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Scott Pilgrim vs. the World is a film based on the Scott Pilgrim graphic novels, directed by Edgar Wright. The title is shared by the 2nd book in the series: Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. According to the draft script, the movie was originally going to be called Scott Pilgrim's Little Life (not Precious Little Life). The plot of the film includes Scott Pilgrim battling the exes of Ramona Flowers in order to win her love.

The film was released in theaters in North America on August 13, 2010, and was released on DVD and Blu-ray on November 9, 2010. The DVD included deleted scenes, bloopers, and commentary from the cast and crew.



Black Ninja vs. Nega Ninja

The story begins in Toronto where the members of Sex Bob-omb, Scott Pilgrim (Michael Cera), the bass guitarist and second vocalist, Stephen Stills (Mark Webber), the guitarist and first vocalist and Kim Pine (Alison Pill), the drummer, live. Scott states that he's dating high-schooler Knives Chau (Ellen Wong) and that they have done many things together, like riding the bus and going to the arcade to play Ninja Ninja Revolution (a parody of Dance Dance Revolution.). Knives arrives at Scott's house and goes to the living room so Scott can introduce her to his band. When Knives arrives, Sex Bob-omb plays "LaunchPad McQuack (not the actual title of the song according to Stills.)" for Knives and Young Neil (Johnny Simmons). After the song, Knives states that Scott, Stills and Kim are so amazing. Scott tells Wallace Wells (Kieran Culkin) about the whole dating a high-schooler thing, but warns him not to tell his sister, Stacey Pilgrim (Anna Kendrick), but Wallace texts her about the whole thing anyways, which leads to Scott receives a phone call from her, insulted. When school ends, Scott and Wallace are standing outside the school, waiting for Knives. Knives come out, and her and Scott start to date, they did lots of things together (play Ninja Ninja Revolution, go to the CD store, walk through snowy Toronto and see the house Scott grew up in.)

Meeting Ramona Flowers[]

Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Ramona Flowers.

Scott then dreams that he's so alone in a hot desert, a 24-year old girl Ramona Flowers (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) tells Scott that's he just having an idiotic dream. While dating Knives for the second time, Scott sees Ramona again in the library, but is just Scott's imagination, as Stills tells him that he only played one bass guitar note for the entire 'Garbage Truck' song. Sex Bob-omb goes to Julie's party and asks Michael Comeau (Nelson Franklin) about his describing of Ramona (Do you know this one girl with hair like this? whilst holding up a scribbly picture of Ramona's hair) Comeau tells Scott that it's Ramona Flowers and she's going to be at the party. Scott runs into Ramona for the third time and begins chatting to her.

Scott asks if he's dreaming, and decides that he'll leave Ramona alone forever now, but just stalked Ramona until she left the party. Scott then asks everyone what they know about Ramona Flowers (she's American, she has boyfriends, knew her back in New York, she kicks all kinds of ass, she's on another level, she has men dying at her feet, she's got battle scars, moved to Toronto, got a job as a delivery girl on, comes in to the second cup where Julie works.) Julie forbids Scott from hitting on Ramona, because she thinks Scott's a total-killer-lady-wannabe-jerky-jerk because of the time with Lisa Miller, the time with Holly and the time Scott dumped Kim, except Scott and Kim are on good terms now. Wallace is told about Ramona, and Wallace suggests Scott should break up with Knives, and so does Stacey, as Scott receives another phone call with her, insulted. Scott orders CDs from as a time to meet Ramona again. Scott receives an e-mail from Matthew Patel (Satya Bhabha) that they will be fighting during the Toronto International Battle of the Bands at the Rockit on Wednesday night, but Scott finds the e-mail boring and deletes it. After another date with Knives, Stills tells Knives about the show at the Rockit's International Battle of the Bands and that's they're battling another band called Crash and the Boys (Crash, vocalist, bass guitarist, Joel MacMillan, guitarist, Trasha Ha, drummer).

Crash and the Boys.

In a dream school hallway, Scott sees Ramona roller-blading with his package, Scott runs down the corridor leading to the outside door of Scott's apartment. Scott wakes up and opens the door, while meeting Ramona again, Scott asks Ramona out (even though Scott acts like it's stupid) but they will if Scott signs the contract for his package, Scott signs it and throws it in the bin and Scott asks Ramona out at Hillcrest Park, 8 o'clock.

