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This is an article for the main protagonist of the series. If you're looking for the song of the same name, see Scott Pilgrim (song). If you're looking for the character who shares the same name with him, see Other Scott.
Quote1.png I, Scott Pilgrim, will be the best 24-year-old... Ever! Quote2.png
Scott Pilgrim

Scott William Pilgrim is the titular protagonist of the Scott Pilgrim media franchise.


Scott with his fist pumped out to the viewer.

Scott is a young fair-skinned man of average height and build. He's consistently portrayed as having a relatively short light brown haircut with thick black eyebrows in both the comics and the movie. Throughout volumes 1-2, Scott is shown having shaggy hair (in the words of Ramona), result of his fear of going to the barber after a bad haircut which Scott claims was responsible for his breakup with Envy. In Volume 3 onward, in which Ramona convinces him to let her cut his hair, he has a shorter hairstyle that appears less messy than his previous one.

Scott seems very laid back with his sense of style with him usually wearing casual outfits with denim pants and sneakers. Due to this, Scott sports various t-shirts throughout the series. One of his most iconic ones is a green shirt with the print of a heart with his initials in the middle that he's seen with in volume 3 and the final act of the movie. This is also his default appearance in the game.

Due to the cold weather of Toronto, Scott is constantly seen with a denim jacket with a fuzzy hood whenever he's seen outside. The jacket also has the symbol of the X-Men sewn into his right shoulder, which is implied was sewn by Scott himself.


Early life

When Scott was three, his parents had a daughter, Stacey.

Scott was born in Peterborough, Ontario, and moved to Northern Ontario at the age of 16. On his first day at St. Joel's Catholic High School, Scott got into a fight with three older boys, Scott lost the fight and was brought to the principal's office. Whilst waiting outside, Scott met Lisa Miller, and over the next couple of days, Lisa constantly bothered Scott, and eventually became his friend.

Whilst at St. Joel's, Scott met Kim Pine, who was signed up as his partner for a presentation in history class, and the two became friends, to which Kim seemed less than pleased due to believing that Scott would slack off and make her do all the work. Lisa planned to form a band with Scott in order to "transcend [their] class status" and become cool, however, Scott pointed out that there was only two of them and that the duo was lacking a drummer. Later at a school band concert, Scott noticed that Kim was playing the drums for the band, prompting them both to consider asking her to join their band.

On a Monday, Scott arrived at school to find various students unconscious on the floor, Lisa arrives, revealing to Scott that a bunch boys from Benvie Tech High School, known as the Benvie Tech Boys, came, kidnapped Kim, and beat everyone up. Scott then rushes to Benvie Tech in order to save Kim, and his history presentation. Scott battled through Benvie Tech, effortlessly defeating the Benvie Tech Boys and finally reached their leader on the rooftop, Simon Lee, who had chained up Kim, keeping her prisoner. Scott fought Simon, and eventually defeated him, kicking him off the edge of the roof. Scott then held hands with Kim, and told her that he thought they should be dating. Kim revealed she shared his feelings for her, and Scott then asked Kim if she wanted to join his band, Kim agreed to both, and the two shared a kiss. This event was later revealed to be a false memory implanted by Gideon Graves, and in reality, Simon was just some nerdy kid who briefly dated Kim before Scott punched him in the face out of a fit of jealousy.

In the following weeks, Scott enjoyed his time in high school, performing at St. Joel's Lunchapalooza with the band, named Sonic & Knuckles, and spending time with Kim, however, this came to a sudden end when Scott's family moved to Toronto, leaving Kim behind. It is eventually revealed that Scott didn't tell Kim about this, and he, in fact, told Lisa Miller, causing a rift between the two.


At some point Scott attended the University of Toronto and befriended Stephen Stills and Wallace Wells (the latter of which befriended Scott in the similar manner to how Lisa did).Whilst there, Stephen dated Julie Powers and Scott was introduced to her nerdy roommate, Natalie Adams. Despite Julie's attempts to keep Scott from dating her, the two formed a relationship. During the relationship, Scott, Natalie, and Stephen Stills formed a band called Kid Chameleon, and Natalie began to change, she sold off all her toys and anime stuff and bought CDs and boots and asked Scott to start calling her Envy. As the relationship progressed, Envy became increasingly distant to Scott. As Kid Chameleon progressed, Envy began to take control, bringing Cole in as a drummer to replace Scott, moving Scott to bass, and moving the current bassist, Steph Nordegraf, to bongos and viola. Natalie then added another, unnamed guitarist to the band, increasing the band's members to six. Scott and Envy's relationship eventually reached breaking point and on New Year’s Eve, the two had a big argument which resulted in them breaking up. Scott and Stephen Stills left Kid Chameleon and Envy eventually formed her own band. Scott took the breakup badly, causing him to become severely distraught over the slightest mention of Envy's name.


During the next two years, Scott finished his course at university, (although he is completely unaware if he graduated or not, due to his depression after the break-up) and formed the band, Sex Bob-omb, with Stephen Stills and Kim, who had moved to Toronto, whilst he rented an apartment with Wallace.

Some considerable time later, Scott met Knives Chau, a seventeen-year-old high schooler, whilst on a bus with her mother, and the two started dating, the primary reason being that Scott found the relationship easy and simple as all he did was ride the bus with her and talk about school. Despite Scott's attitude and questionable dating, Scott had an increasing sense of loneliness.

Whilst dating Knives, Scott had an unusual dream about a mysterious girl he'd never met before, causing him to become distracted when on dates with Knives, Scott then saw the girl at a library, further distracting him. Later on, Scott and his friends went to a party at Julie's and Scott saw the girl again, removing any doubt that she wasn't real, Scott then tried, rather unsuccessfully, to chat her up. Failing, Scott promised to leave her alone forever, and then secretly stalked her until she left the party, afterwards, Scott asked various party members about her to try and find some information about her, he discovers that her name is Ramona Flowers, and that she is a delivery girl for the online retailer, Amazon. The next day, Scott orders some CDs from in order to get another chance at meeting Ramona, unaware of the fact that it was a Saturday and that the CDs wouldn't ship until Monday and completely forgetting about his pseudo relationship with Knives. Whilst on the computer, Scott received an unusual E-mail about an upcoming fight, Scott however, dismisses the message and deletes it on the grounds of being boring.

