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Quote1.png 'Scott Pilgrim vs. the World is about love and perseverance, about standing up for what you believe in – nothing complicated, the basic values - and all done with a fizzy originality that will keep you giggling. Quote2.png

Hollywood and Fine

Quote1.png Always destined to be a point of contention, professional shrinking violet, Michael Cera, manages to pull off a version of lead character Scott Pilgrim that has glimpses of brilliance. Quote2.png

IGN Australia

Quote1.png In a series of set-pieces—all of this photographed by the cinematographer of the Matrix trilogy, by the way—our hapless hero, unprepossessing in the extreme, finds himself flying through the air like an anime character, getting slammed through a brick wall like one of The Three Stooges, and being punted hundreds of feet into the air like in a Warner Bros. cartoon, and rather than seeming silly, it all plays with perfect sense within the fantasy framework constructed here. Quote2.png

Film Journal International

Quote1.png Although far too much of the story is taken up with the boys' video-game like fights, this does not stamp out the story's ever-surging comic energy. Quote2.png

Spirituality & Practice

Quote1.png The various exes are like the end-of-level bosses who have special powers and abilities that Scott must find a way to overcome. Not only is this gaming approach an exciting stylistic device but it is also used as a simple yet effective metaphor for Scott having to find his inner strength in order to win Ramona’s love. Quote2.png

Cinema Autopsy

Quote1.png That a movie so clearly aimed at young people can include gay characters and themes so effortlessly and without a whiff of judgment, shame or apology is incredibly encouraging. Quote2.png

Camp Blood

Quote1.png 'Scott Pilgrim vs. the World is highly entertaining, from minute to minute, and its semi-mythical portrayal of Torontonian life is entirely charming. Quote2.png