While walking, Scott and Ramona starting chatting. After a while, Ramona shows Scott a subspace door, Scott and Ramona walk over to it to enter Ramona's house, during the coldness Scott suffers, he walks to Ramona's bedroom, but finds out that's Ramona's changing, and apologizes because he was cold. Ramona decides to let Scott sleep in Ramona's bed for the night, though he strips down like her the two agree not to have sex without consent. The next morning, Scott asks Ramona to come to the first round of the Toronto International Battle of the Bands at the Rockit, when Ramona leaves, Scott asks Ramona for her phone number and Ramona gives it to him along with a cryptic message.

Matthew Patel[]

At the Rockit, Ramona comes over just like Scott requested, Stacey introduces Ramona to Wallace, Scott's gay roommate and Stacey's boyfriend Jimmy (Kjarthan Hewitt) and Knives, but Scott looks at Ramona and Knives, and runs to the backstage area. Crash and the Boys go on-stage to play their songs, their first song is "I Am So Sad, I'm So Very, Very Sad" which starts and ends with "So sad!" and their last song is a 'tribute' song to Wallace, who keeps taunting them from the balcony, "We Hate You Please Die". While they play the song, Stills is worried that they will never win and sign with G-Man (Jason Schwartzman) and never play

"My name is Matthew Patel and I'm Ramona's first evil ex-boyfriend."

opening night at his Chaos Theatre. As Scott watches from the balcony, he notices Ramona is sitting next to Knives, and this time it's a nightmare come true to Scott. Sex Bob-omb goes on the stage to play their only song, 'Garbage Truck', but the performance is interrupted by the fight with Matthew Patel. While fighting, Ramona tells Scott about her and Matthew's relationship, Matthew is insulted by this and goes into a musical battle and summons his fireballs and demon hipster chicks to fight Scott. While trying to incinerate Scott, Scott throws a cymbal at Matthew and punches him in the face, KO'ing him. Scott gets $2.40 and 1000 points for defeating Matthew. Scott's amount of money for defeating Matthew isn't enough for a bus back home. Crash and the Boys were incinerated, leaving Sex Bob-omb the winners by default. On the bus, Ramona tells Scott that if they're going to continue to date, Scott will have to defeat her seven evil exes.


Scott goes back into his apartment, feeling happy because he got the second (maybe first and a half) base last night and he has a second date tonight. Scott tells Wallace that Ramona's coming to his house so he doesn't

A poster for one of Lucas Lee's movie, The Game Is Over 2.

want Wallace gaying up the place, but Wallace wants Scott to break up with Knives while he watches the Lucas Lee (Chris Evans) marathon who was this pretty good skater, now this pretty good actor and they're filming a new movie starring with him in Toronto and Wallace is staking him. If Scott doesn't break up with Knives, he'll tell Ramona about Knives. While Wallace is watching a Lucas Lee movie called 'Spike: Get More Action: Cold Call', Scott finally breaks up with Knives, mortifying her.

Back at Scott's house, Sex Bob-omb are doing band practice for the second round of the Battle of the Bands. This time they're performing 'Summertime'. Ramona moves over to Scott's house for a date, Scott is surprised that Ramona's hair is now blue, he learns that Ramona changes her hair every week and a half. Later on, Ramona and Scott eat garlic bread. Ramona tells Scott that bread makes you fat. Scott tells Ramona that he wrote a song about her and gives her a sneak preview of it. Suddenly, Scott realizes he needs a haircut (Envy dumped Scott because of his hair), so he covers his hair with a hat and lies to Ramona that they could go for a walk.

Lucas Lee[]

Scott Pilgrim VS Lucas Lee and his Stunt Team

They arrive at the location for the new Lucas Lee movie. Wallace is there, too. As Lucas enters the location to the Universal Theme, he talks to Scott that the only thing keeping him in Ramona apart are the two minutes it's gonna take to kick Scott's ass. He punches Scott and throws him to a castle. He punches Scott again as he gets off the airbags. Scott then realizes Lucas has stunt doubles for his movies. Scott then needs to fight his nine stunt doubles before fighting the real Lucas. Although he was knocked down by the doubles, Scott knocked them all down. As Scott and Lucas charge to each other Ninja Gaiden-style, Scott jumps and Lucas kicks him before Scott can even attack and lands on the ground through a paper background. After the fight, Lucas is dared to do an impossible skating stunt that nobody has ever done in their entire lives. Scott successfully defeats him as Lucas failed to perform the stunt and dissolved into coins and Scott is awarded 2000 points for defeating him. After defeating Lucas, Scott discovers that Ramona isn't where she was standing anymore and asks what the big deal was.