Meeting Ramona Flowers

Scott and Ramona share their first kiss

On Monday, Ramona arrived with Scott's package and Scott asked her out. Ramona revealed that the reason why Scott had a dream about her was that she was using the Subspace Highway running through his head as a shortcut for her deliveries. Ramona then agreed to go out with Scott as compensation for using his mind as a shortcut and ultimately making him become obsessed. Whilst on the date, Ramona talked about her past and mentions a guy named Gideon, when Scott asked about him, Ramona quickly changed the subject. Eventually, the two were hit by a sudden snowstorm, forcing them to go back to Ramona's Apartment. Whilst there, Scott stumbles upon Ramona, who had gone upstairs to change out of her wet clothes and the two embrace a kiss. The two then moved to the bed; however, Ramona stopped before the two had sex, but allowed Scott to spend the night. In the morning, Scott invited Ramona to his band's gig at The Rockit, alongside another band, Crash and the Boys, forgetting that he'd also invited Knives to the gig.

The Seven Evil Exes

Crash and the Boys and Matthew Patel

At the concert, Knives Chau arrived and gave Scott a highly affectionate kiss, her appearance was closely followed by Ramona's. Realizing his own stupidity, Scott quickly ran off, feigning the need to pee, and then hid backstage. After Crash and the Boys finished their set, Sex Bob-omb started their gig, which was quickly interrupted when a mysterious man burst through the club's ceiling challenging Scott to a fight, Scott easily countered the attack, sending him flying. When asked by Scott who he was, the man, Matthew Patel, revealed that he was Ramona's first Evil Ex boyfriend. After a short bout, Ramona revealed the history between her and Matthew. Afterward, he summoned a group of Demon Hipster Chicks and attempted to defeat Scott in a Bollywood-style fight. Scott easily countered, with help from his friends and quickly defeated Matthew Patel, receiving a small reward of $2.10, which wasn't even enough for the subway back home. Ramona agreed to give Scott the remaining money and quickly left with Scott.

Whilst on the train back home, Ramona revealed that she has Seven Evil Exes and that Scott must defeat each Ex in order to date her, to which Scott casually agrees, Scott then asked if Gideon was one of the Evil Exes, causing Ramona to become angered and making her head Glow.

Breakup with Knives Chau

Over the following days, Scott discovered that Ramona's next Evil Ex is Lucas Lee, a famous movie star, and former skater. Whilst dating Ramona, Scott was encouraged by Wallace to break-up with Knives, to which Scott grudgingly agreed. Scott broke up with Knives shortly after she awkwardly confessed her love for him, leaving Knives heart-broken, although Scott was initially saddened and guilted by breaking-up with Knives, he quickly got over it when he started thinking about Ramona.

As Scott and Ramona's relationship continued, Ramona revealed a little more about her past life including her relationship with Lucas. Later on in the week, Scott travelled to Casa Loma with Wallace to confront Lucas Lee, who was filming his latest movie there. Upon meeting Lucas, Scott became star struck and asked Lucas for his autograph as opposed to fighting him, leaving Scott vulnerable and allowing Lucas to punch Scott to the ground and then throw him into the side of the castle, causing Scott to pass out. When Scott woke up, Lucas offered him a break and the two talked about his relationship with Ramona, causing Lucas to cry, Lucas then offered Scott the opportunity to throw the fight as long as Scott gave Lucas all his money, Scott instead called Lucas a sell-out, angering him. Scott quickly got out of the situation by goading Lucas into performing a grind trick on a nearby grind rail, Lucas accepted, but near the end of the trick, Lucas accumulated too much speed, and burst into flames, making Scott victor by default. After "defeating" Lucas, Scott received roughly fourteen dollars and a Mithril Skateboard, which Scott was unable to use as he lacks skateboard proficiency.

Lee's Palace

Sometime after, Scott received a call from his ex-girlfriend, Envy, inviting Sex Bob-omb to open a gig for her band, The Clash at Demonhead, at Lee's Palace. The call stirs old feelings inside Scott, the aftermath of which leaves Scott in a temporal, comatose-like state.

Later on, Scott unwillingly went to Lee's Palace with Ramona and the rest of his friends to see The Clash at Demonhead perform. When the band started their gig, Ramona revealed that Todd, the band's bassist and current boyfriend of Envy, is, in fact, her third Evil Ex-boyfriend, Todd Ingram.

After the performance, Scott and his friends were invited backstage by Envy Adams. During an awkward gathering, Scott, angered by Todd's arrogance and cockiness, attacked Todd. Todd avoided this attack and his hair began to stand on end and his eyes began the glow. Todd then managed to telekinetically throw Scott through a wall of Lee's Palace. After this, Envy revealed that Todd is a Vegan, which grants him psychic powers. After a small bout, Envy arranges to conclude the battle the next day at Honest Ed's.

The next day, Scott, Todd, Envy, and others met up at Honest Ed's. Envy then revealed the rules of the battle, which is to race through Honest Ed’s, emerge on the other end, and defeat each other. The race started, and the two went inside Honest Ed's. Whilst there, Scott and Todd suffered from sensory overload due to the masses of items available, the full effects of which were partial blindness, hallucinations, and mental instability. Eventually, Todd lost control of his mental powers, and caused Honest Ed's to implode, stopping the battle at the tie.

Eventually, the night of Sex Bob-omb's performance arrived, and the band got on stage to perform. In an attempt to gain popularity, all three members dressed in black and promised to make the audience "think about death and get sad and stuff." However, before the band could play, Scott leaped off of the stage to intervene in a fight between Ramona and Envy that started whilst the band was preparing. After this, it was revealed to Envy that Todd had been cheating on her with the Clash at Demonhead's drummer Lynette. Outraged, Envy attacked Lynette and Todd, the latter of whom retorted by offensively using his vegan powers on Envy, claiming immunity to moral boundaries due to his rock star status.

