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Scott's Mom & Dad

Scott's Mom & Dad are Scott's, Stacey's and Lawrence's parents in the series. They are seen very rarely because of their trip to Europe, and their names are never revealed. However, they seem to care about Scott Pilgrim and Stacey Pilgrim a lot and even buy Scott a new apartment after Ramona leaves, though they (justifiably) treat Scott as though he is dull-witted. They are, however, seen in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game in World 5-2 as vendors at Julie Powers' Mexican Day of The Dead Celebration.


  • When Bryan Lee O'Malley was creating the short Monica Beetle, he visualised the character Vincent as being Scott Pilgrim's dad, having "wild, 70's-style adventures in his youth" akin to Scott's, as well as hanging out with a 70's version of Stephen Stills.
  • That is why it is believed that Scott's parents are Vincent and Monica Beetle respectively. Seeing the resemblance that Vincent has to Scott while Monica bears resemblance to Stacey. Which means Scott and his siblings can be half alien and half human.
  • These two are some of the few characters that are never named.