Envy Adams

The next morning, Scott is wondering what the deal was with Ramona's disappearance and says that everything sucks. Wallace reveals that the seven X's are seven deadly exes. Scott groans about this, Wallace tells him that if he wants something bad, he has to fight for it and step up his game and break out the L word (Love) and if Ramona is the girl of Scott's dream, then he has to let her know he has overcome any and all obstacles that lie in his path and he can do it and be with her and it's his destiny and wants him to move out. Scott receives a phone call from Envy Adams, one of Scott's 3 ex-girlfriends. Scott tells Envy about Ramona, and Wallace says that everything does suck. Wallace receives a phone call for Knives Chau, who is it outside, for Scott. Wallace lies to Knives that he just left (Scott was still inside until Wallace finished speaking.)

A mysterious encounter[]

Outside, Scott is walking outside Toronto and has an encounter mysterious female ninja. The female tries to attack Scott and punches her in the boob. The ninja warns Scott that she'll be deadly serious next time.

Scott goes to a phone box to phone Stacey for help. He goes to the Second Cup, even though Stacey has left and when Scott comes in, Julie is angry about him hitting on Ramona after she "told him not to ******* do that". Ramona is encountered again and Scott learns that Ramona is hard to be around sometimes. Scott and Ramona encounter Envy Adams again, Envy becomes jealous because of Ramona. Back home, Stills reveals that The Clash at Demonhead are doing a secret show at Lee's Palace and Envy asked Sex Bob-omb to open for them. Knives stalking Scott and Ramona outside the house, Knives is angry because she thinks Ramona stole him, so she dyes part of her hair blue like Ramona and texts Young Neil as a scam to try and get Scott back (YUNG NEIL ITZ KNIVES. OMFG UR SO HOTT)

Todd Ingram[]

Todd uses his vegan powers on Scott.

At Lee's Palace, Sex Bob-omb performs. After the performance, Stills thinks that Ramona thinks they suck, while Ramona is washing her hands at a sink, she encounters Knives (which she reacts to "What the hell?"). Knives rushes to Young Neil, Kim is surprised that Knives is hanging out with Young Neil. And then it was time for The Clash at Demonhead, Scott asks that the guy on bass is Todd Ingram (Brandon Routh) and Scott realizes that he's one of Ramona's evil exes. After the band's performance, Julie says that Sex Bob-omb needs to come backstage, as a request by Envy. Young Neil is asked by Knives "How does he know Envy?" which Neil responds to "Scott dated her." Knives is surprised and has a text emotion face on her like this: :O.

Scott Pilgrim VS Todd Ingram

On backstage, Todd finally meets Ramona after a long while. Ramona suggests that Scott and her should get out of Lee's Palace. The Clash at Demonhead looks at Knives (with blue hair like Ramona) and Envy and starts talking to her until Knives says she that kissed the lips that kissed Envy. So Envy orders Todd to punch the highlights out of Knives' hair. Scott is angered and jumps to Todd to attack him. But, Scott realizes that Todd is a vegan and Todd throws out of Lee's Palace and up in the sky. Upon landing on trash bags, Ramona tells Scott about their relationship. Realizing their relationship, Scott wonders if Ramona has dumped everyone she's ever been with. Scott tries to attack Todd again but swings him back into Lee's Palace. Scott gets a bass guitar and gets funky as Scott and Todd engage in a Bass Battle. After the battle, Scott is forced through 3 walls and tries to strip Todd of his vegan powers by making him drink half and half, Todd takes the drink that he thinks Scott put soy in. But Scott reveals that he put soy in the other cup. The Vegan Police arrive because Todd just drank half and half, they use the Deveganizing Ray to strip Todd of his vegan powers. Now powerless, Scott headbutts Todd causing him to explode into coins and allowing Scott to earn 3000 points upon his defeat. The Vegan Police high-five and leave. After the fight, Scott tells Envy that she kicked his heart in the ass so they're even and calls her real name "Natalie" as no one ever said her name. Scott and Ramona leave Lee's Palace. As they leave, Julie pops up and tells Envy that for the record, she's so pissed off for her which Envy responds to "Shut the **** up, Julie".