The vegan

Scott faces Todd in a Bass Battle

After this, Scott attacked Todd, making Scott's battle with Ramona's third Evil Ex underway. The battle started as a Bass Battle, however, Scott was quickly outmatched by Todd's superior Bass-playing prowess and was knocked back by a zap from Todd's psychic powers. After being knocked back, Scott was assisted by Crash and the Boys who had had a hostile takeover and were now under the name of The Boys!! and Crash! They revealed to Scott that they had learned to manipulate sound waves through sheer willpower alone. They planned to use Todd's own sound waves to propel Scott toward Todd for direct attack; however, the band found Todd's bass power was too powerful for them to handle and all four of them were knocked back. Just when Scott's chances of success seemed minor, two characters showed up, calling themselves the Vegan Police. The Vegan Police arrived to arrest Todd for Veganity violation due to him eating Gelato (which contains milk and eggs) that afternoon. The two then used a Deveganizing Ray ray to strip Todd of his psychic powers, rendering him completely vulnerable. Scott then effortlessly defeated Todd with a powerful headbutt attack, shattering Todd into coins.

The next day, Scott talked to Envy as she left home after the ordeal involving Todd. Although Scott hoped to gain some kind of closure to their relationship, all he got was an awkward goodbye as Envy departed for the airport. Despite being let down by this, Scott is reassured by Ramona, who announced that Scott only had four more exes to defeat in order to be Ramona's official boyfriend.

Getting it together

Two months later, Scott and his friends traveled to the beach to stay at Julie's auntie's beach house. During their time at the house, Scott came across Kim and Knives, who were drunkenly making out after talking about their failed relationships. Freaked out, yet amused Scott decided to keep the secret to himself and announced to the rest of the group that they must have gone home.

Back in Toronto, Scott and Stephen helped Kim move into a new apartment with her friend Hollie, whilst there, Stephen noticed Hollie's roommate, Joseph, who had a recording studio in his room, prompting him to want to record an album for Sex Bob-omb. As Scott and Ramona's relationship continued to grow, Scott began to ask more about Ramona's personal life, such as her age. However, Ramona remained secretive, refusing to tell Scott how old she was.

Reunion with Lisa Miller

The next day, Scott was ordered out of his apartment by Wallace due to a heat wave and lack of proper ventilation in their apartment, Scott agreed and went to the mall. Whilst there, Scott was recognized by a female, who quickly came up to Scott and embraced him. Upon realizing that Scott didn't recognize her, the girl revealed to Scott that she was Lisa Miller, a friend of Scott's when he attended St. Joel's Catholic High School. The two then talked about their lives since their departure and Scott mentioned that he still knows Kim and that she made out with a girl. When Lisa left, she gave Scott her phone number so he could contact her whilst she's in Toronto. The next day, Scott took Lisa to band practice so she could see Kim, however, upon arrival at Stephen's house, they found no-one apart from Young Neil, who didn't seem to know where anyone was. The two then travelled to Hollie's Apartment and found Stephen there in Joseph's room who revealed that everyone else was at Sneaky Dee's. At Sneaky Dee's, Lisa met up with Kim and the two caught up with their recent activities. Later that night, Ramona arrived at Sneaky Dee's. Whilst there, Ramona talked with Lisa, causing Scott to grow nervous due to unresolved sexual tension between the two.

In the following morning, Scott has a Zelda-esque dream when Ramona bumped into him. When Scott complained about Ramona's constant dream invasion, Ramona suggested that Scott should get a job so he wouldn't oversleep and thus Ramona wouldn't invade his dreams whilst working. Scott then spent the day asking his various friends whether there was any available job at their workplaces. When Scott arrived at No-Account Video to ask Kim, Kim took Scott to The Happy Avocado, Stephen's workplace, as there was dishwashing job available there. Despite being reluctant to take the job offer, Scott eventually agreed to take the job. On the way back, Scott and Kim are attacked by a guy with a samurai sword who cut straight through a passing streetcar to reach them. Scott, terrified by the man's presence, opened a door to the subspace highway, allowing the two to escape. Confused by the encounter, Kim left Scott, claiming she had to go.

In the following days, Sex Bob-omb continued to record their album and spend their nights at Sneaky Dee's with the rest of their friends, practicing less and less to the dismay of Young Neil, who began to feel that his friends were abandoning him. On their way back home from these nights, Ramona began to casually ask Scott about Lisa and if he had any romantic feelings for her, to which Scott denied. The next morning Scott and Wallace traveled to the office of their landlord, Peter who wished to have a meeting with them. Whilst there, Peter, revealed that the lease for their apartment was up and that they would have to leave or pay month to month to continue living there. The two, dumbfounded by their current predicament, left each other and Scott went to face his first day of work at the Happy Avocado. After his day at work, a tired Scott started to make his way back home when he got attacked by a mysterious black blur. Scott managed to attack the blur, revealing it to be a female ninja, who Scott had succeeded in punching in the boob. After leaving Scott with a cryptic message, the mysterious ninja woman left, leaving Scott confused. That same night, the group performed the usual routine of recording at Hollie's apartment and eating at Sneaky Dee's. With Ramona absent, Lisa asked Scott to walk her home and whilst doing so, Lisa made a drunken pass at Scott, which he turned down. Back at his apartment, Scott talked to Wallace about their situation regarding the apartment, Wallace suggests that Scott move in with Ramona, to which Scott is uncertain of.

The fourth ex

The next day, Scott was walking to the Happy Avocado with Stephen Stills when he noticed the mysterious man who had attacked him a couple of days ago. Scott hid whilst the man walked past, confusing Stephen. Whilst at the Happy Avocado, Stephen mentioned that he may have seen him before, but was interrupted by Scott when he sees the ninja girl who had also attacked him. Scott then asked Stephen who the girl was talking to, and Stephen discovered it was Scott's girlfriend, Ramona. Confused, Scott went to confront the two. After talking to the two, it eventually dawns on Scott that Ramona had a "sexy phase" in college and that the girl was Ramona's fourth evil ex, Roxie Richter. Roxie prepared to attack Scott, however, Scott was reluctant as she had a sword. Ramona then agreed to help Scott and allowed him to hide in her mysterious Subspace Suitcase in exchange for a weapon. Ramona travelled to Subspace, where she battled Roxie with Scott still in her suitcase. Although Ramona initially appeared to have the upper hand, Roxie quickly outclassed her with superior speed and knocked her to the ground, leaving her with some hurtful words.

