think about her anymore, because he has her now. Whilst eating dinner with Scott, she catches her reflection in the mirror.

Ramona goes to a fashion district with Scott on Queen Street. Ramona tries on several new clothes, whilst Scott tells her a story that the X-Men went on. Next, they go to the supermarket. Scott tells her about Sex Bob-omb's upcoming show at Lee's Palace and asks her which song they should open with: "Herself the Elf" or "Erasmus the Enchanter". Ramona confesses that she does not like Sex Bob-omb, but she softens the blow by saying that they're not her kind of thing. The next day, Ramona's schedule includes going to the gym, depositing her paycheck at the bank, working from 9 to 3 and she might grab some stuff at Kensington. Since Scott is working today, she won't see him until late.


After another bout, Ramona is told the truth by Knives Chau.

At Sex Bob-omb's show, Ramona goes to the bathroom, where she is confronted by Knives Chau. She tells her that they need to talk, but she still needs to make up her mind about what to say. Ramona tells her to take her time. Knives attacks Ramona. As they brawl, Ramona sees that Knives is still obsessed with Scott. Knives accuses her stealing Scott with her "advanced American slut technology" and she is not a nice person. Ramona tells her to get over him, because Scott already has. When Knives asks who would help him get over Ramona, she slams her into the bathroom wall. Knives tells Ramona that Scott cheated on them both. Ramona returns to the audience, where Scott breaks his bass guitar defeating the Twins' second robot. Whilst walking back, Ramona kicks Scott out of their apartment because he forgot his keys again. Scott is upset, but Ramona tells him that she just needs some time by herself.


Ramona hanging out with Scott and Kim.

Ramona goes for coffee with Kim. The whole thing is a set-up so that Scott can get back with Ramona. Scott arrives and after Kim reveals the whole plan, Ramona laughs her ass off. They chat. Kim tells how Jason Kim has cheated on her with Hollie, but brushes it off, telling Scott it happens to everyone. As she glances at Ramona, Ramona's head starts glowing. Scott tries to keep the conversation going, but Kim instead asks "Okay, at the risk of sounding insensitive, Ramona, what's with your head?!". It becomes apparent that Ramona has no idea that her head often glows, so Kim gets her to look in the bathroom mirror. Unfortunately, it has stopped glowing. They decide to attend Julie's next party. At home, whilst Scott freshens up and recounts another X-Men adventure, Ramona stares at her reflection in the bathroom mirror.


Kim and Scott tell Ramona that her head is glowing.

Ramona attends the party, wearing a large white dress adorned with fake roses. Scott gets them some tequila, but gets preoccupied fighting another robot. Kyle Katayanagi gives Ramona the bottle as she smokes another cigarette. She then throws away the half-smoked cigarette. When the sliding door swishes open, Ramona, thinking it's the Twins, loudly screams at them to piss off, telling them that she is sick of their crap. Kim tells her to settle down. Ramona whips her head around and glares at her. Ramona's head starts glowing, so Kim quickly takes a picture of it.


Scott, Kim, and Ramona getting drunk on tequila.

Upstairs, inside, Kim shows Ramona the picture, who has no idea what the glowing head means. They both take a swig from the bottle. Scott defeats the robot and also gets drunk with them. Scott asked Ramona if she ever dated anyone who wasn't evil. She told them about one guy named Doug, who was a dick and dumped her. Kim and Ramona drunkenly suggest they go back to school and ask each other what they major in. They drunkenly say dating, rugby, zoological anthropology and tequila. A while more drunker, Kim admits that she seriously loves them and wishes that she could be like Ramona. Ramona asks Kim where she has been her whole life and drunkenly kisses her on the forehead. After leaving, they offer Kim to take Subspace with them back home. She politely declined, warning them that she will puke if she does Subspace right now, before going home.


Ramona argues with Scott over him cheating on Knives Chau with her.

