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Monique and Sandra respectively

Sandra and Monique are two girls who went to the University of Toronto with Scott and the gang. They are always together, whether in person or just mentioned.

Sandra (age 24) has shoulder-length wavy hair and is "kind of a ditz". Scott was caught with her early freshman year in the ladies' room at Burwash Hall (a dorm), but Scott claims that it was "not what it looked like" (volume 3, chapter 13). She appears to be a lot more pleasant and easy going than her companion.

Monique (age 23) has glasses and a ponytail and is "kind of a bitch". Scott was caught with her early freshman year in the ladies' room after psych class, but Scott claims that it was a "misunderstanding" (volume 3, chapter 13). She acts almost as unpleasant as Julie.

They first appear at Julie's party in Book 1, when Scott asks them about Ramona. They both frequently attend shows at Lee's Palace (including the Clash at Demonhead gig at the end of Book 2 and the one in Book 3) as well as parties, and gossip about Envy, Gideon, etcetera.

In Book 6 when they show up at the Chaos Theatre together with Julie, Monique is described as "not the best", Sandra is described as "not the original", and Julie is described as "the original and best".

In vs. the WorldEdit

Sandra and Monique

Scott refers to them as Lady Dudes. The two appear in the Movie at Julie's party telling Scott some information about Ramona Flowers, as well as being at Lee's Palace and The Clash at Demonhead after party. They are played by Kristina Pesic and Ingrid Haas respectively.

In the GameEdit

Sandra & Monique


Sandra and Monique appear as background characters. Sandra is one of store owners in World 1.


  • In the color edition of Volume 1, Bryan Lee O'Malley explains that he borrowed their names from two girls he knew in middle school, and that they were created as spokespeople for "the vast sea of background characters" throughout the series.
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