After the fight, Scott talked to Ramona about the situation regarding his apartment and Ramona, rather reluctantly, agrees to let Scott move in with her. As Lisa began to spend more time around with Scott and the gang, Ramona began to grow suspicious of Lisa's feelings towards Scott. Ramona eventually confronts Scott about this, leading to an argument which resulted in Ramona leaving Scott to go back to her place alone. Scott then went back to his apartment, where he was greeted by Wallace and some guy having sex. Wallace then proceeded to tell a mentally scarred Scott that he was fired from his job and that he couldn't stay the night. Scott then walked around the neighborhood, unsure where he'll stay until he rummages through his pockets and realized he had Lisa's number, which he had received earlier. With no other option, Scott called Lisa so he could spend the night.

Whilst at Lisa's sister's apartment, Lisa confessed that she still had feelings for Scott and that she had been intentionally dressing provocatively for Scott. The two then talk about high school and how they never expressed their feelings towards each other and Lisa throws herself at Scott, suggesting they should have a relationship. Scott then blacks out and, after having a dream representing his torment which was invaded by Roxie, awakes with no recollection of what happened. Lisa reveals that Scott confessed his love of Ramona to Lisa. After Scott heard this, he realized how important the relationship was to him and Scott immediately set off to reconcile with Ramona. However, before doing so, Scott went back to the Happy Avocado to get his job back, which he succeeds in doing, despite wearing the same shirt from the day before.

After completing his shift, Scott went to Second Cup to get a free coffee from his sister only to find Knives Chau working there. As Scott is about to leave, he notices the man who attacked him earlier, who Knives casually reveals is her dad. Knives then explains to Scott that her dad's brain must have cracked open to be replaced by, "a purely mechanical engine of revenge" after he discovered that Knives dated a white guy. Knives' dad then spotted Scott and gave chase. Scott attempted to lose Mr. Chau through Subspace; however, upon landing in Subspace, Scott found himself him Ramona's head, where she was being held as a slave for a mysterious figure in glasses. When Ramona noticed Scott, she freaked out, and forcibly removed him from Subspace, while Ramona was initially angry about this, she calmed down after she realized it wasn't his fault and told him to forget what he saw. Scott then admitted that he spent the night at Lisa's, making Ramona believe Scott was in love with Lisa. However, before Scott had time to deny this, it was revealed that Roxie spent the night at Ramona's. Seeing this disorientated Scott and cause his head to Glow just as Ramona's had previously. Scott then wandered off and came across a shadowy doppelganger of himself. Scott, repulsed by the figure, charged straight through it and went back to Ramona's apartment.

There, Scott came across Mr. Chau, who had followed Scott through Subspace. Scott ran through Ramona's apartment, not wanting to fight Mr. Chau because he had a sword. Scott made his way to the bathroom, and in pursuit of Scott, Mr. Chau bumped into Roxie who, believing Mr. Chau to be an assassin sent by Gideon to complete Roxie's mission, attacked him. Whilst fighting Mr. Chau, Roxie came to the conclusion that Scott is just a pussy who can't fight his own battles. After hearing this, Scott mans up to tell Ramona he loves her. Doing so gave Scott over 9,999 experience points, causing Scott to level up and earned the Power of Love. Now possessing a sword of his own, Scott confronts Roxie and defeated her in a mid-air clash, slicing Roxie in two and causing her to burst into a group of furry woodland critters. After this, Scott apologizes to Mr. Chau for dating his daughter. Mr. Chau accepts, signified by a bow, showing that Scott had earned his respect. Sometime later, Scott moves into Ramona's apartment and the two enjoy the rest of summer. Saying goodbye to Lisa, Ramona also reveals to Scott that she is 24 and that her birthday is January the first.

Death of the Katayanagi Twins

As months passed, Scott's relationship with Ramona started to turn rather dull. The affection held between them stagnated to be of little worth, with Ramona returning to reclusivity, while Scott reverts to his most obnoxious state yet. Scott becomes particularly dubious of Ramona upon sighting the Gideon Graves letter again, becoming uncertain if their love endured beyond their intimate night conversation at Lisa Miller's farewell party. With the band's album decaying and their social circle fragmenting, the arrival of the Katayanagi Twins, Ramona's fifth and sixth ex-boyfriends, pushes their relationship to worst state yet. During a gig arranged by the Twins, Scott Pilgrim fought a robot and broke his brother's bass in the process. Ramona then kicked Scott out of the apartment temporarily and Scott went on to live with Wallace for a while.

Wallace revealed information on Gideon Graves to Scott. Kim revealed that her and Hollie's relationship had also been strained, due to Kim's boyfriend Jason cheating on her with her roommate, and Young Neil had become even more of a dick, replying to questions frustratedly and sarcastically as well as smoking. Scott spent the night at Kim's place. They made arrangements so Scott could casually walk in while Kim and Ramona were talking, which turned out to work. Kim drew attention to Ramona's head glowing, the first time anyone had done so. But when they went to look in a mirror, it had stopped.

When at another one of Julie's parties, the Twins got Scott into fighting a Super Fighting Robot, a battle which he won. Scott went on to get drunk on tequila with Kim and Ramona. Scott and Ramona got home to their apartment where they had sex and afterward, Ramona asked Scott if it was true that he cheated on her with Knives Chau. After some persuasion, he confirmed this. Ramona's head started glowing again and Scott worried aloud that she might break up with him. Ramona was obviously disappointed in Scott for not being who she believed him to be and said that he was just another evil ex-boyfriend waiting to happen.

