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Scott uses the Shoryuken on Matthew Patel

The Shoryuken is a special attack used by Scott Pilgrim in Scott Pilgrim's Precious Little Life. Scott uses the attack during his battle with Matthew Patel.


The Shoryuken is a jumping uppercut in which the user rockets up into the air, sending the opponent flying. The user also spins whilst performing the attack.

In vs. the World[]

Scott also uses the attack in the film, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. As with the graphic novel, Scott uses the techinique during his battle with Matthew Patel, however unlike the original version, Scott's hand is engulfed in flame whilst performing the attack.

In the Game[]

Both Scott and NegaScott use the Shoryuken as a combo finisher for the pummel attack, both charactes will also use the attack to break free from enemy dog piles.

Game Reference[]

The Shoryuken is a special attack in the Street Fighter fighting game series. The move first appeared in the original Street Fighter game released in 1987 as one of Ryu's special attacks. It has since become a staple to series and has been used by various other characters who employ a similar fighting style to Ryu, the most prominent of which is character Ken Masters.


  • In both the movie and the game, Scott's hand becomes engulfed in flame when performing the move, making the attack resemble Ken Masters' iteration of the attack as opposed to Ryu's.