As soon as they get back home, Scott and Ramona furiously kiss. They climb atop their large double bed, taking their clothes off. Ramona kisses Scott, pins him down and leans in for another kiss. After having sex, Ramona goes into thinking mode and tosses and turns. After a while she asks Scott if he cheated on her with Knives Chau. Scott tells her that it was the other way around, and Ramona asks what makes these actions different from one another. After Scott tells her that she wasn't the one who was wronged, Ramona tells him that she thought that he was better than this. Scott confessed that he did too, but it all just happened so fast and he has been trying to forget the whole thing.

Ramona calls him a bad person. Scott asks her if she really thinks this, so she tells him that he is a liar and a cheat. Scott tells her that he is trying to change who he is for the better of their relationship, but Ramona congratulates him for tricking her onto thinking he was a actually a decent person, before accusing of being "another evil ex-boyfriend waiting to happen". Scott begs her not to break up with him and says sorry to her, but she tells him that sometime saying sorry isn't always enough. Scott vows to make everything better by defeating the Twins and Gideon, which she approves of.


Ramona's new haircut.

The next morning, Ramona has a shower. Scott finds out that the Twins have kidnapped Kim and he goes to rescue her. Ramona comes out with a towel on, and another towel on her head. She demands to know what he was yelling about, but he has already left. She then checks on his cellphone, but his cellphone is dead. She removes the towel from her head, revealing a shorter haircut. Her head starts glowing.


After realizing that she is no better than Scott, Ramona disappears into Subspace.

Scott confronts Ramona. He tells her that he has rescued Kim and defeated the Twins. He reveals that they told him that she cheated on them with each other, but he doesn't care about this as he is in love with her. Ramona's head is glowing dangerously brighter than ever. She confesses that she has done bad things. She starts crying, confessing that she is a bad human being. Scott tells her that people are capable of changing. She wipes some tears from her eyes and she looks at him. She tells thanks him for the time that they spent together, before vanishing into Subspace.



An angelic Ramona in one of Scott's nightmares.

Ramona's disappearance had a bad effect on Scott and he frequently had nightmares about her. In one nightmare, he chases her through the dream desert, only for her to change into Gideon. In another, an angelic Ramona adorned with armor and large, feathery wings, pinned him to the ground with the Power of Love, before leaving him to be devoured demonized versions of Envy Adams, Knives Chau and Kim Pine. Ramona appeared in Scott's memories. When Nega Scott was beating down on him, Scott's memories of Ramona flood back , as he realizes that he has been repressing his love for her: her remembers everything they did together, the good times and even the bad times.

Ramona rode the Glow into Subspace. She ended up at her dad's place. Her plan was to go there and get herself together, hoping to return in two weeks time. Unfortunately, it didn't work out that way, and she spent her whole time sleeping around, surfing the Internet and watching all of The X-Files. She also hurt herself badly, requiring her to wear a plaster on her right knee. Since Volume 6 takes place in March, it can also be assumed that she celebrated her 25th birthday as well.


Ramona apologizes to Scott.


Ramona is forgiven.

Ramona was in the Dream Desert. She heard Scott lamenting his defeat at Gideon's hands, but she told him wasn't dead and was just having another idiotic dream. The two sat down and had a heartfelt talk. Ramona explained that she left because of her overwhelming emotions, which forced her to leave so she could deal with them, but she never intended to hurt Scott. Unfortunately, it had the opposite effect: she still had unresolved internal conflicts and she had hurt Scott. She also told him that staying would have had an even worse effect. Scott tells that she has come back now. Ramona told that she has come back for herself, confessing how she has a been a selfish bitch.

She confesses how she was always the one who ended the relationship and she never said goodbye to any of her Evil exes. She wants to change this, so she wants to apologize to Scott. She wants to look him in the eyes and to admit that she didn't treat him fairly. As she says this, Scott pulls her into a kiss, which she returns. She pulls away to finish how she was a bad girlfriend, but Scott kisses her again. She pins him down, and Scott forgives her. Scott tells her that since this is a dream, they might as well make out. Ramona reveals that Scott actually is dead. Using the Extra Life he got from defeating Todd Ingram, Scott wakes up back in the Chaos Theatre. Ramona bursts out through his chest to confront Gideon.