The following morning, Scott woke up to see that Ramona was no longer in their bed, although he quickly realized she was only in the shower. He picked up a phone call from Kim saying she needed help and he left the building. He found that the Twins had caught Kim in a cage. They worked together so they could fight him more effectively. It seemed like Scott was losing, so Kim tricked Scott into believing Ramona texted her saying she believes in him in order to motivate him. It worked and Scott successfully defeated both Twins. When Scott got back to the apartment, he found Ramona who had cut off her hair. Scott told Ramona that he loved her no matter what, but Ramona started crying and said goodbye to Scott before using the Glow to teleport herself out of the room. Scott accidentally locked himself out of the apartment not long after. Scott slept at Stephen's and then at Kim's again. Ramona's cat also ran away and Scott kept trying to lure it into coming back, but without success. Scott also talked to Wallace again and got to meet his new mystery boyfriend, Mobile (who Scott mistakes him for Gideon due to the fact that he wore glasses).

Gideon Graves' warning

Kim decided to move back to her parents and Scott saw her off before she got on the bus. Scott apologized to her for behaving so badly, and she accepted. Then she left.

Scott ended up getting a new apartment paid for by his parents. His brother also visited him, and Scott mistook him for Gideon due to the fact that he wore glasses.

He read the note Ramona left Gideon earlier, saying she is leaving him, but Scott couldn't figure out why Ramona never sent him the note. Scott also got a phone call from someone he couldn't figure out who it is. The person revealed that he was Gideon, asking Scott this: "When it would be convenient for you to die?"

Breakup of Sex Bob-omb

Scott spent a lot of time postponing his fight with Gideon, dealing with Ramona dumping him by playing video games. He sometimes had nightmares including her, his other ex-girlfriends, and Gideon. Wallace encouraged Scott to sleep with women. He also hung out with Stephen Stills, who made it official that Sex Bob-omb had disbanded and that Stephen now had his own band that Scott wasn't a member of. Scott later got to meet the other members of the band. He also encountered Knives Chau who had now turned eighteen. She announced that she would move from Toronto after she graduated from high school. Scott suggested for them to have "casual sex", but Knives said that she was finally over him, and was trying to learn how to love herself, even though she still loved him. They decided to make out for a while instead but they were very unsatisfied with the turnout.

Scott also met Envy Adams at another party and tried to put the moves on her, but it didn't go very well. He asked her if she wanted to get back together or just have casual sex, which she didn't take very seriously. From his conversation with Envy, he gathered that his memories of their past relationship may not be entirely correct. Scott encountered Gideon but fled.

Ramona's cat also came back and spent the night in Scott's bed. Encouraged by Wallace, Scott went on a "wilderness sabbatical" to Kim's parents in order to cleanse his mind. He and Kim took a walk in the forest and while they were talking, Scott suddenly kissed her, and she kissed him back but stopped it rather quickly. She also reminded him that he did not remember exactly what it was like when they dated, specifically the details concerning Scott moving to Toronto, and how he beat up Simon Lee. Scott's head started glowing and the dark version of himself would return, emerging from the bushes. Scott tried to fight his dark clone, but Kim told him that if he kept forgetting his mistakes, he would only make them again. He also started thinking about Ramona. This resulted in Scott merging with his dark clone and getting his proper memories back. Scott then returned to Toronto.

Chaos Theatre

Scott went to the newly opened Chaos Theatre, owned by Gideon. He met Young Neil there and to the latter's great joy, referred to him as simply "Neil" when introducing him to Stacey Pilgrim. Envy was due to perform the songs of her new solo album at the opening of the club, and while she did so, Scott met Gideon in the crowd. They started to fight and Gideon was shocked to learn that Scott had been left by Ramona. He stole the Power of Love from Scott and invited him to join The League of Evil Ex-Boyfriends, but Scott declined. Gideon then killed Scott using the sword. Scott woke up in the Dream Desert, where he was reunited with Ramona. She apologized to him for being a lousy girlfriend and for being so selfish, leaving him for her own sake and returning for her own sake. Nevertheless, Scott started kissing her, before realizing that he was truly dead. But right in that moment, Scott was reminded that he had an Extra Life, and was thus revived.

Ramona also appeared at Chaos Theatre from Scott's head and Gideon revealed his evil plans to freeze her along with his other ex-girlfriends, awaiting the day when they would all go out with him. Gideon caused everyone's heads to start glowing. During the battle with Gideon, Scott and Ramona argued, and Gideon revealed that he had written a drunken rant on Craigslist which had resulted in the League of Evil Exes. Ramona tried to escape by using The Glow again, but it failed since Gideon ran her through with his sword. Gideon explained the true nature of his invention, the Glow, and what his and Ramona's relationship had been like. Scott used Subspace to travel to Ramona's head, where a far more powerful Gideon awaited him. However, Scott managed to headbutt Gideon, giving him the Glow. Gideon sliced Scott apart, but Ramona told him that even though part of her still belonged to him, the other ones were finished with him, summoning clones of her past selves. This convinced Gideon to get out of Ramona's head, but as he was about to attack Scott once they were back at Chaos Theatre Ramona let her Subspace Suitcase take the blow instead. The bag exploded and Ramona earned the Power of Love.

Scott suddenly realized how his incapability of handling relationships well was similar to Gideon's, which earned him a new sword, The Power of Understanding. Gideon revealed he had built a sword into Envy's dress in case of emergency, and started fighting the others. Ramona managed to disarm him however and together, she and Scott defeated him. Scott also patched things up with Envy, even though Gideon had briefly been her boyfriend. Scott and Ramona explained to some of their friends what had happened during the battle, and what Ramona had been doing when she left Scott, which turned out not to be much. Scott suggested they try to "hold on" and give their relationship another shot. Ramona was doubtful since she thought she couldn't change, but Scott told her it just took practice.

Later life

Scott went back to his old job at The Happy Avocado, which he had avoided going to for a long time. He was promoted to prep cook. Scott finally learned that Stephen was now in a relationship with Joseph, causing him to start fanboying and Joseph to tell Stephen he hated his friends.

Scott started a new band with Kim, named Shatter Band. They tried playing to "the only two people who could ever be their fans", Knives and Neil, but they did not like it since they had developed taste. The new band went on playing to Scott's cat anyway.

