Invented by:

The Twins





Robot-01's Boss Art

Robot-01 is a humanoid robot created by the Katayanagi Twins to fight Scott Pilgrim. The Robot-01 is pretty small in size but can still attack Scott. It attacked Scott at Julie Powers' party in Volume 5. Scott then eventually defeats it, but much to his disappointment, it leaves no item or rewards behind. Fortunately, there's still plenty of junk food left at the party.

The GameEdit

Robot-01 Game Pic

Robot-01 in the game

The robot also appeared in The Game as a boss in World 5 which you must defeat. In World 7, Robot-01 returns as a weaker mass-produced enemy in the Technobase before fighting Gideon Graves. This could be a reference to how some Role Playing Games (RPG) have bosses as a common enemy in the later levels. Fortunately, One of the Robot-01 clones runs Techno Shack and sells Food Pills, Beef Jerky, Energy Tanks, Microwave Chicken, and Fighting Software to help Scott and friends prepare for the final battle!

Trivia Edit

  • In the game, one of Robot-01's animations reveals that it's head is actually a toaster which pops out a smiling piece of toast.
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