Ramona confronts Gideon Graves.

As soon as Ramona returns, Gideon goes back to Plan A. A large cryogenic freezer descends from ceiling, with seven stasis tubes. Gideon reveals that the six girls in the tube are all his ex-girlfriends, at least the ones who got away. His plan is to unfreeze them to be dated at a time of his choosing. He intends for Ramona Flowers to join his collection, before zapping the entire crowd with Glow, causing their heads to glow.


Ramona argues with Scott whilst fighting Gideon.

Scott and Ramona fight Gideon. However, their glowing heads cause them to argue with each other as Gideon attacks them with the Power of Love sword. Scott asks her why he was still fighting Gideon, when she was the one who left. Ramona tells him that she is here now, asking to Scott to finish what he started. When he asks who started all of this, Gideon tells him that this was all Ramona's fault. Ramona tells this was a mistake, only for Scott to angrily retort back, saying she should go back to wherever the hell she was.


Ramona attempts to leave the Chaos Theatre.

Gideon revealed that the creation of the League was entirely accidental: when Ramona didn't come back, he got drunk out of his mind and posted a drunken rant on Craigslist. All of Ramona's previous exes all saw this and they joined hands to form the League of Ramona's Evil Exes. Gideon didn't actually expect anyone to see his rant, least of all her previous exes. He immediately admonished her for dating so many evil people. Ramona suggested that maybe they only got evil after she broke up with them. Ramona asked Gideon why he even wanted her back, recalling how he kept pushing her away, which he does not remember. Scott asks Ramona if she has any bright ideas. When she responds with "just the usual one", she confesses that maybe she can't change. She tries to disappear again, but Gideon stabs her.

Gideon sees that Ramona rides the Glow into Subspace. He explained to Scott how it was a weapon of emotional warfare that traps victims in their head with their problems, before transporting himself into Ramona's head. Scott comforts the dying Ramona, who reveals to him that Gideon only saw their relationship as a sick experiment. She reveals to him that Gideon can get into her head through use of Subspace. Scott climbs into Ramona's Subspace Suitcase to confront Gideon.

Scott finds Gideon holding control over Ramona's head, with the Slave Ramona on a leash. Unfortunately, because he can control Ramona's head, Gideon is all-powerful, telling Scott that this was Ramona's innermost desire. As he grows in size, Scott headbutts him, causing him to return to normal size. As they are falling, Scott catches Slave Ramona and they safely land on the floor. Gideon explains that he is immune to the Glow, owing to being trapped in his own head since birth and Scott had no power here.


Ramona casts Gideon out.

Ramona enters her own head just as Slave Ramona changes into her. She grows to size and confronts Gideon, realizing that part of her, in some way, does still belong to him, but the other parts of her do not. These parts manifest themselves in the form of a massive army of Ramonas. She orders Gideon to get out of her head. Gideon complies and attempts to take Scott with him. He attempts to kill him, but the army of Ramonas run forth to defend him, as Ramona ejects them all out of Subspace, and into the real world, where she blocks Gideon's strike with her Subspace Suitcase.

The Suitcase explodes, causing everything inside to come flying out. Ramona claims the Power of Love, healing her stab wounds, and officially ends her relationship with Gideon. Scott earns a new sword, the Power of Understanding, after realizing that he is no better at relationships than Gideon is.


Scott and Ramona's final stand.


Scott and Ramona defeat Gideon Graves together.

The final battle initiates. Gideon reveals that their relationship will never work out, as he has been watching them through use of the Subspace highways. He also explained that this was he was able tamper with Scott's memories. Angry at this revelation, Ramona knocks Gideon's sword out his hands. Gideon, realizing it is over, reveals that they are each other's worst enemy, but they both agree that, considering what he has done, he is much worse, before they finish him off with a simultaneous X-Strike. Gideon explodes in $7,777,777 dollars worth in cash, which all falls very painfully onto the crowd below.