Knives said goodbye to Scott before leaving. Then, Scott arranged a meeting with Ramona, where they agreed to try again with their relationship. They took the door to Subspace and jumped together.

Powers and abilities

Fighting skills


Scott is a highly capable fighter, using various moves and techniques derived from various games, most noticeably from the Street Fighter series. Scott's fighting prowess is said to be incredible; according to Kim Pine, it's earned him the title "the best fighter in the Province". He can employ incredible moves such as the Shoryuken and the Air Juggle. Scott has also shown the ability to level up, doing so increases his stats, and grants him a sword to use in combat, Scott is as skillful with swords as he is at hand-to-hand combat, due to him taking a longsword proficiency in Grade 5.

Scott appears to have some amount of absolute strength and durability, as he was able to destroy three robots without too much hassle and was able to survive powerful onslaughts from the Evil Exes, including being thrown into the side of Casa Loma by Lucas Lee, being thrown high into the atmosphere by Todd Ingram, and having a warehouse fall on him. he also possesses absolute speed as he could react, dodge and even land a punch on a faster than the eye can see the opponent.

The Glow

Main article: Glow

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Scott headbutts Gideon, infecting him with the Glow

In volume 4, Scott is infected with Gideon's glow, which in turn results in the awakening of Nega Scott. Although he isn't really able to control it like Gideon and Ramona do, he can still find ways to exploit it such as in volume 6 when Scott passes the Glow to Gideon by headbutting him.

Attacks and moves

Best Fighter in the Province.png
The Shoryuken is a move in which Scott uppercuts the opponent by jumping in the air. He uses during his fight against Matthew Patel.

Its name comes from a similar attack of the same name from the Street Fighter series

The Air Juggle is a move executed mid-air by Scott where he continously hits the opponent 64 times with a punch barrage then finishes by punching him to the ground. He combines this move with the Shoryuken to attack Matthew Patel.

It is a reference to the aerial attacks seen in fighting games such as Super Smash Bros. and Marvel vs. Capcom.

V1-8-reversal1--article image.jpg
Reversal is a counter move in which Scott blocks the opponent's attack and then punches them with enough force to send him to the air. He uses it to counter Matthew Patel coming at full speed from the roof towards him.

Reversal is a standard counter attack that is seen in many fighting games.

The Musical Shield is a force field that Scott and his friends conjure via singing and the power of the friendship, courage and whatever. They use it to defend against Matthew Patel's fireballs.

It does not appear in the movie. Instead, Scott simply dodges the fireballs and then throws a cymbal at Matthew's head.

The Yeti is a projection-like giant monster that is summoned from the distortion pedal of Scott's bass to fight the Snow Dragons of the Katayanagi Twins. Much like the Musical shield, the Yeti is conjured from Sex Bob-omb's musical power and Scott's jealously after seeing Gideon with Ramona.

It is only seen in the movie, however, it makes a cameo as an screen-wide special attack in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game, which appears when all four players use their taunts at the same time.

The X-Strike is a move used by both Scott and Ramona. It consists of them dashing forward with their swords in an "X" position, slashing their opponent. It is used as a finisher to defeat Gideon for good.

It's a reference to the Double Tech of the same name performed by Crono and Frog in the SNES game Chrono Trigger.


The Power of Love is a weapon that Scott unlocks in Volume 4 after confessing his feelings to Ramona. It takes the form of a katana with a heart decoration that emerges from his chest. He uses it to defeat Roxy Richter for good.

In volume 6, Gideon steals it from Scott and kills him with it. After he's revived by his Extra Life, Gideon still uses the sword against him. He also manages to injure Ramona and destroy her Subspace Suitcase. That is until Ramona herself steals it back and uses it to deal the final blow on Gideon.

In the movie, Scott unlocks the sword after announcing his love for Ramona as he confronts Gideon, but after fighting his minions, he loses the sword after clashing blades with Gideon.
The Power of Understanding.jpg
The Power of Understanding is a weapon that Scott unlocks by the end of volume 6 after understanding that he and Gideon are more similar than he realized and that he can change for the better. He uses it to defeat Gideon for good with the help of Ramona wielding the Power of Love.
Scott Power Of Self Respect.png
The Power of Self-Respect is a sword that only appears in the movie. Scott unlocks it after realizing that he's not just fighting Gideon for Ramona, he's also fighting Gideon for himself. He fared much better against Gideon's minions, and then Gideon himself. However, he loses the sword after trying to block a slash from Gideon's Pixel Katana.

Scott's Evil Exes

Despite the main premise of the series is Scott's quest to defeat Ramona Flowers' seven evil exes and balancing it with his own day-to-day life, Scott has racked up his own "Evil Exes".

Knives Chau 2.png
Knives Chau

Knives Chau

The first is Knives Chau, the 17-year-old Chinese school girl whom he dumped for Ramona. Despite her occasional interference to help Scott, since all she wants is for him to be happy, Knives has attacked Ramona twice and Knives' father has gone after Scott as well.

Envy Adams

3852962774 53c473f654 o.png
Envy Adams

The other is Envy Adams, lead vocals for The Clash at Demonhead, former band mate in university, and former girlfriend. Envy arrives on scene dating Ramona's third evil ex, Todd Ingram, the bass player for their group. Despite Todd being the evil ex, it could easily be argued that overcoming Envy is a greater challenge for Scott. At the end of Book 6, the antagonistic nature of his relationship with Envy ended with positive closure after he defeated Gideon and Envy saw the truth of the relationships she had recently had.

Non-evil exes

Kim Pine and Lisa Miller can be considered some of his 'evil' exes. However, Kim still holds strong feelings for him, though she does her best to hide them. Mainly she shows her annoyance at Scott's frequent ineptitude. Although Lisa and Scott never got in a relationship, they held mutual attractions in high school and Lisa (unintentionally) caused the most trouble with the relationship between Scott and Ramona.

