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Scott Pilgrim vs. The Animation is an animated short based on Bryan Lee O'Malley's Scott Pilgrim series. At "around midnight" on August 12, 2010, during their Adult Swim programming block, Cartoon Network premiered Scott Pilgrim vs. the Animation in segments during commercial breaks. The animation is an adaptation of the first chapter in Volume 2.


In an adaption to the first chapter of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, Scott is sitting outside the principal's office after he gets into a fight within the first fifteen minutes on his first day at St. Joel's Catholic Secondary School. Scott meets Lisa who is also sitting outside the principal's office, where they become fast friends.

Afterwards, Scott meets Kim in their geography class and they both get to know one another.

Scott and Lisa are in the assembly hall where they are watching the school band. Scott tells Lisa about Kim and is the drummer on stage. Both Scott and Lisa agree that Kim would be a good member for their band, with Lisa declaring that she would get her eye-liner. Scott later tells Lisa that she "likes" Kim, assuming that Scott has feelings for her, Lisa responds by telling him that he barely even knows her, but Scott clarifies that he'd like her to join their band and tells Lisa that he will ask her on Monday.


Scott Pilgrim vs. The Animation

The full version of Scott Pilgrim vs. The Animation

On the Monday, Scott arrives late to school, having missed the bus. As a result, he misses getting beat up by the Benvie Tech Boys which Lisa reveals, have kidnapped Kim. Scott arrives at Benvie Tech High in order to save Kim. He fights through the crowd of students and demands to know where Simon Lee, the ringleader, is. After confronting Simon on the roof, Scott and Simon both fight as Kim is kept as Simon's prisoner.

Throwing Simon off the roof, Scott saves Kim and tells her that they should be dating and asks her to be in his band, which she immediately accepts. Afterwards, they both kiss and get together.

In a montage sequence, Scott, Kim, Lisa and Lauren spend time together hanging out, Sonic and Knuckles, the new band formed with Scott, Lisa and Kim as members perform at the Lunchapalooza, and ends with Scott telling Kim that he is moving to Toronto.

Kim looks sad and walks away as Scott leaves for Toronto.



In conjunction with the release of Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, Titmouse, Inc. (producers of Metalocalypse) had animated the series of shorts for Adult Swim. They were voiced by movie cast members, and elaborated on the Scott PilgrimKim Pine "secret" origin.

Scenes from Bryan Lee O'Malley's graphic novels are also used, and Mae Whitman, who plays Roxie Richter in the movie, was called on to voice Scott's could-have-been high school flame Lisa Miller in the short. The animation notes that Lisa does not appear in the movie (although she was mentioned).

Additionally, Jason Schwartzman, who plays Gideon Graves in the movie, voices Simon Lee, Kim Pine's ex-boyfriend, and one of Scott's earliest combatants.

The song played throughout the short is "Post Acid" by Wavves.


Two clips from the shorts have debuted so far, one that shows Scott and Lisa's first meeting, and another that is a commercial for the animated special. The narrator from the commercial spot states: "Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World' is almost in theaters. If you don't already love it, you will. [adult swim] wants to marry it, so we made this animated short straight from the comic and put it on TV. This Thursday night around midnight, watch it. Then, see Scott Pilgrim vs. the World in stunning live-action August 13th, only in theaters. Win/win!"


According to Adult Swim, they plan to put the short online at their website, and on Facebook soon after they air on cable - for those who do not have Cartoon Network, or may have missed it.

Home Video[]

A slightly reedited compilation of the two shorts has been included as a bonus feature on Blu-ray releases of the film Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. This version removes the ending teaser for the film, and replaces the licensed music with We Are Sex Bob-omb and Threshold.



  • Scott's car has the license plate "PLM 7R3", a Leet Speak abbreviation of Plumtree, an all-girl Canadian indie band that sang "Scott Pilgrim", the main character's namesake.
  • During the scene where Scott and Lisa talk about starting a band, a picture of the Titmouse Inc. logo can be seen hanging in Scott's room.
  • When Scott and Kim are sitting together at night, you can see a hole in the Moon, obviously in reference to Todd Ingram punching a hole in the Moon for Ramona Flowers, implying that Ramona was already dating Todd at this point.
  • The song whose first few seconds play at the beginning and whose chorus part plays for a few seconds in the scene where a montage of the time Scott and Kim spent together takes place is "Post Acid" by Wavves.
  • Scott's going over to and fighting at Benvie Tech to save Kim is a reference to the game River City Ransom. There are also several other references:
    • The last boss of the game is also named Simon.
    • "The Benvie Boy's Turf!!!" resembles the message that will appear when the player enters different areas controlled by different gangs in that game.
  • Some of the scenes from the animation are referenced in Kim Pine's flashback in the Scott Pilgrim Takes Off episode, "Ramona Rents a Video".