Scott convinces Ramona to give their relationship a shot.


Ramona catches up with her friends.


Scott and Ramona hurtle through Subspace towards their future.

Ramona asks if they are done because she is already feeling tired. Envy Adams comes up and hugs Scott, giving their relationship closure, as Ramona watches on. Scott asks if they should clean up the mess left by the Subspace Suitcase's explosion, but Ramona decides not to and tells him that now she has an excuse to get a new suitcase. Scott and Ramona meet up with Wallace, Other Scott, Mobile, Young Neil and Stacey and she tells where she had gone when she had disappeared what she had been doing during her time away.

Scott and Ramona ride the elevator up the Chaos Theatre. Scott asks if things could ever be the same again, but Ramona tells him that they never could, considering how much they have changed over the past year. She then realizes that the main problem with her past relationships was her inability to fully commit to them, because she feels stuck, as though she were in a fast-moving river, holding on for dear life. Scott tells her that maybe if they work together, she won't feel so stuck, telling her that their path forward will not be an easy path, but it won't be so difficult to face, as long as they hold on to each other. When she tells him she's never been good at holding on to her relationships, he passes on some words of encouragement that he had heard from Wallace and Kim earlier: "Hey. You'll get it. It just takes practice." Hearing these words, Ramona happily smiles at him, flashing him a full mouth of teeth.

Scott and Ramona meet up on top of a hill. Ramona opens up a Subspace door. Scott suggests that they retry their relationship. Ramona is satisfied with this answer and offers her hand out to Scott. Scott takes her hand and she pulls him up in front of the Subspace door. The star-crossed lovebirds lovingly stare at each other and jumped off into Subspace together, holding hands as they fall, thus closing off the series on a happy ending.

Portrayal in adaptions[]

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World[]


Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Ramona in the film adaptation

Ramona Flowers is played by Mary Elizabeth Winstead whose other works include Live Free or Die Hard, Sky High, Death Proof, Bobby, Final Destination 3 and Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.

In the movie, she continues the tradition of being mysterious and well-guarded, as well as carrying around a laminated list of her evil exes, which she gives to Scott after he battles with Roxie.

She had her mind controlled and held hostage by Gideon Graves' microchip on the back of her head, forcing her to break up with Scott.


In the Subspace during Scott's defeat, she confessed that she was crazy for Gideon, but was constantly pushed away. Only when she left him, prior to her arrival in Toronto, did Gideon finally become interested, which led to the formation of the League.

After gaining control of her body thanks to her and Knives' resolve with Scott (and also a kick to the back of the head by Knives), she played a small but vital role in the final battle against Gideon (kneeing him in the groin, which allows Knives to take his sword away), buying enough time for Knives and Scott to finish him off.

Ramona then proceeds to leave Scott to begin her life anew, but Knives convinces Scott to follow her. Scott joins Ramona as the two of them enter a gateway to Subspace.

In an alternate ending, she convinces Scott that Knives is the one he should have been fighting for all along, and leaves him and Knives alone outside of the Chaos Theatre. The two then walk off, talking and laughing again before playing Ninja Ninja Revolution at the video arcade.

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game[]


Ramona's main art in the game.

Ramona is one of the four initial playable characters. Carrying her Subspace Suitcase throughout the game, she has an exclusive move to summon various items to be used in battle. Of all the characters' ending, hers is exactly like the ending in Book 6. However, in Scott's ending, she leaves him, eventually leading him to a relationship with all three of his ex-girlfriends (Knives, Kim, and Envy).

In the location "Ramona's Backyard", you can find her war hammer, which will smile when it is picked up. It does a little bit over moderate damage, but is not as powerful as the "Power of Love". In addition, titanium baseball bats can be found throughout World 4, a reference to Ramona's subspace battle with Roxie.