Personality and traits

Scott is a cheerful and laid-back individual who is pretty open and friendly to most people. He is quite content with his current situation in life and while he does not show much motivation to better himself unless need be, he also is seemingly unburdened by the same sort of neuroses or issues that his friends have. Furthermore, he does possess an odd form of charisma; despite the complaints and issues of his friends with his faults, they do generally enjoy spending time with him and being his friend, even the stoic Stephen and dour Kim, showing that he serves as something of a bright spot in their lives. However, beneath his cheerful exterior, he has his problems. His dreams show him feeling alone and craving emotional intimacy, but also seems afraid of being able to approach people for it. Beyond this though, he is lackadaisical and even a bit naïve on certain matters. He has a bad tendency to stick his foot in his mouth and not consider the consequences of his words or choices. Ultimately, it's a childlike sensibility, which reflects his good nature, but also naivety and the need to further grow up. This includes being more assertive to confront certain issues he would not want to.

When it comes to romantic relationships, Scott is ultimately a well-intentioned, supportive and caring partner, but not without his problems. He enjoys spending time with his girlfriend and is usually filled with smiles and jokes. He legitimately cares about each one of his girlfriends and views them as all equal to one another. Best noted in his second dream where he is in a band alongside Envy, Kim and most notably Knives, which show that despite the jabs of him dating her as a rebound, he saw her and their relationship just as valid and real as his with Scott and Envy. From first glance, he doesn't appear to do anything wrong in his relationships and seems to be supported by seeing the interactions with others. It's likely why he considered himself a "paragon of virtue."

However, he is still human and thus prone to self-centered or selfish behavior. This has been the main reason for the failure in his romantic relationships. However, this behavior manifests in such a certain and discreet manner that it would not be noticed at first glance. All of Scott's romantic relationships (at least those shown in the novels) have failed as they did because Scott wasn't the one to instigate the break-up. Scott shows great reluctance and discomfort at being confronted with the thought of having to break-up with a girl (this is not explained why though given his proclamation on not fighting girls, it may be a possible extension of how he was raised as such or just plain fear of confrontation.) As such, he will avoid the issue or try to sidestep it until the external factors that have been pushing him to do so instead cause the relationship to collapse.

With him and Kim, it was because he got Lisa to say so rather than he tell her himself. With Knives, it was because he did not break up with her soon after his "hook-up" with Ramona (though that in it of itself is a complicated situation.) This is a reflection of his naivety and selfishness of not wanting to confront unpleasant aspects of relationships and do what is to be needed. His fallout with Envy is a variation of this as we eventually learn that the breakup was instigated from a big fight he had with Envy after he got drunk (presumably based on all the frustrations and problems that were formed from her changes in behavior and decisions on the band over the choices of the others). However, given how Wallace would recommend to Scott he dump her upon first meeting her, the implications are it went as bad as it did because he did not end his relationship with Envy sooner (instead it built up until he ends up drunk and the fight happens.)

Additionally, Scott failed to notice this fault because of its subtle and counterintuitive manifestation. When he is forced to speak on his and Kim's relationship, he doesn't blame either one of them. Regarding him and Envy, he seems to somewhat blame her for it ending (though this is the consensus shared by his friends.) With him and Knives though, he does admit that he was not a good boyfriend to her in that regard He would be forced to confront the issue in the form of the Nega Scott. He seems heavily reluctant to, lending more to the nonconfrontational aspect of him. Furthermore, it's likely because it carries the shame that he ended up doing what he was trying to avoid doing. With Kim's encouragement though, he does fuse with NegaScott, as a form of accepting his mistakes, which makes him regain his memory of all past events of his failed relationships. This makes his confrontation with Gideon more meaningful as when it comes to relationships, Gideon is a dark reflection of Scott. Both are rooted in selfishness, but while Scott's is unintentional, roundabout and ultimately to accept his shortcomings, Gideon's is intentional, bluntly straightforward and he does not acknowledge it as a flaw. Additionally, Scott genuinely cared for each one of his girlfriends as individuals, Gideon saw them as extensions of himself to fawn over him.

Apparently, Scott used to be a frequent drinker, even though he repeatedly says that he doesn't drink at all. He stopped drinking after his break-up with Envy Adams (thus, what Stephen Stills said about Scott having been drunk the night Envy broke up with him was true), after which he always denies his history as a drinker whenever it comes up. This is why everyone always says "Oh right" when Scott says he doesn't drink. While he does come to admit that he sometimes drinks, he is never seen to be enjoying it.[1]

The events in the book and movie are mostly seen through Scott's worldview. This is clear from Volume 1 with his presentation tag: "Scott Pilgrim... Rating: Awesome". In addition, this places the accuracy of the flashbacks, and even the entire series, into question, as Scott can be considered an unreliable narrator.

Portrayal in adaptions

In vs. the World

Scott movie.jpg
Michael Cera as Scott Pilgrim

Scott Pilgrim is played by Michael Cera whose previous works include Superbad, Juno, Youth in Revolt, Year One, Nick and Norah' s Infinite Playlist, and Arrested Development.

Instead of being 23 years old, like in the comic book, Scott is 22.

Scott plays a Fireglo Rickenbacker 4003 Bass Guitar, which has to be fixed with duct tape after the fight with Todd Ingram, even though he has a Sunburst Fender Jazz Bass Guitar in the back of the rehearsal room. After Scott refuses Gideon's offer to be the band's sponsor, Young Neil steals his bass but plays a Jetglo Rickenbacker 4003 Bass at the Chaos Theatre.

Scott's brain is shown as a gauge or a wheel with responses to say. At one point, Ramona asks about Knives and the wheel in Scott's head gets stuck between "I have to pee" and "Who her?" to which he says "I have to pee on her."

After defeating the Katayanagi twins, he tries to tell Ramona that he is in love with her, but instead, he blurts out, "I'm in lesbians with you!"

After losing Ramona and his band to Gideon, Wallace tells Scott that he should give up on Ramona, and move out of their apartment. However, after overhearing Scott's phone conversation with Gideon, he changes his mind, telling Scott that Gideon is a "perfect asshole" and that Scott should destroy him.