Roxanne Ritcher[]

Roxanne "Roxie" Richter VS Ramona Flowers

During the after-party to the Clash at Demonhead concert, Ramona is told about Scott's relationship with his ex-girlfriends before he dumped them. After that, the ninja from before shows up, revealing herself to be Roxie Richter (Mae Whitman), the fourth evil ex. Scott doesn't what Roxy is talking about until the bar in his head goes from 'NO CLUE' to 'GETS IT'. Ramona says the whole thing was just a phase and that she was just a little bi-curious and Roxy says she's a little bi-furious and tries to kick Scott in his face. Ramona grabs her legs and throws her back. Ramona intervenes for most of the fight due to Scott's reluctance to fight a girl. After a while, Roxy says in order to defeat her, Scott must battle her with his own bare fists, and Ramona grabs Scott so he attack Roxy. After one of Roxy's teleportation attacks, Scott is already hit by Roxy's knee and with a hint from Ramona, he prods the back of her knee, which makes her fall to the ground, and she dies saying her final words (You'll never be able to do this to her!!).

After finishing her speech, she explodes into coins and Scott is rewarded 4000 points for defeating Roxy. Scott, frustrated with his now hectic relationship, gets in an argument with Ramona, who runs off after informing him of who his next opponents are via list.

The Katayanagi Twins[]

Sex Bob-omb and the Yeti VS The Katayanagi Twins and the Snow Dragons

Stills tells Scott about the Katayanagi Twins, who are the next band in the battle. During the second round of the battle of the bands (AMP vs AMP), Sex Bob-omb faces off against the fifth and six evil exes, twin Katayanagi brothers, Kyle (Shota Saito) and Ken (Keita Saito). After they tear the roof off with the power of their music, Sex Bob-omb and the twins engage in a musical battle, after being blown back by their snow dragons' breath, Kim reveals the location of Gideon and Ramona (now with green hair). Scott is angered that Ramona is with Gideon (who is G-Man). With the power of their music, the twins and Sex Bob-Omb summon two dragons and an ape-like creature, respectively, who brawl over the spectacled crowd. The ape creature throws the dragons at the twins, defeating them, which earns Scott 5000 to 6000 points an Extra Life.

Gideon Graves (G-Man).

Scott runs outside to tell Ramona that he knows he has reasons for not wanting to talk about not wanting to talk about her past, and avoid getting hurt and Scott doesn't care about that stuff because he's in "lesbians" with her and means it. But, Ramona says they need to break up because of Gideon (he put a G-Man chip on her back) and offers Sex Bob-omb to sign a contract to play opening night at the Chaos Theatre. But Scott refuses and Young Neil is the replacement for Scott. Sex Bob-omb leaves, except Scott, because he said lesbians instead of love. Feeling sorry for himself, he goes to the park to think about what he did. Stacey comes to the park to tell not to date the girl with 'eleven evil-ex boyfriends'. But Scott tells Stacey it's seven.

Back at the apartment, Wallace orders Scott to turn off the light because he some guy's junk, Scott is told that Wallace needs his own bed tonight for sex. Wallace suggests for Scott to move in with Ramona, but Scott tells Wallace that she's with Gideon. Scott receives a phone call from Gideon that he feels terrible about earlier and doesn't want any hard feelings so he gave him a call. Ramona is held captive by Gideon, Scott is told that he's opening the Chaos Theatre in Toronto and Sex Bob-omb is playing opening night tonight. Scott tells Gideon he'll see him there and this time, Gideon doesn't want any more bad blood between exes. This time, it's personal, as Wallace orders Scott to finish him like the Mortal Kombat character Shao Khan does.

To Chaos Theatre[]

Scott Pilgrim holding the Power of Love sword in the movie.

As Scott rushes to the Chaos Theatre (level 7), and goes down the elevator, he walks to Sex Bob-omb performing "No Fun (ft. Young Neil on bass)". Then he encounters Gideon Graves, the final evil ex and Scott tells him he's fighting him for Ramona which earns him the Power of Love sword and a level up. Gideon summons his hipsters to kill Scott. After killing all of the hipsters, Scott tries to attack Gideon in mid-air, like the NES game Ninja Gaiden, but Scott is attacked and his Power of Love sword. As Gideon is about to kill Scott, Knives jumps into action and fights Ramona for Scott even though Ramona didn't steal him. During the fight, Scott and Gideon fight bare-handed. After a while, Scott elbows Gideon two times and throws him off the platform and breaks up the fight between Knives and Ramona to reveal that Scott cheated on both of them, but Scott is impaled in the back by Gideon's sword before he can even apologize to the two of them.

Scott awakens in a hot desert, where Ramona reveals Gideon's relationship with her and that Gideon installed a G-Man chip on her back which Scott responds to "That is evil!" Ramona tells him he fought well, but perhaps he should have been fighting for something besides just her. Scott returns back to life thanks to the extra life he got from the Katayanagi Twins and rewinds to him rushing to the Chaos Theatre and gets a x2 power bonus.