Scott Pilgrim Takes Off[]

In comparison to the movie adaptation and most of the comic series, Ramona gets a much bigger role in trying to figure out who faked her boyfriend, Scott Pilgrim's death, leading to her having to confront her own exes and solve the mystery of his disappearance.

Personality and traits[]

Quote1 I'd just like to try and live in the moment if I can. Quote2
Ramona Flowers, to Scott Pilgrim

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

Ramona presents a tough, independent exterior and behaves like a free-spirit (as evidenced by her constant dying of her hair). She does not hesitate to impose her views on Scott (such as criticizing the apartment he and Wallace live in) and can be quite bossy at times (such as telling Scott to get a job so that she does not have to travel through his lame dreams when she is at work). She also maintains a mysterious guise, telling Scott very little about herself, at least initially. Contrary to that, she strives to learn as much as possible about Scott's past relationships, nearly to the point of being intrusive. She is also rather humorous, quick-witted, and sarcastic. However, she is also a friendly and caring person in her own right. Despite her disdain for Envy Adams, she ultimately feels bad for her with the revelation of Todd cheating on her, even going to check up on her and telling Scott that she (Envy) needs to be comforted. She enjoys her relationship with Scott and noting that she likes that he is a "pleasant and simple-minded" person notes that she desires an earnest and caring partner.

However, Ramona's "mysterious" nature and tough exterior are really just to cover for her own insecurities. At the heart of things, Ramona is a runner. She fears commitment, describing it as "being stuck," which was a huge factor of why so many of her relationships have failed. Additionally, while Scott's relationship failures could be attributed to immaturity and ignorance, Ramona's was a lot more out of her own short-sightedness and selfishness. Her relationship with Patel came from how he was the only non-jock minority at the school, how she quickly dumped Lucas for Todd, her somewhat downplaying the emotional attachment with Roxie and even two-timing the Katayanagi twins with each other. And that does not even account for her and Gideon Graves (although, admittedly, she was right to leave him).

Additionally, she is also rather hypocritical. Beyond her relationship follies being a lot worse than Scott's mistakes, she will be accusatory of someone (usually Scott) of certain actions that she is doing (if she isn't doing worse.) She accused Scott of treating his Exes (particularly the naive Knives Chau) when she did the same to all of her others (in particular, cheating on Lucas with Todd and dating the Twins behind their backs). This is somewhat pointed out when near the end of the story, we learn she spent her time separated from Scott like he did: moping around over in misery. Their friends couldn't help but note these similarities and how it made them perfect for the other. Deep down, Ramona is unhappy with the kind of person she is, and does not think she can change. As a result, she carries her baggage with her through most of the series.

Besides her relationship follies, Ramona enjoys being with her friends and does whatever she can to support her friendships and keep them. She was initially shy about dating Scott, but his wit and charm resulted in her doubts going away. She was quick to form bonds with all of his friends, in particular with Kim and Wallace. Ramona enjoys spending time with her friends, even if she doesn't know them as well, such as Stephen and Neil. Ramona enjoys her time with Scott, which highlights many fun moments, such as: their date at Hillcrest Park, a dinner at his shared apartment, ditching one of Envy's challenges in exchange for spending time with her and having lunch at her place. Ramona's closest friends remain Kim and Wallace. In Volume 3, she and Wallace officially became friends over a mutual hatred towards Envy Adams and when she fought her, he encouraged from the sidelines. Ramona also enjoys Kim's company, with the two first meeting over the making of a vegan shepherd's pie. When Kim revealed she lied about having a scrapbook, Ramona was relieved that they could keep being friends. Kim offers Ramona a sense of comfort when she isn't with Scott, shown by their bonding session at Lee's Palace and their hangouts in Volume 5. Kim feels a lot more open around Ramona, opening up about her relationship with Scott and her breakup with Jason after he cheated on her with Hollie and also seems willing to help Ramona and Scott (mainly Scott) out in bad situations and such as relationship turmoils and offering them a place to crash.

