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Quote1.png We are Sex Bob-Omb and we're here to make you think about death and get sad and stuff! Quote2.png

Sex Bob-omb is Scott's indie rock band, comprising of Stephen Stills (vocals and guitar), Scott Pilgrim (bass), Kim Pine (drums) and Young Neil (biggest fan and understudy bass). The name is a double reference to Bob-omb, an enemy from the Super Mario series and either the Flipper song "Sex Bomb" or the Tom Jones song "Sex Bomb." Also a reference to real life band Sex Pistols.

They are an average band, neither wildly popular nor terrible, though the tedium of later recording their album results in the band hardly ever playing gigs or practicing and getting rusty.


Sex Bob-Omb performing at Lee's Palace in Volume 3. These outfits, thankfully, are never seen again.

In high school, Scott Pilgrim and Kim Pine were involved in a band called Sonic and Knuckles. However, it only played one gig at Lunchapalooza as Scott moved to Toronto almost straight after. Kid Chameleon was a band founded by Scott Pilgrim, Stephen Stills, and Envy Adams when they were in college together. Other members joined later on, including Young Neil's sister, Steph Nordegraf . A record deal and relationship issues between Scott and Envy led to Stephen and Scott leaving the band. Envy then founded The Clash at Demonhead.

Sex Bob-Omb was founded around the time Kim moved to Toronto. The band enjoyed no success. After Scott defeated Todd Ingram at Lee's Palace in Volume 3, they performed in the stead of The Clash at Demonhead and were generally praised by the crowd.

In volume 4, Stephen spots Joseph's home recording studio as he helps Kim move into Hollie and Joseph's apartment. Joseph agrees to record their songs, but only because he finds Stephen attractive. Stephen's obsessive recording lead to them not practicing and getting rusty. Stephen even turned down gigs because they were "recording".

In volume 5, recording continues, but at one point Stephen has the band practice. A few "sucky minutes later", and it's clear to all three that they're going nowhere. Unfortunately, they are scheduled to perform a gig at Sneaky Dee's, originally believed to be an act of vengeance by Julie for her breakup (For the fiftieth time) with Stephen Stills. Due to Scott's absent-mindedness, they get songs mixed up- Kim thinks they're playing "Herself the Elf" when they're really supposed to be playing "Erasmus the Enchanter." Right before this fiasco ensues, Scott is attacked by one of the Katayanagi's robots and Scott breaks his bass during the fight with the robot. This, combined with Kim's moving back to her parent's home, essentially ends the band's career.

During the events of volume 6, Stephen, along with Joseph and Cole start an Unnamed Band with Stephen on bass, Joseph on guitar and Cole on drums. A gig at Cameron House is successful. After the fallout at Chaos Theatre, Scott and Kim reformed as the duo Shatter Band. With Scott on guitar and vocals, and Kim back on drums, the two are seen to perform once only for Young Neil, Knives, and Ramona's pet cat, Gideon. Their performance receives an overall negative reception, but they don't care and continuing playing for the cat.

Sex Bob-omb In vs. the World[]

You only played one note in that entire song...

In the Movie, all of Sex Bob-omb's music was written by Beck Hansen and performed by the actors. Chris Murphy of the band Sloan served as music coach.

Throughout the movie, Sex Bob-Omb is taking part in the Toronto International Battle of the Bands, for a chance to win a contract with G-Man, the most popular music recorder of the decade. They win their first match by default when a rogue fireball by Matthew Patel incinerates the opposing band Crash and the Boys. In the second battle, Sex Bob-Omb administer a stunning defeat to the hardcore Katayanagi Twins.

The group are signed to a label by G-Man, revealed to be evil ex # 7 Gideon. Scott refuses to sign, and is replaced by Young Neil. When Scott comes to confront Gideon, the trio are somewhat dejected and Kim quotes them as being "sellouts" the first time around. Scott doesn't seem to mind being replaced at this point, and after cashing in his Extra Life he inspires the group inciting them (and Kim) to play more hardcore for the second run. He does this by stating to Stephen that the band sounds much better without him, refers to Young Neil as simply "Neil," and formally apologizes to Kim for how their relationship turned out. After Scott defeats Gideon, Gideon explodes into a barrage of coins that covers the Theatre. After Kim points out that this has effectively killed their record deal, Stephen Stills jumps off the platform and begins shoving as much of the victory coinage as he can into his pockets, Neil pursues and, for reasons unknown, picks up what appears to be a coin (but is actually Gideon's swallowed gum) and puts it in his mouth.

Music Videos[]

Three Sex Bob-Omb music videos were produced as promos for the movie and as extras on the DVD release. Garbage Truck features a full-length version of the band's performance at the Rockit, uninterrupted by the fight with Matthew Patel. Threshold features the complete song with alternate footage of the band's performance. Summertime features a performance of the song in the band's rehearsal space at Stephen Still's apartment, with Young Neil and Scott Pilgrim sharing bass playing duties. Given the happy atmosphere of the performance (Knives appears much calmer and happier and Kim smiles while playing) some fans have speculated that the music video takes place after the events in the film. At the very least, Scott's duct-taped bass places the music video sometime after his fight with Todd Ingram.


Sex Bob-omb performing "LaunchPad McQuack" to Knives and Neil

Named songs in the book[]

  • "LaunchPad McQuack" (Not the actual title of the song, according to Stephen Stills.) (This is also the name of a character from DuckTales.)
  • "Kim's Song" (as referred to by Scott, as Kim made up the beat to it.)
  • Erasmus the Enchanter
  • Herself the Elf (Named after a franchise of dolls, Ramona can be seen wearing a t-shirt of the franchise.)

Songs in the movie[]

Unreleased demos made for the movie (All performed by Beck)[]

  • Gasoline Eyes
  • Disgusting Rainbow

The Game[]

"RAAAW! Yeti eat tiny Scott Pilgrim characters!"

During multiplayer, if all players use their taunts, Sex Bob-Omb will begin playing a song that summons the Yeti, dealing massive damage to all enemies onscreen at the cost of some Gut Points. The actual band members play their respective instruments, while Ramona and Knives sing and NegaScott repeatedly smashes a bass on the ground.


  • Sex Bob-Omb's only real fans (excluding the many people that heard them play for The Clash at Demonhead) are Neil and Knives. Everyone else, including Ramona, Wallace, and Julie (especially Julie) hates them. However, some people thought they were okay.
  • In Volume 3, Kim says "We are here to make you think about death and get sad and stuff!!" This is also heard in vs. the World when the band is in a battle with the Katayanagi Twins; however, it is Scott that says it, not Kim.