Gideon Graves[]

This time, he resolves issues with his friends. Underground, Scott tells Stephen that Sex Bob-omb sounds better without them, Young Neil learned well on bass and will be known as "Neil". He also apologizes to Kim for his past mistakes with her, causing her to crack a smile for the first time. Scott then states that he's fighting Gideon for himself which earns him the Power of Self-Respect sword and another level up. Scott goes rage mode on Gideon's hipsters and takes Gideon down with the sword, as the Ninja Gaiden mid-air strike is repeated. Gideon seemingly dies from the sword, rewarding Scott with 7000 points. Knives jumps into the theatre and attacks Ramona, kicking her in the back of the head. She tries to kill Ramona but her knives are blocked by Scott's sword. Scott then reveals that he cheated both of them and he's sorry and Knives didn't mean what she about Ramona. Meanwhile the chip Gideon installed in Ramona's back shuts down, thanks to Knives' kick.

Scott and Knives go Ninja Ninja Revolution all over Gideon.

Gideon suddenly stands up and demands that the fight resume. This time, Gideon uses seven hand seal techniques to summon his Pixel Katana and multiply his stats by 7. Gideon tries to kill Scott again, but Knives blocks Gideon's attack and activates 2-player mode. As the three of them fight, Gideon performs a jumping sword strike, and breaks the Power of Self-Respect sword. Ramona then knees Gideon in the crotch and Knives steals his pixel katana. Furious, he hits Ramona and kicks her down the stairs. With Knives and Scott angry, they go Ninja Ninja Revolution all over Gideon and defeat him. As Gideon is dying, he tells Scott that he's a pain in Gideon's ass and took him two hours to get all the evil exes' contact information to form the league. He then berates Scott telling him that he's not cool enough for Ramona. Just as Gideon is about to blow up right now, Scott kicks him in the face, KO'ing him and earning Scott and Knives $7,000,000,000. Afterwards, Gideon is defeated and the league is destroyed forever. When Scott picks up Gideon glasses, he sees his dark half, Negascott (Michael Cera), but tells Knives and Ramona that it's a challenge Scott needs to face himself and goes to a solo round with Negascott.


The Ninja Ninja Revolution continue countdown at one.

In a hilarious anti-climax, no actual battle takes place because Negascott turns out to be a "nice guy" whom Scott befriends. Ramona starts to leave because she came to Toronto to escape but the past keeps catching up to her and that she's tired of people getting hurt because of her. Scott says bye to her, but Knives wants to Scott to get her, because she's too cool for him (like Wallace said so). Scott catches up to Ramona to a wander and try again. Feeling pleased, Scott and Ramona walk into a subspace door to try again anew. As the subspace door closes, the continue text from Ninja Ninja Revolution appears and counts down from 10 to 1 and the credits roll.

After the credits, Scott's sprite from the game appears punching up "The End" logo before teleporting away in a fashion like Mega Man.

Alternate ending[]

After Scott "defeats" NegaScott, Scott and Ramona walk down a street, and agree to break up. After the break-up, Scott goes back to Knives, start dating again, and are seen playing Ninja Ninja Revolution again, having fun and the movie ends using the countdown of Ninja Ninja Revolution.


The League of Evil Exes[]

Cast (Latin Mexican dub)[]


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Main article: Scott Pilgrim Movie Score

The film features both an original score and various songs, which were released on two separate albums. The score of the film was composed by Nigel Godrich. The film's soundtrack includes songs by various artists such as Metric, Plumtree, Beck, and new songs created specifically for the film.


The film has generally received positive reviews from critics. It holds an 81% on Rotten Tomatoes based on 233 reviews, the consensus being: "Its script may not be as dazzling as its eye-popping visuals, but Scott Pilgrim vs. the World is fast, funny, and inventive." On Metacritic, it holds a 69 out of 100 (generally favorable) based on 38 reviews.

Box Office[]

The film was widely released in North America on August 13, 2010, and opened in 2,818 theaters. On the first weekend, it came in 5th with a total of $10.5 million. By the second weekend, it dropped down to 10th. Only a couple weeks later, the movie was removed from most theaters. The movie has made a total of $47 million worldwide.

Draft script[]

The draft script (entitled Scott Pilgrim's Little Life) was written by Michael Bacall sometime in 2007 before Edgar Wright got involved. The draft script is very different from the final script. You can read the draft script here.





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