Ramona cherishes her friendships and her relationship with Scott. Both Scott and Ramona serve as the driving force behind their will and determination. When Scott was facing a losing battle with the Twins, Kim gave him false encouragement by telling him Ramona texted her, and when he was about to lose to Nega Scott, Scott suddenly remembered Ramona. This burst of memory resulted in Scott's determination to pursue their relationship and be a better person for the both of them. Ramona, seeing how bad she been towards her own Exes, sought to do this too, but was unsure if it would have the same effect and tells him that she's scared of running from the relationship she's had the most fun with and wants to maintain. Scott's encouragement pushed her to practice hard, telling her how their path forward will never be easy, but they won't face it alone if their love and commitment towards each other keeps them together no matter how bad it will get. With this encouragement, Ramona is more optimistic and pledges to follow it.

At the end of the series, Ramona is still uncertain if she can change, but with Scott's encouragement, she is willing to try.

Powers and abilities[]


Ramona rips off a metal pole to defend against Knives' attack

Superhuman abilities[]

Ramona has enhanced strength, enough strength to snap a metal pole to use as a weapon and enough strength to lift her Large Hammer. She is also strong enough to live after Gideon stabs her in the back. She is also very agile as can run on walls, but she is not as agile as Knives.


Scott and Ramona on the Subspace Highway


Main article: Subspace

Her most used power in the series is the use of the Subspace Highway. She is the only known person in Canada who has mastered it. She also uses subspace for her Subspace Suitcase which houses her clothes, accessories, weapons, etc. With her Glow, she can disappear into Subspace.

5 138

Ramona bids farewell to Scott before disappearing using the Glow

The Glow[]

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Although the Glow is primarily Gideon's ability, Ramona is shown to have partial control over it. In the end of Scott Pilgrim vs. the Universe, she uses the Glow to teleport herself inside her own head, locking herself in with her own problems. She also tries to use this teleporting ability again during the final battle against Gideon, but is stabbed by him before she can do it.


She is also a good roller skater and is even able to skate on and through the snow. She uses them to do deliveries to Combined with her Subspace ability, she rollerskates the Subspace Highway (especially the one that goes through Scott's head) as a shortcut. Her rollerskating skills also seems to rival Roxie Richter's. It's also mentioned that she took figure-skating classes at age four.


Subspace Suitcase[]

Subspace bag
The Subspace Suitcase is a bag that Ramona carries around that allows her to access the subspace. It contains a pocket dimension inside which Ramona uses to store items like clothes, weapons and even carry people around with it. The bag is destroyed by Gideon with the Power of Love in volume 6.

Large Hammer[]

Pilgrim ramona colours by zubby d2tyv0v-300w
Ramona's hammer is a weapon that she takes out of her Subspace Suitcase in Volume 3. She uses it in her fight against Envy Adams, who later on steals it and tries to kill Lynette Guycott with it. The hammer briefly seen in Volume 6 when the Subspace Suitcase explodes.

In the movie, she uses the hammer against Roxie.

Titanium Baseball Bat[]


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Ramona is a rather tall young woman with unknown hair color as she changes it often. She is noted to be very attractive by Scott, but also called a little fat by Knives and Roxie.


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One of Ramona's quirks is that she changes the color of her hair every three weeks. Because of this, she is seen sporting various hairstyles and hair colors throughout the series.

Scott Pilgrim graphic novels[]

