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The exterior of Scott's apartment

Scott's Apartment is a location introduced in Scott Pilgrim vs. the Universe, it is where Scott Pilgrim lives from near the end of volume 5 onwards. It is also significantly better than his old apartment with Wallace Wells.

The apartment appears to have been paid for by Scott's parents after returning from their visit to Rome after Scott locked himself out of his and Ramona's Apartment during Ramona Flowers' sudden disappearance.

During Scott's depressive phase in Scott Pilgrim's Finest Hour, Scott spends his days laying on the couch (which also serves as his bed) playing a PSP Go that he bought from Young Neil. During the course of the book, Ramona's long-lost pet cat, Gideon appears at Scott's window, seemingly attracted there by a bowl of cat food on the windowsill left there by Scott, the cat then nonchalantly entered Scott apartment, where it appears to spend the rest of its time.


Scott's apartment is set on the second floor of a building, the interior appears to be rather small, being roughly the same size as Scott's previous apartment in terms of cubic feet. the layout consists of a narrow open plan living room and kitchen and a separate bathroom. The exterior shows what appears to be a balcony, although whether this is part of Scott's apartment or an adjacent one is unknown.