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Simon Lee was Kim Pine's boyfriend early in high school. He went to Benvie Tech High School in Northern Ontario and was leader of the "Benvie Boys". Kim says that "in retrospect, he was kind of a dick." His relationship with Kim "was kind of fizzling" when Scott Pilgrim moved to Kim's school, and she soon broke up with Simon after Scott punched him in the face (as recalled by Kim in Book 3 Chapter 16).

In Scott's memory[]

Book 2 opens with a memory of Scott's. Simon kidnaps Kim and imprisons her at Benvie Tech, forcing Scott to come rescue her and battle Simon, a clear reference to the final battle in the classic NES game River City Ransom. When Scott wins, Simon pleads for mercy, but Scott instead kicks him off the roof.

In Scott's brief retelling of the story to Ramona Flowers in Book 3 chapter 15, he describes Simon as "a crazy seven-foot-tall purple-suited dude" who was "flying and shooting lightning bolts from his eyes" and possessed mind-control powers, and Scott kicked him "so far he saw the curvature of the earth!!" The movie referenced this when Ramona asks Scott about his past girlfriends, in "Club 4," before he faces off against Roxie Richter and he says similar lines, although said in a sarcastic connotation.

In Volume 6[]

The real Simon Lee

In Book 6, Kim encourages Scott to remember that Simon was a meek Korean-Canadian kid that Kim briefly dated in high school. Scott assaulted him after seeing him simply hug Kim. Kim tells Scott that "you screwed over poor Simon Lee... well, we both did." implying that she feels some guilt as well. After merging with Nega Scott, Scott remembers this, along with his other forgotten memories.

It is later revealed that the memory Scott has of heroically battling Simon and rescuing Kim was actually a result of his memory alteration by Gideon while he was hiding inside Scott's mind to spy on Ramona. This is why the fake Simon looks a lot like Gideon.


Lee and Scott fighting each other in the Animation


Simon does not appear in the Movie. He does, however, appear in Scott Pilgrim vs. the Animation voiced by Jason Schwartzman in an adaptation of the flashback from Book 2. He is briefly mentioned by Scott while explaining how he started dating Kim.

The Game[]

Simon Lee was planned to appear in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game, as an optional boss dubbed "Super Simon Lee". However the idea was scrapped, possibly because of time restrictions.[1]


  • Before the release of Book 6, some fans speculated that Simon and Gideon were the same person.
  • Possible Goof: In Book 2, Kim has a dream in which Simon Lee tells her he has killed Scott. The Simon in Kim's dream looks like the one from Scott's altered memories.
    • It may have been a retcon on the author's part.
    • It is possible that Gideon invaded Kim's dreams to learn more about Scott.
    • This could have been a way to not spoil the truth for the reader.
  • The revelation that Scott's "battle" with Simon was fake is hinted at in Volume 2, when Scott and Ramona watch a very similar fight scene from a Lucas Lee film.