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  • In an interview, Bryan Lee O'Malley said that he based Ramona off a girl he saw who kept changing her hair. He also stated that he used to dye his hair a lot when he was younger.
  • Her birthday is January 1, according to the end of Volume 4; however, the bonus content of the color edition of Volume 1 says that her birthday is January 14. This may have been changed when it came to drawing the actual volume.
    • A blog post by BLOM[6] confirms that Knives Chau was born in early March. Since Knives has just turned eighteen in Volume 6, this would mean that Ramona is now 25 years old.
  • He also originally wrote that she liked kitties more than puppies and that her favorite film was Grosse Pointe Blank[7].
  • In an interview in his blog, Bryan stated that Ramona changes her hair to try on different identities, depending on the emotional state she is in. (For more info, see here.)
  • As for Ramona's natural hair color, Bryan Lee O'Malley has said that he is unsure, and that Ramona herself may not even remember it, but that she is not a natural blonde, and that her hair is more likely to have originally been "medium-to-dark brown".[8]
    • Ramona's fourth color in the game helps support this claim by showing her with medium brown hair.
    • Scenes of Ramona regularly washing off and reapplying hair dye in the anime may contradict this claim by showing her as a natural blonde. It could also be that she has bleached her natural hair color in order to apply temporary hair dye[9].
    • In a RADIOMARU post (that has since been deleted) O'Malley said that, had Ramona hypothetically broken up with Scott, her hair would a chin-length messy bobcut with bangs, that is dyed black and chopped. He stated that this style was never used to avoid the character's haircut being confused with Kim's haircut.
  • Ramona is about 5'8''or 5'9'' in height, which makes her rather tall for a female.[10]
  • Ramona has a habit of calling Scott (and sometimes other people) "dude".
  • Ramona's favorite sushi is unagi, as she claims it is "eel-tastic".[11]
  • A concept sketch for Ramona included wearing a Harry Potter band-aid, which was cut from her final design. However, as seen in Volume 6, Ramona wears a regular band-aid on her right knee.

Clothing and Accessories[]

  • Ramona wears goggles when she travels, and normally places them on top of her head.
  • A close-up inspection of a scene in Volume 3 reveals that Ramona wears Calvin Klein underwear.
  • The colour of Ramona's Subspace Suitcase changes based on her hair colour in Scott Pilgrim Takes Off.


  • Bryan Lee O'Malley intended for her favourite band to be Joy Division, but she lightened up later on and her favourite band became The Replacements.


  • In Spanish, the name "Ramona" means "wise protector".
  • She appeared in the sixty-eighth episode of the ScrewAttack series Death Battle, where she was pitted in a hypothetical fight to the death against Amy Rose from the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise and lost.
    • Bryan Lee O'Malley responded to the fight on Twitter, but the tweet has since been deleted.
  • In the anime series, Ramona is given a lot more focus and screentime than Scott despite him still being the titular character and protagonist, presumably that Ramona is thought to be the main character of the anime series.
  • Ramona has seen and watched The X-Files[12].
  • Ramona has two movie posters in her bedroom: one of Alfred Hitchcock's Rear Window[13] and another of the Coen Brothers' Fargo[14]. The latter poster has a blink-and-you'll-miss-it-cameo in the movie, in the background of the scene where she pours Scott the tea on their first date.
    • Coincidentally, Fargo would later spawn a TV series of the same, with Mary Elizabeth Winstead joining the cast for the third season of the show.
  • Mary Elizabeth Winstead's husband, Ewan McGregor has a shirt that reads "I'm in lesbians with her".
  • When asked whether or not the character was supposed to be fat, O'Malley responded by saying that he draws everyone "kinda cartoony and roundish", and as such this has been left to be debated among the fans. However, Bryan did point out that "Knives was mainly being mean when she said Ramona was fat."[15]
  • Ramona was included on Comic Buyers Guide's list of "100 Sexiest Women in Comics", landing at No. 70 on the list.[16]
    • Additionally, with the first Scott Pilgrim volume being published back in 2004, Ramona was the most recently created character to appear on the list.
  • Ramona's desk drawer in Volume 5 has the following:
    • The letter from Gideon
    • A tape dispenser
    • Nutter Butter cookies
    • A scrap of paper
    • Phone charger
    • A receipt from Zeller's
    • A bottle of medication
    • A package of 100 paper clips
    • Madonna's True Blue
  • On page 54 of Volume 1, you can see Ramona in the background at Julie's party, pouring her drink into her cup.



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