After being asked why he's fighting for Ramona, Scott responds that he is in love with her, earning him the "Power of Love" sword. He loses the sword in a heated battle with Gideon. Knives swoops in to prevent Gideon from finishing off Scott, right before she focuses on a captive Ramona. As Scott tries to break up the fight, he accidentally reveals that he cheated on Knives with Ramona. In the midst of the emotional turmoil that followed, Gideon manages to stab Scott from behind, killing him.

He then finds himself in a dream-like sequence. Ramona visits him, telling him that she literally can't get Gideon out of her head, as he implanted a chip in the back of her head, and that maybe she isn't the one Scott should be fighting for. Then Scott remembers he got an Extra Life from the Katayanagi twins and rewinds back to when he arrived at the Chaos Theatre (in a deleted scene, he rewinds to the moment when he sees Wallace naked with another guy, and complains about having to see that again).

Scott makes up with his friends, giving Young Neil his spot as bassist, along with the even greater honor of being known simply as "Neil". When Gideon asks if Scott wants to fight him for Ramona, Scott replies that he is fighting for himself. This earns him the Power of Self-Respect (in place of The Power of Understanding in the book). Scott, Knives, and Ramona defeat Gideon. Scott shortly afterward confronts his evil doppelganger Nega Scott, but instead of fighting, they "shoot the shit" and make plans to meet for brunch.

Ramona intends to leave Scott to start her life over, but Knives tells Scott to chase Ramona instead. At the end of the film, Scott and Ramona renew their relationship and walk into a Subspace door holding hands.

When Ramona asks Scott how old Knives is, the roulette wheel in his mind has the following choices: "She's Nobody", "She's Forty!", "Idiot!", "No Speaka English", "When's Dinner", "Uhh...", "Tell Pac Man Story", "No, You Are", "Pass Out", "It Was Nothing", "Who Her?" and "I Gotta Pee".

In vs. The World: The Game

Knives Scott Assist Game Pic.jpg
Enemies fall at the power of Knives' LOVE for Scott.
Scott's main art in the game.

Scott is one of the seven playable characters you can choose from in the game. (This is his game, after all). Many of his moves are references to Street Fighter (his Super Attack is the Shinku Tatsumaki Senpukyaku while one of his Tech Moves is the Fukiage).

Whenever Scott clears an area, he exits the screen by teleporting, a reference to the Mega Man series.

Scott's sprite from the game appears twice in the movie: the head is used as the extra life Scott obtains after he defeats the Katayanagi Twins, and the sprite itself appears and beats up the "The End" logo before teleporting away after the credits.


4913251217 a541e331d9 b.jpg
Happily ever after?

Scott's ending in the game is much different than the movie and the books. After Gideon's defeat, Ramona leaves Scott. Sometime later, he begins to have a relationship among all three of his ex-girlfriends (Envy, Kim, and Knives). It is uncertain if he is truly happy.

Playing as other characters lead Scott to different fates:

  • Ramona's ending is canonical, following the books with her and Scott together and about to jump through subspace.
  • In Stephen Stills' ending, Scott, Stephen, and Kim become famous and rich.
  • In Kim's ending, she walks toward a nervous Scott's direction with a suggestive smile, only to walk right past him and hook-up with Knives, while a confused Stephen Stills and Scott look on.
  • In Knives' ending, she is getting married to a very confused Scott.
  • In Nega Scott's ending, Scott and his friends become Nega Scott's slaves. Nega Scott dominates the world.

Game sprites

In Other Media


Peng 33.jpg
Scott's cameo in PENG

Scott Pilgrim makes a cameo appearance in another graphic novel published by Oni Press, Corey Lewis's PENG. He appears as a substitute for the protagonists' team and is called to take Kurt's place. Scott refuses, not knowing why he is even there.


Scott in seconds.png
Scott and Ramona in Seconds

Scott, along with Ramona, also makes a cameo appearance in another Bryan Lee O'Malley comic, "Seconds". Scott and Ramona can be seen eating together in the protagonist's restaurant. Scott was eating avocado (could be a reference to The Happy Avocado) and Ramona was eating salad and some kind of bread.

Behind the scenes

Dorky hat.png
Scott wearing his Holden-esque hat from Volume 2.

Scott Pilgrim is portrayed by Michael Cera, who is popular for his portrayal of a young Chuck Barris in Confessions of a Dangerous Mind.

In both the book and the movie, Scott is seen wearing a hat that appears very similar to the headwear of the main character Holden Caulfield from J. D. Salinger's classic novel The Catcher in the Rye – just like Holden's hat, Scott's is red in colour and has a peak and ear flaps. Knives labeled it "dorky" to which Scott objected.

It is revealed in the color edition of Volume 1 that Scott's height is about 5'10"-5'11'', making him slightly above average height for a male.

His birthday is September 27th, 1980. That would make him 41 in 2022.

When Kim says Scott is the best fighter in the province, she refers to Scott winning the All-Ontario Fighting Tournament when he was 19. This was originally going to be put in a flashback during Volume 6.[2]

Scott's X-Men patch (representing Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters) appears in both the comic and the movie on his coat. He admits to making the patch himself in the comic.


Scott Pilgrim is named after the song "Scott Pilgrim" by Plumtree, one of creator Bryan Lee O'Malley's favorite songs. Scott's hobby is playing video games, strongly influenced by Mr. O'Malley. He lives in Toronto, in the Canadian province of Ontario and is the bassist for the indie rock band Sex Bob-omb. In the books, Scott Pilgrim plays a Fireglo Rickenbacker 4001C64. O'Malley chose this bass as it was the dream guitar that he could not afford....


"You once were a Ve-gone, but now you will be gone."- (In the movie) - Scott to Todd Ingram

"Bread makes you fat?!" (In the movie) - Scott to Ramona Flowers

"You suck, surprising no one! If bad was a boot, you'd fit it! You're a stupid poo-poo head! I had sexual relations with your mother! Your mother was not that good in bed! You, sir, are a wretched soul! I am rubber, you are glue!"

"I'm in lesbians with you!"- (In the movie) - Scott to Ramona Flowers

"That's not what your mom said last night!"- (In Vs. the Animation) - Scott to Simon Lee

"You cocky cock!"- (in the movie) - Scott to Todd Ingram

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